Betting at the Sharpest Sportsbooks

Sharp sportsbooks set their own lines, offer high maximum win limits, provide competitive betting odds and welcome action from all players. These sportsbooks are popular among professional bettors, who only place wagers when there is a perceived edge.

This guide breaks down the concept of a sharp sportsbook and explains how it differs from a soft book model. We will show you how to bet like a sharp on your favorite sports and break down some of the key strategies used by experienced gamblers, such as arbitrage and fading the public. Continue reading to discover the sharpest offshore sportsbooks available.

Comparing the Sharpest Sportsbooks

Sportsbooks With The Sharpest Odds

Our reviewers have analyzed hundreds of sportsbooks that target sports bettors from the United States and Canada. We assess the quality of the odds, the betting limits and the reputation of each site during the review process. The reviewers decided that these are currently the top sportsbooks on the market:

  1. Bookmaker – Regularly the first sportsbook to publish betting lines on a game 
  2. Heritage Sports – Offers reduced juice (-108) lines on sides and totals
  3. Bovada – Provides the largest selection of prop bets on the market
  4. BetOnline – Offers high rollers a re-bet option that facilitates very large wagers
  5. BetAnySports – Reduced juice sportsbook offering -105 lines
  6. BetUS – A sportsbook that offers large bonuses and promotions
  7. WagerWeb – Also offers reduced juice lines
  8. JustBet – Publishes early lines and welcomes all bets
  9. Everygame – An established and trustworthy sportsbook
  10. – Very large betting limits and reduced juice NHL lines

The Sharpest Sportsbooks Reviewed

Bookmaker has a reputation for providing early lines for professional and sharp bettors around the world. It has been online since 1996, and it is renowned for never kicking out winners and always paying out on time. Whether you are a recreational player on a hot streak or a professional who generates consistent, long-term profits, Bookmaker will welcome your action and provide you with quick withdrawals and quality promos.

Its tagline is “where the line originates,” as Bookmaker is known for setting lines on football, basketball, baseball and hockey games before its competitors. Many of them wait to see what Bookmaker comes up with and they then copy its lines. As such, Bookmaker is popular with sharp bettors that want to gain an edge on the wagering public before the consensus lines move in response to betting patterns. Bookmaker also features a sportsbook loyalty program to keep bettors coming back for more.


  • Releases betting lines before competitors
  • Does not limit winners
  • Popular loyalty program
  • Reliable payouts


  • Some rivals offer larger bonuses
  • Does not offer live streams on games

Heritage Sports

Heritage Sports homepage

Heritage Sports is an excellent source of attractive odds on a variety of sports. It offers -108 on either side of point spreads and totals, which amounts to a 20% discount on the standard juice (-110) lines at most rival sportsbooks. There is often a zero juice college game of the week too, along with a monthly “get out of your bet for free” offer, while the cashback program also boosts your long-term margins.

This site operated on a membership model for many years, but it was eventually opened up to the wider betting public, which is great news for sharp bettors. Heritage Sports offers some of the best odds on the market, and it has never had any payout issues.


  • Reduced juice lines on the major sports leagues
  • Generous cash back incentive
  • Excellent live betting section


  • Does not offer an online poker room
  • Some rivals offer more casino games


Bovada Sportsbook Homepage

Bovada is an elite sports betting site that offers a great variety of markets than its rivals. You will normally find more than 100 bet types on an individual game. If you want to bet on a market that is not listed, just use the “What’s ya wager?” option and the team will price it up for you.

This sportsbook is more popular with recreational bettors than sharps thanks to its many bonuses, but skilled bettors can unlock some benefits at Bovada. It often has the best moneyline odds on the market, and it is the best destination for finding interesting, exotic props.


  • Best online sportsbook for wagering variety
  • Low rollover requirements
  • Lightning-fast payouts
  • Best online poker room in the USA


  • BetOnline offers more bonuses and promotions
  • Does not offer reduced juice betting lines


BetOnline Homepage

BetOnline is an excellent option for sharp bettors with large bankrolls. It has a re-bet option, which means you can place a wager and then repeat it every 60 seconds until you arrive at your desired total risk amount. In essence, it means there are no upper betting limits, so if you want to go hard on a particular bet, this sportsbook is a great choice with plenty of sportsbook promos.

In many regards, BetOnline is similar to, Bovada and Heritage Sports, as it has been in business for decades, it holds a trusted reputation and it always pays out. You can sign up with all four sites and compare the odds they are offering before placing a wager, as that will ensure you always get a competitive price.


  • Best sportsbook for high-stakes bettors
  • Offers live streaming on games
  • More bonuses and promotions than rival sportsbooks
  • Reduced juice on NHL games


  • Higher rollover requirements than Bovada
  • Charges fees for credit and debit card deposits


BetAnySports Homepage

BetAnySports is currently the best reduced juice sportsbook on the market. It offers odds of -105 on either side of point spreads and totals on football and basketball games, along with overnight MLB 5-cent moneylines, if you sign up for the “Less Juice” package.

That means you get a 50% discount on your lines, meaning you only need to wager $105 to win $100, as opposed to $110 at most sportsbooks. Those savings can seriously add up over the course of the year, so we highly recommend BetAnySports if you are seeking the best betting value.


  • Reduced juice sides and totals on football and basketball
  • Low vigorish lines on various sports
  • Easy to use desktop site and mobile site
  • Provides very generous rebates


  • Fewer features than some rival sportsbooks
  • Some betting sites offer a larger sign-up bonus


BetUS homepage

BetUS is an online sportsbook renowned for offering very large bonuses. The flagship welcome offer is worth up to $3,750 in site credit, and it provides large reload bonuses and lots of alternative promos too. It is not really known as a sharp sportsbook, but it sometimes has market-leading odds.


  • Very large welcome bonuses and reload offers
  • Choice of alternative bonuses with different rollover requirements
  • User-friendly sports betting platform
  • Offers video picks on lots of different leagues


  • Fewer betting options than Bovada
  • Reasonably high rollover requirements on the largest bonuses


WagerWeb Homepage

WagerWeb is a sister site to Heritage Sports, offering a very similar sports betting service. It gives players reduced juice lines and cashback options, and it is highly reputable and reliable, so this is a common stopping point for sharp bettors.


  • Very competitive sports betting lines
  • Intuitive layout that makes online wagering simple
  • You can rely on it to pay out on time


  • Some competitors provide more prop bets
  • Smaller portfolio of casino games than rivals


JustBet Sportsbook Homepage

JustBet is a sister site to our No. 1 sharp sportsbook, It is very similar to Bookmaker, so you will benefit from early lines on sports events, competitive odds, professional customer service, reliable withdrawals and exciting contests. 


  • Makes online sports betting very easy
  • Quick to release odds on major sports events
  • Provides an excellent rewards program
  • Offers secure, reliable payments through a variety of methods


  • Fewer features and betting options than Bovada and BetOnline
  • Smaller bonuses than rival betting sites


Everygame Sportsbook Homepage

Everygame is an established sportsbook that takes bets on a large volume of games each day. This is another site that is primarily aimed at casual, recreational bettors, but there may sometimes be interesting lines for sharps.


  • The world’s oldest online sports betting site
  • Provides lots of interesting betting promotions
  • Covers more sports events than most rivals


  • Some complaints on bitcoin conversion rate on withdrawals
  • Rivals offer far larger welcome bonuses

Sportsbetting Homepage is BetOnline’s sister site. It offers the same features, limits, odds, markets, promotions, payout speeds and banking options. The only difference between the sites is the software, as BetOnline runs on a more modern and stylish platform.


  • Very quick crypto withdrawals
  • Large sign-up offer and loads of free bets available
  • Excellent sportsbook for live betting
  • Provides a casino, poker room and racebook


  • Fees charged when you make fiat-based payments
  • BetOnline is a more modern and stylish site

The Difference Between Sharp and Soft Bookmakers

Soft betting sites are aimed at casual players that bet without a perceived edge. Those bettors are known as squares, and they are at the opposite end of the spectrum to sharps. A soft bookmaker will be slow to alter its lines when the market moves, so you can seize upon some weak lines at these sites. Sometimes, these are also referred to as square sportsbooks.

However, a soft bookmaker is more likely to restrict the accounts of sharp players. It will review your betting history, and there is a strong chance that it will impose low bet limits or stop taking your action if it identifies you as a sharp sports bettor.

The sharp betting sites are favored by professional bettors seeking early lines, real-time odds, high bet limits and the ability to wager on a consistent basis, even when you are on a winning streak. You can use sharp bookmakers for arbitrage betting.

It is important to use sharp and soft betting sites, as you can often exploit differences between the lines they offer. However, just keep in mind that soft books are likely to limit you quickly, so you will need to set up several accounts.

What is a sharp sportsbook?

A sharp sportsbook welcomes professional bettors. Some of the most famous examples are, BetAnySports and Pinnacle. Key features include efficient lines, early odds on a wide range of markets and the confidence to take on all action.

These bookies pride themselves on not kicking you out if you are winning, and they allow you to place unusual bet sizes when arbing. Betting exchanges are a different prospect, as they allow you to essentially become the sportsbook, but sharp bettors can also find a lot of value at exchanges such as Betfair and Smarkets.

How to Find Sharp Odds

Professional bettors only place wagers when they perceive an edge. There are a few key ways to spot sharp odds:

  • You can pounce on the opening line published by a sharp sportsbook if it differs from your projections. The lines often move in line with public betting patterns, so if you spot an appealing opening line on a popular team, it is often worth claiming it.
  • Fade the public by betting on the unpopular side of a point spread or total points line after it has moved. Players can check out line movements on a particular betting market at the best offshore betting sites and spot opportunities to fade squares.
  • Exploit the discrepancies between the betting odds on offer at rival sportsbooks, covering both sides of a bet with the optimal amount of money and locking in a guaranteed profit, regardless of how the game pans out. This was originally known as dutching, but it is now more commonly referred to as arbing. You can often spot arbitrage opportunities when comparing the lines at two square sportsbooks or a soft book and a sharp book.

Traditional Payment Methods

FAQs – Playing at Sharp Sportsbooks

Which sportsbook has the most accurate odds? is widely regarded as the best sportsbook for anyone seeking sharp lines. It typically posts odds before its competitors, allowing sharp bettors to place wagers before the public consensus causes the lines to move.

Sharp books can also include Heritage Sports and BetAnySports. We always encourage readers to shop for the best lines on the market before placing a bet. You can use the odds comparison service at BMR to make sure you are getting the best terms on your wagers.

What does sharp betting mean?

Sharp betting requires you to place wagers when you perceive an edge. That may require you to pounce on an early line before the public causes it to shift, or it could involve fading the public closing to the start of the game.

It is important to find sharp bookmakers that welcome all action, offer early lines and provide competitive odds. Sharp bettors can also use strategies such as arbitrage, hedging and middling to boost their expected value when wagering on games.

The offshore sportsbooks we’ve covered here are sharp bookmakers that offer a wide variety of sports.

What do sharp bettors look for?

Sharp bettors look for sportsbooks that welcome action from professional players. It is important to find a site that will not limit you for winning, regardless of your betting volume. Betting limits are also important, as sharp bettors like to capitalize by placing large wagers when they perceive an edge, so a high-limit sportsbook is appealing.

They seek out sportsbooks that publish early lines, as you can find a great deal of value before public betting patterns cause them to move. It is also important to sign up with a few different sportsbooks and find sites that are slow to react to broader industry line movements, as a lot of value can be unlocked by exploiting the discrepancies between lines at rival sportsbooks.

What bets have the best odds?

MLB moneylines often have the lowest juice at leading online sportsbooks. Juice refers to the house edge that a sports betting site builds into its lines. The lower the juice, the better the odds.

Reduced juice sportsbooks such as BetAnySports and Heritage Sports offer very compelling odds on spreads, totals and moneylines, but moneylines often stand out. 

You can always visit BMR to compare betting odds on each bet you are interested in before placing it.

Are all sportsbooks sharp sportsbooks?

Only a handful of sportsbooks will actively welcome sharp bettors. Many sites restrict winning players by imposing limits on their accounts, so sharps tend to gravitate to sportsbooks such as, which welcome all action.

However, sharp bettors can essentially use any sportsbooks in certain situations, provided they spot an intriguing way to fade the public or they can find a way to exploit a discrepancy between the lines at Sportsbook A and Sportsbook B.

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