Freeplay Calculator

Many sportsbooks offer free play bonuses when you sign up or deposit with them. The Free Play calculator will help you calculate the value you are receiving when accepting such a bonus.
To use the calculator, add the amount you received for the free play, and the odds of each team.

Freeplay Size: The freeplay notional size in dollars
Freeplay Line: The line at which the freeplay is bet (US or decimal)
Hedge Line: The line at which the freeplay is hedged

Hedge Bet: The dollar amount wagered on the hedge to extract risk-free value
$ Profit: The risk-free profit in real dollars obtained from the freeplay bet and hedge
% Profit: Dollar profit as percent of freeplay notional size.

If a sportsbook offered you a a $200 freeplay which you bet at +200 and that you hedge -215, You’d enter $200 into the “Freeplay Size” box, +200 into the “Freeplay Line” box, and -215 into the field labeled “Hedge Line.

After clicking “Calculate”, you can see that the proper amount for the hedge wager would amount to $273.02 and your guaranteed profit would be $126.98. This results in your capturing 63.49% of the notional ($200) value of the freeplay.

Freeplay Calculator