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NBA game props are an exciting way for bettors to wager all season long. NBA props are bets on specific outcomes within a game, like which team will shoot the first free throw. Below, we dive into how to read the odds and make smart bets on NBA game props.

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What are NBA game prop bets and how do they work?

An NBA Game Prop Bet is a type of sports wager where you place a bet on a specific outcome or event within an NBA basketball game. Unlike traditional sports betting options where you predict the winner or loser of a game, prop bets focus on individual player performances, game statistics or specific scenarios occurring during the game.

We will cover the different game prop bet markets that sports bettors can enjoy in greater detail in the game prop betting guide below.

Exploring Popular Types of NBA Game Prop Bets

There is a wide variety of different NBA game prop bet options available to basketball bettors at most online sportsbooks throughout the entire basketball season. Here are some common types of bets in the NBA game prop betting market that you can place on regular season games today:

Over/Under Total Points

In an Over/Under Total Points prop bet, you're speculating on whether the combined points scored by both teams in the NBA game will surpass or fall short of a specific number established by the sportsbook. This number represents the expected total points for the game. You have two choices: "Over" if you believe the total points will exceed the given figure or "Under" if you anticipate a lower-scoring game.

The online sportsbook calculates the prop bet odds for each option based on factors like team offensive and defensive capabilities, pace of play and recent performance. Remember, this online betting option is about the total sum of both teams' points, not the outcome of the game.

Margin of Victory

A Margin of Victory prop bet involves predicting the gap between the winning team's final score and the losing team's score. You can select a specific point range, such as 1-5 points or pick an exact number for the margin. This bet doesn't concern itself with which team wins; it's solely about the difference in points between them.

To make an informed prediction, consider factors like team strength, recent form, head-to-head matchups and potential game scenarios that might lead to close or lopsided results. The odds provided by the sportsbook reflect the likelihood of specific margins occurring.

Winning Margin Ranges

Similar to the Margin of Victory prop bet, the Winning Margin Ranges bet involves predicting the difference in points between the winning team's final score and the losing team's score. However, instead of selecting a specific margin, you choose from a range of possible outcomes.

This broader approach can provide more flexibility in your prediction, but it also involves a slightly different level of risk assessment. The odds offered by the sportsbook correspond to the likelihood of winning margins falling within specific ranges.

Race to Points (First to X Points)

In the Race to Points prop bet, you're betting on which team or player reaches a certain point threshold first during the game. This threshold can be set at any value and your task is to predict whether a particular team/player will outpace the other in reaching that milestone.

This type of bet can add excitement to the early stages of the game as you root for your chosen team/player to be the first to achieve the specified point total. Analyzing teams' offensive capabilities, individual player performances and potential game flow can assist you in making an informed wager.

Highest Scoring Quarter

With the Highest Scoring Quarter prop bet, you're predicting which quarter (first, second, third or fourth) will witness the highest combined points scored by both teams. This bet doesn't involve the overall game outcome but focuses on identifying when the offensive momentum is likely to peak.

To make an accurate prediction, consider factors like team tendencies in different quarters, player rotations and potential game situations that might lead to increased scoring. The odds presented for each quarter reflect the sportsbook's assessment of scoring patterns.

Double Result (Half-time/Full-time)

The Double Result prop bet demands that you forecast both the team leading at half-time and the team ultimately winning the game by the end of regulation. This online sports betting option requires a comprehensive understanding of the teams' playing styles, halftime adjustments and their performances in different game situations.

Your prediction needs to encompass two separate outcomes, making it a more intricate wager. Online sportsbooks assign odds for all possible combinations of halftime and full-time results.

Odd/Even Total Points

In the Odd/Even Total Points prop bet, you're speculating whether the combined points scored by both teams will amount to an odd or even number.

This bet isn't influenced by the game's outcome but solely centers on the arithmetic sum of the points. Remember that this type of wager is purely based on the numerical outcome and doesn't consider factors like team strengths or playing styles.

Team to Score Last

With the Team to Score Last prop bet, you're forecasting which team will be the last to score points in the game. This bet adds a layer of anticipation to the game's closing moments, regardless of the overall score.

Analyze teams' late-game strategies, offensive capabilities and potential scenarios that might lead to the final points of the game. The odds reflect the perceived likelihood of each team scoring last based on their tendencies and potential situations.

FAQs – NBA Game Prop Betting

What are NBA game props?

NBA game props are specific, often unconventional, bets that can be placed on various in-game events or outcomes. These wagers focus on occurrences during the game.

What is an example of a game prop bet in basketball?

A game prop bet example in basketball is wagering on which team will reach a set point total first. This type of bet focuses on whether or not the chosen basketball team will reach a certain point threshold during an individual game.

How do you read NBA game props?

Reading NBA game props involves examining the offered bets and their associated odds. Each prop specifies an event and a condition. The odds indicate potential payouts. Analyze player/team trends, matchups and game context to make informed decisions when considering these non-traditional bets.

How do you win an NBA game prop bet?

To win an NBA game prop bet, your chosen condition must occur as specified in the bet. Winning depends on the alignment of the chosen outcome with the actual game developments. To increase your odds of winning, do your research and learn about popular prop betting tips and strategies.

Can an NBA game prop bet push?

Yes, an NBA game prop bet can result in a push. This occurs when the specified event or condition aligns exactly with the final outcome, resulting in a tie. In such cases, the wagered amount is typically returned to the bettor and no winnings or losses are incurred.