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The UEFA World Cup Qualifying matches are one of the most exciting times of the year. Stay on top of the action by comparing the latest UEFA World Cup Qualifiers odds from the best sportsbooks all over the web. We make it easy to compare moneylines, totals and spreads.
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UEFA World Cup Qualifiers Playoff Odds & Betting Lines

The FIFA World Cup is the planet's most popular sporting competition, but due to its prestige, fans can only enjoy this football event for two months every four years. However, the qualifying positions for the World Cup are played out during the four-year build-up, as six confederations from around the globe compete in group-stage tournaments and playoffs.

Alongside its immense viewership, betting sites receive a high volume of wagers on World Cup and World Cup Qualifying matches. Whether you're looking beyond the Champions League or UEFA Nations League to find international bets or seeking that crucial game to assist your bankroll, these sites have you covered. The Union of European Football Associations World Cup Qualifiers are among the most competitive and wagered-on games globally.

Join us as we preview the World Cup Qualifiers playoff odds, how to understand the betting lines, the betting trends and some valuable strategies for wagering on these sought-after sportsbook markets.

Reading UEFA World Cup Qualifying Odds

UEFA World Cup qualifiers are some of soccer's most talent-stacked qualifying tournaments. However, if you're an avid sports fan who wants to be involved in the betting market, you must first learn how to read the betting odds before continuing on your path.

Here is a list of the three available formats when viewing UEFA World Cup Qualifiers' playoff odds:

  • American (+100)
  • Decimal (2.00)
  • Fractional (1/1)

The American odds format is the most popular. It's easier to read, learn and understand than its decimal and fractional counterparts.

American betting odds are the most commonly used, easiest to understand and default odds settings in North America, especially in the United States, so we will use this format in today's example.

For each UEFA World Cup Qualifying game or betting market that you approach, you'll be greeted with a minus (-) or a plus (+) symbol aligned with a number. In the American odds format, these symbols and numbers determine how much profit can be made.

Betting odds with the (-) symbol – known as favorites – tell a bettor how much they'll need to stake (bet) to win $100.

  • Betting the favorite example: A UEFA World Cup qualifying game with France priced at -175 means you'll profit $100 for every $175 staked. Your initial stake is always returned but not classed as profit.

Games or betting markets with the (+) symbol tell us how much is won from a $100 stake.

  • Betting the underdog example: If Croatia is positioned with an underdog price of +150, a $100 stake would return $150 and your initial stake.

Popular UEFA World Cup Qualifiers Betting Markets

International games often result in the most popular soccer betting lines. From moneyline wagers to picking the correct goal scorer or futures odds on a qualifying team or group winner, punters arrive in abundance to try and profit from the UEFA World Cup Qualifiers' soccer betting lines.

Due to its popularity, bookmakers provide an extensive range of UEFA World Cup Qualifiers betting markets. You can focus on betting picks for key players and approach player props or implement goal-line betting strategies with the various handicaps, totals and team props.

The most popular UEFA World Cup Qualifiers betting markets are:

  • Moneyline (Pick a team you expect to win)
  • Three-Way moneyline (Bet team A or B to win or a tie game)
  • Totals (Predict the number of goals scored – under or over)
  • Handicap betting (Add or remove goals for a virtual advantage, the same as spread betting)
  • Futures (Predicting a future outcome, such as the top goal scorer of a tournament)
  • Team props (Team performance-based markets)
  • Player props (Player performance-based markets)

UEFA World Cup Qualifiers Playoffs Trends

Team and player performance trends and betting trends are excellent guides for bettors studying a competitive match in the UEFA World Cup Qualifiers.

Betting trends display statistics that have been repeated on multiple occasions, sometimes consecutively. For example, if Kylian Mbappe has scored in every UEFA World Cup Qualifying game for France, this would be considered a goal-scoring trend. Handicappers use these trends to gauge a potential outcome of what could happen in future matches.

There are also betting trends that solely focus on the sportsbooks' volume of wagers. When the betting public favor one side of a game or betting market, it's referred to as the consensus pick.

All forms of betting trends are common tactics implemented into a sports handicapper's wagering strategy. And before attacking the soccer betting lines, most bettors will study betting trends in one way or another.

UEFA World Cup Qualifiers Betting Tips

Mitigating losses is one of the most crucial strategies for long-term bettors - this also applies to the UEFA World Cup Qualifies betting odds. Be sure to understand the fundamentals before wagering on these soccer odds. As European soccer picks usually present the most competitive teams, following a strategy is the best way to avoid too many losses.

When placing wagers on UEFA World Cup Qualifiers soccer betting lines, consider the following betting tips:

  • Bankroll: Keep your bets consistent by aiming for 1-5% of your bankroll staked on each game
  • Study: Research teams, injury news, form and trends
  • Don't Rely on Favorites: The favorites aren't guaranteed to win and will result in a negative ROI% if you follow this betting pattern
  • Line Shopping: Finding the best odds value is imperative. Use the top-rated sportsbooks and bet the best price available
  • Accept Losses: Losing is guaranteed, but the most successful bettors won't chase losses; they'll wait for another day
  • Know Your Limits: Only bet what you can afford; this is why focusing on your bankroll management is key to long-term success

FAQs – World Cup Qualifiers Playoff Odds

What is the easiest soccer bet to win?

There are no guaranteed or easy soccer bets. However, the available odds determine the implied probability of your bet winning. Therefore, odds that surpass an implied probability of 70% or higher are usually "easier" to win.

How do I determine which team qualifies for the World Cup?

World Cup qualification coverage is readily available from major sports company websites such as ESPN or FIFA. Additionally, you can use soccer betting sites such as Caesars Sportsbook or DraftKings Sportsbook to look at the World Cup betting markets and see which teams have qualified.

What is the Golden Boot?

The Golden Boot is an individual player award gifted to the top goal scorer at the end of a tournament or competition.

When do sportsbooks release their UEFA World Cup Qualifiers odds to bettors?

Most online sportsbooks release their UEFA World Cup Qualifiers odds as soon as the official group stage draw, or playoff bracket has been announced.

Is betting on the UEFA World Cup Qualifiers with an online sportsbook or mobile app safe and secure?

Yes, all of the sportsbooks reviewed and recommended on our site are completely safe when betting on the UEFA World Cup Qualifiers. However, we cannot guarantee your security with operators that our experts don't recommend.