Become A BMR Baller

What is the program?

BMR Forum’s loyalty program. Collect an extra sportsbook bonus + sportsbook cash by becoming a BMR Baller.

How to become a BMR Baller?

You must fund a new sportsbook account through a BMR sponsor for up to a $100 deposit match (5x rollover). This deposit stacks on top of any bonus the sportsbook gives you, giving you extra cash to bet with. You will then be eligible to receive coins through:

  • Exclusive Contests (coins & cash with prizes paid in BTC)
  • Following BMR on Social Media for 100 coins per account
  • Popular & Helpful Posts
  • Annual giveaways

BMR Baller Coin Store

Redeem coins for Sportsbook Cash. Sportsbook cash redemption form

10,000 coins = $300

5,000 coins = $125

2,500 coins = $50

Steps to Become a BMR Baller

Step 1:

Create a BMR Forum account. Click “Sign In” at the top right of the page, then click the “Sign Up” link to create a new account.

Step 2:

Step two: You must fund a new sportsbook account through a BMR sponsor for up to a $100 deposit match (5x rollover) – on top of any bonus the book gives you. Remember, you must use one of the below tracking links before making your first-time deposit.

Step 3:


That’s it. Once your application is approved within 5 business days, you will be contacted by email and PM. If you have any questions about your Baller application, contact us via email ( or SEND A PM to BMR Genie.

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BMR Baller FAQs

How long after I sign up and deposit will I receive the cash?

Please allow up to 5 business days for us to confirm and process your request.

What if I already have an account at each of the six sportsbooks?

You may be eligible to claim a deposit match with another site; send us an email or a PM to discuss your options.

How long does Baller status last?

Baller access lasts for one year from the date your membership was approved. After one year, you will have to redeposit at the partner book or choose a different sponsor to maintain your coin balance and baller status.

Is there a rollover?

All sportsbook cash prizes, including the up to $100 deposit match and subsequent sportsbook cash withdrawals are accompanied with a 5X rollover.

Is the program open to users from all countries?

Program is open to US and Canada only at this time. Special exemptions could be granted on a case-by-case basis.

Are baller terms set in stone?

BMR reserves the right to modify program details as necessary.

What account rules are there?

BMR baller status is conditional on a valid BMR Forum account. Banned or restricted users will lose their baller status.