Michigan Sports Betting – Which are the Best MI Betting Sites & Sportsbooks?

There are a lot of popular sportsbook options for anyone in Michigan interested in sports betting. Picking the internet sports betting platform that works best for you depends on your personal preferences. One thing that you should consider is what you prioritize most. All of these offshore sportsbooks that provide sports betting services to Michigan players provide a lot of the same things.

The difference between them is usually due to the fact that certain brands excel at specific things that others do not. Therefore, in order to choose the online sportsbook for you, we recommend that you put some thought into what services and perks will be important to you in the long run.

Michigan Betting Guides

Best Michigan Sports Betting Sites 2022

We asked our betting experts to take the time to register at as many online sportsbook sites as possible before providing us with the list of who they believe is the best online betting site in Michigan. They took several factors into consideration like bonuses, payout speed, customer service level, and so on.

We are confident that all of the brands on this list will provide you with what you’re looking for. In fact, they were all doing so before online sports betting was legalized in Michigan.

Offshore sportsbooks provide a wide range of services under one roof so which eliminates the need to have multiple accounts for different betting purposes.

As we get further in the guide, we’ll provide you with more detail on what each online sportsbook has to offer.

  1. Bookmaker – One of the favorite brands for professionals
  2. Heritage Sports – Save money with reduced juice odds
  3. Bovada – Among the most recognizable names in the industry
  4. BetOnline – Industry leader in one of the world’s biggest betting markets
  5. BetAnySports – Top reduced juice model
  6. BetUS – Best overall available bonuses
  7. WagerWeb – Crypto players get faster payouts
  8. GTbets – Wide variety of bonus options
  9. JustBet – Competitive prices on odds
  10. Everygame – Unique bonus offers a favorite of Michigan players

The Best Michigan Sportsbooks Reviews

Our experts did what we asked and went through the process of signing up, claiming bonuses, playing, and cashing out so that they could provide us with detailed reports on what each of these sites had to offer Michigan sports bettors.

Certain services are deal breakers for our betting experts and we’ll highlight those for you later in the guide so you understand why. For now, go over these ten recommended online betting sites for Michigan sports bettors to see what catches your eye.

The only thing we can promise you is that at least one if not several of these offshore sportsbooks will have everything you are looking for and more. Many of them offer online poker, online casinos, and mobile applications so you can access a variety of gambling options on the go.

1. Bookmaker: Sharp Players Are Welcomed


Home of Sharp Players

One of the standout names in the industry, Bookmaker.eu has a reputation for high-level service on every level. Michigan sports betting enthusiasts have been enjoying all of the perks of having an account with Bookmaker for decades. They welcome action from all players which seems like an obvious statement. 

The reality however is, most sportsbooks around the world stay away from professional players or “sharp action” as it’s usually referred to. Bookmaker takes all action which is an indicator of a few things. First of all, not taking sharp action essentially means you’re ok with players losing but if they win too much according to criteria predetermined by the brand, then they cut you off. While that is technically allowed, it doesn’t make it right. By taking sharp action, Bookmaker is showing you that they are truly an industry leader who can afford to pay out all players. 

Another thing you should take from this fact is if Bookmaker attracts professionals, then it surely means they have top-of-the-line service from top to bottom. If you bet on sports for a living, you aren’t going to accept less than the best. For the rest of us who are recreational players, this is the ultimate endorsement of how reputable Bookmaker truly is. 

Several Bonuses to Choose From

Many customers in Michigan choose sportsbooks based on the bonuses they give out. Some sites give out welcome bonuses only while others do reload bonuses as well. Just about every sportsbook also has a loyalty program where you accumulate points based on your activity which you can cash in for free chips. This reward system also takes into account your action in the online casino.

Bookmaker offers all of the above which is another reason why they are so popular with sports betting fans in Michigan. Bookmaker does use bonus codes which will be made available on the website for you to choose from. There’s also a refer-a-friend bonus which is another easy way to get some extra cash in your account to play with. 


  • One of the industry’s top brands
  • Strong bonus offering


  • Payouts come with fees

2. Heritage Sports: Reduced Juice and Live Betting

Heritage Sports homepage

Reduced Juice Model Saves You Money

When betting on sports, if your bet is on a spread, then you are generally paying 10% on that wager. That is what the -110 you see next to the spread means, it’s the price of your bet. So, if you want to win $100, it will cost you $110. If you ever hear the term “reduced juice,” that means that you are paying less than the standard 10%.

Heritage Sports has been attracting Michigan sports bettors for years with their 8% juice model which means their lines are -108 instead of -110. While that doesn’t seem like a lot of savings on a single play, it’s still a 20% difference. Meaning for every 100 bets you make you’ll save $20 and so on. Depending on how much your average wager is, that means more opportunities to play than at a standard book. 

That is the way you should always look at reduced juice as a player. Any sportsbook in Michigan that offers that is essentially giving you more plays than a book that charges the standard 10% juice. Reduced juice doesn’t sound as attractive as bonuses do at first glance but when you realize their true value, they are certainly more important than any bonus that you might receive on a deposit. 

Live Bets Another Great Perk

Offering live betting has become standard in the industry. In fact, live bets are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of wagering. Due to advances in technology, sportsbooks can offer live bets which is a market that is almost limitless. If you aren’t sure exactly what a live bet is, it’s a line being offered after the game has already started. You’ll also be able to experience this in the casino with the offering of live dealers.

Oddsmakers watch the action unfolding in the game and they adjust the line according to what they see. Of course, they use the starting line as a reference so, in a lot of cases, you might actually end up getting a better line than what was available before the game started. Not all live betting markets are created equal which is where Heritage Sports really stands out. 

Their live betting market offers more action on more games than the majority of their competitors. Live betting and mobile wagering go hand in hand which Heritage is clearly aware of which is why our betting experts are happy to report that Heritage’s mobile platform is top of the line as well. If you do choose to sign up with Heritage, you can rest assured that you will have access to some of the best sports betting options in the world. 


  • One of the top live betting markets
  • -108 juice on spreads


  • Signup bonuses not the most competitive

3. Bovada: Top-of-the-Line Mobile Platform

Bovada Sportsbook Homepage

One of the Best Mobile Platforms

Nowadays, half of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. In the world of sports betting with things that are time sensitive, it’s imperative these operators have a mobile product that makes getting your bets in as easy as possible. This is where some sites stand out over others in the sense that while they all offer mobile wagering for sports bettors in Michigan, they are not all created equal. 

Anyone who has ever had the experience of trying to navigate a bad online can attest to the frustration of using an inferior product. A lot of times, the mobile offering will not have all of the options that the desktop version may have. When it comes to gambling, options are what separates good companies from the average ones. Therefore having fewer options because of an inferior mobile product is simply unacceptable. 

The mobile version of Bovada does not require any download which means it will not take up space on your phone. Once you’re there, you will have access to the sports betting platform that you’ve become used to if you have previously used the desktop version. On top of that, you can also play in the casino and poker room on the go.

Top-of-the-Line Customer Service

Top-level customer service is not only considered a perk, it’s something that you should be essential to have the best possible user experience. If you’re an experienced player, you understand the value of good customer service. If you’re a new player, customer service is a very important element as they can explain things you might not fully understand and provide you with information that you sometimes aren’t aware that you need. 

Sports bettors in Michigan who are currently playing at Bovada know all about top-tier customer service. Bovada’s team will make sure everything you need regarding deposits, withdrawals, and bonuses is handled in a timely manner. It’s always good to know there’s someone for you to reach out to and Bovada’s team is available 24/7 which means much faster answers than sites that do not have overnight customer service available. Their team can be reached via phone, chat, or email with any questions you may have. 


  • Great customer service team
  • High-quality mobile platform


  • Early odds not available

4. BetOnline: One of the Industry’s Market Market

BetOnline Homepage

BetOnline Is an Industry Leader

The NFL is one of the biggest betting markets in the world. As a result, it is copied by thousands of sportsbooks around the globe. Finding the best price on that market is essential to success because the price changes more than in a lot of other sports. In order to find the best price, you need to know who the market makers are.

A market maker is a sportsbook that sets the lines for a given market. One of the most popular theories you’ll hear from bettors is “Vegas set the line at…” as an explanation for where lines come from. Without getting into too much detail, this is simply not true. Most lines coming out of Vegas are copied from other sportsbooks. Lines are actually set by a few sportsbooks for each market. These are the market makers and those lines are then copied by the majority of sportsbooks around the world once the price has been bet into place.

BetOnline is a market maker in the NFL. If you sign up with them, you will have access to some of the earliest NFL lines in the market. They take early action from sharp bettors which then sets the line into place. Once that happens, the rest of the sportsbooks in the industry copy that price so they can give it to recreational players.

Please understand the importance of having access to the earliest prices on the market. If you consistently get a better line, you’ll improve your chances of winning. Of all of the perks that you can find at any sportsbook, access to early lines is among the most valuable.

As a BetOnline customer, you will consistently have access to the best prices in one of the world’s biggest markets, including their popular poker room, which is part of the third busiest network in the United States.


  • One of the industry’s strongest betting markets


  • Withdrawals have fees

5. BetAnySports: Reduced Juice Gets You More Action

BetAnySports Homepage

Big Savings With Reduced Juice

Michigan sports bettors have been saving a ton of money with BetAnySports. They have a reduced juice model that gives you an average line of -105 on spreads. This works out to be 50% better than the average sportsbook. Over time, the money you spend at BetAnySports will yield you more bets. As a player, you’re always looking to get more bang for your buck so to speak which is why bonuses are so popular. 

BetAnySports bonus structure is definitely lacking as compared to other names provided in this guide by our betting experts. The thing is, depending on the type of player you are, reduced juice is usually better than bonuses for one specific reason: bonuses come with play-through.

We mentioned at the start of this guide that before reviewing all of the sportsbooks that we recommend for players in Michigan that you need to figure out what services matter most to you as a sports bettor. Part of that is understanding who you are as a player. For example, if you are the type of player who likes to cash out regularly once your balance hits a certain figure, bonuses probably aren’t for you. In this case, a site like BetAnySports is right up your alley because your savings are coming from the bets you place without any restrictions. 

Fast Payouts

You don’t have to cash out often to look at fast payouts as a perk. The reality is, most players expect to get their money right away. That is not always the case with a lot of sportsbooks but we are happy to report that is not the case with BetAnySports. Their payouts are fast and consistent and if there’s one piece of advice we can give here it would be to do your business in crypto.

If you’re depositing with crypto, you will avoid much of the identity verification procedure that comes with credit card deposits. Without going into too much detail, if you use a credit card to deposit, reputable sportsbooks need you to prove that it belongs to you. If you are depositing crypto, there is no need for that. You’ll have a much better playing experience if it is possible for you to do your business in crypto. 


  • Reduced juice model


  • Fewer bonuses due to savings on reduced juice

6. BetUS: Personalized Customer Service Available

BetUS homepage

Best Customer Service In the Industry

BetUS has been providing sports betting services to players in Michigan since the 1990s. During that time, they’ve managed to build their reputation on elite customer service and big bonuses. Their customer service team is available 24/7 and they are well-versed in all areas of the industry. 

They answer all questions in a timely manner and actually go above and beyond that. They also have a system where regular players can have personally assigned account managers. This is by far one of the favorite aspects of being a BetUS player. An example of why is important if you have an issue that requires some follow-up, it is possible that when you contact the site in question again, you’ll speak to someone else

This can be a frustrating scenario because it may require you to explain yourself again. If you have an agent assigned to your account, you would know their schedule therefore you’ll have consistency with the assistance you receive. That agent would have your account populated with notes for their colleagues to be able to assist when they are out of the office. There is no question that the customer service that BetUS provides is a huge perk. 


  • Strong bonus offerings


  • High play-through requirements

7. WagerWeb: Fast Payouts Available

WagerWeb Homepage

Crypto Users Get Faster Payouts

There is a big push in the betting community toward the use of cryptocurrency. Sportsbook operators understand that credit cards are by far the most convenient way for players to deposit funds into their accounts. The thing is, the use of credit cards can get complicated from their point of view for many reasons.

The most important of which is the fact that there is a third party involved. Banks and credit card companies are not very fond of their customers using borrowed funds for gambling; afterall, that is what credit cards are, funds that you borrow and then pay back at a later date.

This is a big problem for sportsbooks because it means that credit cards don’t have a 100% success rate. There are different factors that determine the success rate of your credit card transactions like your history with the bank/credit card company, the type of card it is, the amount of your transaction, and so on.

WagerWeb understands this very clearly and has looked to incentivize the use of crypto. The beauty of crypto transactions for both the sportsbook and you as a player is that it has a 100% success rate. As long as the funds are available, the transaction will go through with no third-party involvement. It’s the best solution for everyone involved and will get you perks like fast payouts which of course every sports bettor in Michigan and around the globe is looking for. 


  • Reliable payouts
  • Strong mobile platform


  • Sharp bettors not always welcomed

8. GTbets: Michigan Players Enjoying Cash Bonuses

Unique Bonus Model a Favorite in Michigan

Sportsbooks’ bonuses come in the form of free play. To understand the difference between free play and cash, we’ll go over how bets work in terms of money risked and money returned when a wager is won or lost. First, when you make a bet of any kind, the money you risk is taken from your balance until the outcome of the event has been decided.

If you lose your bet, you lose the money you risked which is very straightforward. If you win your bet, you get the winnings, plus the money risked put back into your balance. With free play, if you lose, then the money you risk gets taken the same way as it does with a cash bet. The big difference comes when you win a bet. With free play, you only get the winning put into your balance. Even if you win, free-play money risked is taken out of your free-play balance. 

Sports bettors in Michigan who play at GTbets enjoy the best of both worlds by getting cash bonuses. To be clear, cash bonuses are very rare in the industry. Certain sites may give them for special events but to have access to cash bonuses on a regular basis is definitely not common and is one of the many reasons GTbets makes our list of recommended sites for Michigan sports bettors.  


  • Cash bonuses available
  • Bonus options strong


  • Odds market not as strong as some competitors

9. JustBet: Higher Limits Than Most Competitors

JustBet Sportsbook Homepage

Big Bets Attract Quality Players

Any sportsbook that attracts sharp action is a good indicator that you should be playing there too. We say that because sharp action comes from professional bettors. If you bet for a living, you’re not going to settle for anything less than the best. JustBet has been able to consistently attract sharp action coming from Michigan sports bettors based on the services they offer. 

Chief among those is higher betting limits than you’ll find at most other online betting sites. On average, the max bet at most sportsbooks is somewhere between $2500-$5000. Those limits also depend on the sport you are talking about. NFL usually has the highest maximum bet amount followed by basketball and then NCAA football, basketball, and baseball. The other sports tend to have even lower limits than the standard $2500-$5000.

With JustBet, you can bet up to $50,000 on NFL spreads and $20,000 on totals. That number is capped from Monday to Wednesday meaning those higher are available from Thursday to Sunday which is when the NFL week technically starts. As far as NBA, that limit is $10,000 on the spread and $5000 on the total. Major League Baseball has the same limits as the NBA. You can wager up to $5000 on hockey as well. 


  • Wager limits among the highest in the industry
  • Lots of bonus options available


  • Bonuses not as competitive as other brands

10. Everygame: One of the Best Mobile Experiences

Everygame Sportsbook Homepage

Early Integration of Mobile Betting

Everygame was one of the first sportsbooks to offer mobile wagering. This is important because they’ve managed to stay ahead of the curve in terms of their offering. A lot of their competitors are still miles behind them in terms of this service. Michigan sports bettors can attest to considering a recent poll indicated over 90% of sports wagers in the state were made via a mobile device.

This is not unique to Michigan bettors considering half of all online traffic of any kind comes from mobile devices. With sports betting, it’s even more pronounced because making bets on the go makes sense. Logging into your desktop or laptop just to make a sports bet hardly seems convenient. Your mobile phone is with you at all times, even when in the house. It’s only natural that this is where the industry has gone and Everygame has been at the forefront of this change. 


  • Great mobile offering
  • Strong live wagering market


  • Bonuses not as strong as some competitors

Sports betting in Michigan was legalized in December 2019. In March 2020, the legal sports betting market in Michigan opened and retail sportsbooks opened their doors. Winnings gained from wagering are taxed at 4.25%.

Gambling tax revenues generated an impressive $2.5 billion for Michigan in the first year of legality.

It is important to note that when your winnings are combined with your annual income, you may be moved into a higher tax bracket.

Latest Michigan Sports Betting News and Developments – Legalize Sports Betting?

The Michigan Sports Betting Act was signed into law by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer making them the 5th state to do so since PASPA was struck down

Sports betting in Michigan can be done at three state-licensed casinos in Detroit as well as 12 sovereign tribal casinos spread out across the state. The first sports wager placed at a casino was on March 11 of 2020. Operators are charged an 8.4% tax on gross sports bets. 

Internet sports wagering was legalized in January of 2021 and online sportsbook operators are subject to the same tax rate as retail sportsbooks.

When gambling winnings are combined with your yearly income, that may result in you being moved into a higher tax bracket.

For that reason, it’s very important to consider gambling taxes that you may have to pay each tax season. This is one of the reasons that offshore sportsbooks are so popular among Michigan sports bettors. Due to the fact that these companies are not located in the U.S, they fall outside of state and federal jurisdictions.

Retail sportsbooks are required to provide sports bettors with 1099 tax forms depending on how much they win each year. This is also true of retail casinos.

Michigan Sports Betting Updates

  • The Racing Act of 1933 is passed. This made pari-mutuel horse racing legal in the state.
  • The Horse Racing Law of 1995 included amendments to the original Racing Act
  • The Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act was signed in 1997 and created the Michigan Gaming Control Board
  • PASPA was overturned in 2018. PASPA was a federal ban on sports that had been in effect since 1992. This put states back in charge of their own sports betting law
  • The Lawful Internet Gaming Act, Lawful Sports Betting Act, and the Fantasy Contests Consumer Protection Act were signed into the state’s sports betting law in 2019
  • Online sports betting was legalized in January 2021

Michigan Sports Betting Teams

Detroit Lions

Although this franchise has never won a Super Bowl, with football being king in the U.S, especially in the Midwest, the Lions get a lot of action at sportsbooks in Michigan. The Lions have been playing in Detroit since 1934.

Detroit RedWings

One of the original six teams that founded the National Hockey League, this team is a staple of the state and NHL. They are the most successful franchise in the U.S. with 11 championships. They rank 3rd overall in terms of Stanley Cups only trailing Montreal and Toronto.

Detroit Tigers

The Detroit Tigers are the oldest franchise in Michigan, having joined Major League Baseball back in 1901. They have won the World Series 4 times with the most recent being in 1984.

Michigan Football

Probably the most popular football team in the state regardless of sport. The Wolverines play in one of the country’s biggest stadiums with a capacity of over 110,000 thousand.

How to Bet on Sports in Michigan

Players in Michigan have a few options to bet on sports. It can be done through one of the many sportsbooks operating within their state. 

There’s also the option of playing at offshore sportsbooks which fall outside of U.S jurisdiction. The difference here is that these legal sports betting sites offer a wide range of options, beyond what you’ll find locally. You can also benefit from generous bonuses and promotions.

You should also know that if you are concerned that your gambling winnings will take you into a different tax bracket, that does not apply to offshore sportsbooks since they are located outside of U.S. borders.

All of the sportsbooks in this guide are based offshore.

Compare the Best Michigan Betting Sites & Sportsbooks

SportsbookRatingOnline SincePayment MethodsRead Review
BookmakerA+1996Credit Card, Bitcoin, P2P, CryptoBookmaker Review
Heritage SportsA+2001Credit Card, Bitcoin, Cashiers Check, Bank Transfer, P2PHeritage Sports Review
BovadaA+2011Credit Card, BitcoinBovada Review
BetOnlineA+2001Credit Card, Bitcoin, Crypto, Cashiers Check, Bank Transfer P2P,BetOnline Review
BetAnySportsA2002Credit Card, Bitcoin, Electronic CheckBetAnySports Review
BetUSA2000Credit Card, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, P2PBetUS Review
WagerWebA1994Credit Card, Bitcoin, Cashiers Check, Bank Transfer, P2PWagerWeb Review
GTbetsA2011Credit Card, Bitcoin, CryptoGTbets Review
JustBetA2000Credit Card, Bitcoin, P2P, CryptoJustBet Review
EverygameA1996Credit Card, Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer, P2PEverygame Review

Key Features of the Best Michigan Sportsbooks

Outstanding Reputation

Offshore sportsbooks understand that their reputation is everything and as such, they work very hard to protect it. They do that by paying customers out in a timely manner and offering excellent service which includes their odds, bonuses, and of course, agents that are available to help you via phone, chat, or email. 

Fast and Reliable Payouts

The only way a sportsbook can make our betting experts list is if they meet this criteria full stop. There is no lenience from our side when it comes to baking methods. In the business of sports betting fast and consistent payouts with several options to choose from are crucial. For any major sportsbook that doesn’t excel in this area, we would never recommend that you play there.

Size Of Betting Market and Quality of Odds

A site offering a variety of gambling options is important. The more betting options available, the more chance you have to make a profit as a player.

Of course, we expect all of the major sports leagues from around the world to be available to bet on. A top-tier online betting site for Michigan players has to do more than the bare minimum. All of the sites recommended by our experts have seemingly unlimited betting options for you to choose from.

Competitive Odds

Having a lot of betting options is important but having competitive odds is crucial. There’s no point in having a lot of choices if the prices aren’t competitive. All of these recommendations have competitive odds, especially those with a reduced juice model. 

Mobile-Friendly Sports Betting Interface

Mobile-friendly accounts for a large percentage of most sportsbooks overall handle according to recent reports. With half of all mobile traffic on the internet, in general, coming from mobile devices, we expect these companies to have a user-friendly experience on those devices.

Some major sportsbooks offer mobile applications. For those that don’t have a mobile betting app, we look for a fully-optimized site.

Sportsbook Banking Methods

A part of getting paid out quickly and efficiently is having banking options. This one makes the list of things our betting experts look out for in an internet sports betting platform because having multiple withdrawal options means easier and smoother payouts.

Customer Service

Some of these sports betting sites for Michigan players go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. All kinds of questions and concerns may come up during the course of your betting experience.

Even though most of the time you don’t need to deal with them, having excellent customer service really shines in your hour of need. When you get quick and concise help with a problem, you are more likely to reach out yourself in the future because you have trust that your account is getting the attention it deserves.

Bonuses and Promotions

Bonuses and promotions are fundamental to the industry because it allows players to start off with extra betting power. Some of these companies to better here than others but that depends on your perspective. Make sure you always read the terms and conditions so you know you’re taking a bonus that is right for your style of play, especially a sign-up bonus.

Is sports betting legal in Michigan?

Sports betting is legal in Michigan. It was legalized in 2019 and launched in 2020.

Is online sports betting legal in Michigan?

Online sports betting was legalized under Sports Betting Act 149

When will sports betting be legal in Michigan?

It is currently legal to bet in Michigan via in-state or offshore sportsbooks

In-state operators do not offer all of these services, though, as they are still bound to the limits of U.S. sports betting law. Any gamblers in Michigan looking to get any of these other services would need to sign up with multiple operators.

What are the best sportsbooks in Michigan?

Bookmaker, Heritage Sports, Bovada, and BetOnline are the sportsbooks that were chosen by our betting experts.

All of these brands have built reputations on top of their service and fast payouts. 

Each one of them excels at different aspects of the gambling industry so it might be worth trying out a few to see which one fits your needs. You may find you also enjoy the online casino gaming experience these sites provide.

Is it safe to play with sportsbooks in Michigan?

Players in Michigan have been playing at offshore sportsbooks for decades. Sports betting was legalized in 2020 so in-state options are available as well. It is safe to bet on sports in Michigan.  

What are the differences between regulated and offshore sportsbooks?

Offshore sportsbooks do not fall under U.S jurisdiction. For that reason, they’ll have different betting options and services that they will be able to offer.

You also do not pay taxes on winnings at offshore sportsbooks. Regulated in state sportsbooks are under U.S jurisdiction which means you will be taxed at a rate of 4.25% on your winnings.

Offshore sportsbooks are only bound by the sports betting law where they’re based, so the rules surrounding gambling taxes, betting on college teams and special events, and other things are different.

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