Bookmaker with several websites/account addresses


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I have noticed there are some bookmakers who have several websites with different names and different url. And... these websites are the same : same presentation/design, same sports, same live betting games, same odds, same terms and conditions, same promotions.
For instance :
2. 10Bet,,

Can someone tell me what can be the reason and the purpose of these people to have several websites with (exactly) the same content and with different names ?
And is it "careful" to have an account with 2 (or more) websites of the same group ? (you could have a welcome bonus with each of them )

Thank you for your information on this subject


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The most common reason is that all of the sites in question are owned by the same company or group of companies. In some cases, however, sites in different ownership can have the same layout, odds etc if they are powered by the same service provider - for example Unibet, 888Sport and 32RedSport are all powered by Kambi Sports Solutions.