Become A BMR Baller

What’s in it for me?

Free Money! Become a BMR Ballers and get rewarded with free sportsbook cash at your sportsbook. Redeem your BMR Coins for up to $100 matching sportsbook cash.

How much does it cost?

Becoming a BMR Baller is completely free to all BMR Forum community members.

How to become a BMR Baller?

It’s simple: Sign up and fund a new sportsbook account at one of our partners below. We’ll match it up to $100. Once your account is confirmed, you’re in! You’ll start off as a BMR Rookie.

Step 1:

Sign up for a BMR Forum account.

Step 2:

Open a new sportsbook account using one of these four links:

Step 3:

Make an initial deposit of any amount for up to a $100 deposit match w/ 5X rollover (e.g. deposit $50, receive $50 extra, on top of any bonus offered by the sportsbook).

Step 4:

SUBMIT THIS FORM and we will verify your deposit and apply the deposit match in up to 5 business days.

Step 5:

FAQs Contact us via email ( or SEND A PM to BMR Genie.

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Ways to earn BMR Coins
Daily Login*

Get BMR Coins for logging into our site. That’s it!

5 coins per day
Popular Posts*

Create amazing content and be rewarded.

100 coins per month
First Registration

Become part of the community and get free BMR Coins.

200 coins

Get a little appreciation every year for being a part of the community.

500 coins per year

Contribute to the community by reaching post, replies and other interactions milestones.

400 coins per month

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok

up to 400 coins
Verified Deposit

Show us a deposit slip and we’ll reward you with BMR Coins

300 coins per partner

Participate and earn BMR Coins even if you don’t win!

up to 1,000 coins per contest

Redemption Options

BMR Ballers who have achieved GOAT status with a balance of 10,000 or more baller coins may cash out coins for sportsbook cash. $100 in sportsbook cash costs 3,500 baller coins.

BMR Baller Tiered Program

Earn a higher BMR Baller status and receive even more BMR Coins and opportunities for free money.

gen-pop background GEN POP
Coins Needed
Multiplier 0%
Sportsbook Deposit Match:
Exclusive Contests
Special Perks
Sportsbook Cash out
rookie background rookie icon
Coins Needed
Multiplier 5%
Sportsbook Deposit Match:
1 time
Exclusive Contests
Special Perks
Sportsbook Cash out
mvp background mvp icon
Coins Needed 5,000
Multiplier 10%
Sportsbook Deposit Match:
1 extra
Exclusive Contests
Special Perks
Sportsbook Cash out
goat background goat icon
Coins Needed 10,000
Multiplier 15%
Sportsbook Deposit Match:
1 extra
Exclusive Contests
Special Perks
Sportsbook Cash out

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BMR Baller FAQs

How long after I sign up and deposit will I receive the cash?

Please allow up to 5 business days for us to confirm and process your request.

What if I already have an account at each of the four sportsbooks?

You may be eligible to claim a deposit match with another site; send us an email or a PM to discuss your options.

What are some other ways to earn cash and BMR Coins?

Register for BMR Forum’s free $25,000 NFL Sports Handicapping Contest.