Odds Converter

This odds converter calculator allows sports bettors to quickly and accurately convert odds from one format to another.

It accepts American odds, decimal odds, fractional odds, Malay odds, Indonesian odds, and Hong Kong odds, while also informing you of the implied probability of success.

Read on to learn more about each odds format and the benefits of using this odds calculator.

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If you enter U.S. odds of -110 for a point spread bet and decide to convert to decimal wagering odds, you will find that it equates to 1.9091. This leaves you with an implied probability of success of 52.38%. If you found a reduced juice line of -105 on the spread at a particular sportsbook, it would equate to 1.9524 in the decimal format and an implied probability of 51.22%.

Another example, if you found odds of 15/8 on a horse winning a race and you wanted to see how it converts to alternative formats, you would choose “Fractional Odds” and enter 15/8. If you select “American odds”, you would see that it equates to +187.5. In a decimal format, it would be rendered as 2.8750, while it would be -0.5333 in Malay, 1.875 in Hong Hong and also 1.875 in the Indonesian format.

Choose an odds format (American, decimal, fractional, Hong Kong, Indonesian and Malay are explained in detail on this page.)
Enter the odds in the format you have chosen.
Select the odds you would like to convert to and click “Convert”.

The corresponding odds will be displayed in the format you selected
You will also see the implied probability of success implied by those odds

Odds Converter

Benefits of This Betting Odds Calculator

There are a number of reasons for using this odds calculator. You will often see odds displayed in a range of different formats, but most bettors have one particular format they are most comfortable with. The odds calculator allows you to convert any set of odds to your preferred format quickly. It saves you time and cuts out the potential for human error, which could prove costly as a sports bettor.

Most U.S. sports leagues will display their odds in the American format, for the point spread, moneyline, totals, props, futures and so on. However, many Canadians prefer to use the decimal format, so you may see hockey picks in the decimal format. Europeans generally prefer to use the decimal format too, and it is commonly used for soccer picks. UK bettors often use the fractional format, and it is ubiquitous in horse racing, so you may want to quickly convert from the odds you see to the format you understand.

Some online sportsbooks have an option for you to change to your preferred format, but not all of them offer this function. You may even find that you prefer one particular odds format. Many people find that decimal wagering odds are actually a lot easier to understand than U.S. odds. This odds calculator allows you to play around with different formats and find your preferred option. Also, a shameless plug, the free BMR Odds and Lines product allows users to change between American Odds and Decimal Odds.

The ability to see the implied probability of success is also really useful from a handicapping perspective. It can highlight attractive wagering opportunities, and inform you of instances whereby the house edge is particularly high. It also shows the impact of reduced juice lines and shopping around for the best odds.

Most odds calculators allow you to convert between two or three different formats, but it is very rare to find a calculator that offers Hong Kong, Indonesian and Malay styles too. It can be helpful for Asian bettors to understand western formats, and vice versa.  

Continue reading below to learn how to read each odds format.

How to Read American Odds

U.S. odds can either start with a plus sign (positive odds) or a minus sign (negative odds). If you see a plus symbol, it tells you the potential profit you stand to earn from a $100 bet. For instance, if you were to bet $100 on the Dallas Cowboys to win the Super Bowl at +900, you would earn a $900 profit if they were successful.

If the odds begin with a minus symbol, it tells you the amount you need to wager in order to generate a $100 profit. For example, if you saw odds of -110 on the New York Knicks to cover the point spread against the Chicago Bulls, you would need to bet $110 to earn a $100 profit. You get your stake (risk amount) back when your bet wins, so your total return would be $210.

You do not actually need to bet $100. Using BMR’s betting odds and scores product, you might find odds of -160 on the Cincinnati Reds to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates, and +140 on the Pirates winning the game. In that case, a $20 bet on the Reds would earn you a $12.50 profit, whereas a $20 bet on the Pirates would earn you a $28 profit. The larger potential profit on the Pirates lets you know that Pittsburgh is the underdog and Cincinnati is the favorite.

How to Read Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are widely used in Europe, Australia and other regions. They tell you the potential return you can expect by placing a successful wager, including your profit and the return of your stake.

Sticking with the example used above, Pittsburgh would be priced at 1.63 to win the game in decimal odds, while Cincinnati would be 2.40. You can simply multiply the amount you would like to wager by that figure to calculate your potential return if the bet pays off.

A $20 wager on the reds at 2.40 would result in a return of $48, which includes your $28 profit and the return of your $20 risk amount. Decimal betting odds of 2.40 therefore equate to American odds of +140, and you can use this betting odds calculator to quickly work that out.

How to Read Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are widely used in the UK, but they are also the most common odds format on U.S. horse racing. Fractional odds are similar to American odds in that they tell you the potential profit you stand to earn, as opposed to the potential return.

Once again, you can simply multiply the amount you would like to wager by the fraction in order to calculate your potential return. If a horse is priced at 7/2 to win a race and you want to bet $10 on him, you can multiply $10 by 7/2 to calculate your potential profit if successful. In this case, you would earn a $35 profit. You also get your $10 stake back, so your total return would be $45.

Fractional odds of 7/2 equate to decimal odds of 4.50 and American odds of +350. If the fraction is smaller than 1, it is known as odds-on, which is the same as negative American odds. You can use this tool as an odds on calculator. For example, American odds of -110 are equivalent to 10/11 and 1.91.

How to Read Malay Odds

Malaysian bettors tend to follow a unique odds format. Malay betting odds are quoted with a value no greater than 1, and they can either be positive or negative. If the odds are positive, it tells you the profit you can expect for each $1 you wager. If the Malay odds are negative, it tells you the amount you would need to wager in order to win $1. In that respect, they are similar to American odds.

For example, if you see Malay odds of 0.7500, you can expect to receive a $0.75 profit for every $1 you wagered. Malay odds of  0.7500 are therefore equivalent to decimal odds of 1.75, fractional odds of 3/4 and American odds of -133.

If you were to see Malay odds of -0.5000, it would tell you that every $0.50 you wagered would earn you a $1 profit if successful. Malay odds of -0.5000 are therefore equivalent to decimal odds of 3.00, fractional odds of 2/1 and American odds of +200.

How to Read Indonesian Odds

Indonesian odds are very similar to U.S. odds. If the quote is negative, it informs you of the amount you must wager to win $1. If the odds are positive, you will see the profit you would earn by placing a successful $1 wager.

As such, American odds of -150 equate to Indonesian odds of -1.50. This would be 4/6 in the fractional format or 1.66 in the decimal format. Indonesian odds do not start with a plus symbol if they are positive. U.S. odds of +300 would therefore be rendered as 3.00.

How to Read Hong Kong Odds

Hong Kong odds are very similar to decimal betting odds. The only difference is that they inform you of the profit you can expect, as opposed to the return (profit plus getting your stake back).

Decimal betting odds of 3.75 would therefore become 2.75 in the Hong Kong format. Decimal odds of 1.50 would be rendered as 0.50, and so on.

Implied Probability

This useful section of the betting odds calculator highlights the implied probability of success on each set of odds. You will generally find odds of -110 on point spread and totals betting on football and basketball. That has an implied probability of 52.38%.

However, there are only two outcomes and they both have odds of -110, so it highlights the house edge. If you take odds of -108 at Heritage Sports, it gives an implied probability of 51.92%, showing that sportsbooks with reduced juice pricing take a smaller house edge.

Your mission is to find sporting events whereby the actual probability of success is larger than the probability implied by the odds. That would make an appealing wager.