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The billion-dollar gambling industry can be challenging to keep up with and is constantly evolving. Our dedicated team can give insight into the sports betting/gambling industry, market trends, critical observation, and refurbish your opinion on reputable/disreputable bookmakers or casinos. In addition, our respected journalists will inform the masses with industry news and collected data to inform and entertain simultaneously. 

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Our highly respected sports content writers & journalists are trained to inform whilst captivating those intrigued by the sports betting industry news in American, U.K. worldwide. The day-to-day proceedings of sports betting and . Keeping on top of business affairs can give an alternative outlook regarding certain gambling news such as legislation, harmful sportsbooks, e-commerce, slow-pay complaints, legalization, and much more.

Our writers' comprehensive knowledge will comprise the issues that affect online betting, spanning across both sportsbooks and casinos. Bookmakers Review is a must-have publication for those studying sports gambling and casino gaming globally, covering the most popular and less-popular professional sports and virtual sports betting categories. 

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The sports matchup pages here at Bookmakers Review (NHL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NCAAF, NCAAB, UFC, ATP, WTA & Soccer) provide in-depth analysis on the worlds most popular sports, regurgitating the key facts whilst delivering a comprehensive betting knowledge that can assist aspiring handicappers with the game details they require.

This could include:

·     Key statistics and betting trends

·     The best available odds from across the world's leading & reputable sportsbooks

·     Consensus betting picks within the industry & personal, professional handicapper selections. 

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Our matchup pages will provide the popular and highly regarded sports betting predictions that are most valued with a collection of information and accurate data—taking the consensus decisions from valuable sources and combining them with the market's most acceptable betting odds to deliver the best bets for all sporting fixtures across the market.

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Our highly respected long-term profitable sports handicappers are constantly at work, diving deep into sports analytics and current events with the eagerness to share their opinion with the public. The best aspect of our handicappers is that their sports picks and betting predictions are entirely free of charge.

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Nothing is more important than finding value for money. This is why BMR zealous in reviewing the most trusted & reputable sportsbooks from around the world, all whilst promoting the highest value betting odds from these bookmakers.

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The widespread rise in sports betting bettors, which is a positive notion! The problem we often stumble across is that there will be people attempting to take advantage for a quick profit with any rise in the business.

As a professional gambler or sports bettor, you must be assured that the money you deposit is safe and accessible, your identity is secured, and that you're doing everything within a legal jurisdiction.

Bookmakers Review does precisely what it says on the tin; we review and provide information on the business so you can sleep easy at night knowing your money is in good hands.   

Slow-Pay Complaints

We accept online sportsbook complaints and online casino complains about a multitude of operations. Evasive casinos and sportsbooks can make a habit of slow-pay and/or no-pay tactics towards legitimate player withdrawals and have done for some time. Payments can be promised "soon" and either fail to materialize or are dramatically reduced without warning or explanation. These sportsbooks can give no reasonable justification for these slow-pay complaints and offer no foreseen end-date.

Bookmaker Review removes this nervy aspect of depositing and wagering money by inspecting these companies and their gambling ethics. We will review the cunning and know who you should/or should not trust with your money.

Disreputable Sportsbooks

Here at Bookmakers Review, we have years of experience reviewing sportsbooks and can guide you through separating the high-quality betting sites from dishonest ones, such as those on the sportsbook blacklist. We will rate the most prominent online sports betting sites from your region.

The highly competitive market of sports betting means one thing, there are thousands of bookmakers hunting for your business. It can be daunting when deciding on which online betting site to trust, which is why BMR all the hard work for you.

We will recommend nothing other than the best and give you a rating for each sportsbook based on different criteria. Sportsbook bonuses, available odds & betting lines, customer service, banking options, current reputation, the intensity of their sports coverage, the number of betting markets open, and much more.

The Legalization of Sports Gambling Worldwide

The United Kingdom & Europe

The European Union (E.U.) has regulated sports gambling and has laws set in place that allow almost any country to participate in legal sports gambling and casino gambling in general. Europe is considered a "single state" regarding economic significance. To a certain extent, governed by legislation passed by the E.U.; however, these individual countries are responsible for passing their laws. This is especially true inside the gambling industry since no legislation or regulation assimilates betting and gaming throughout Europe.

There is no sector-specific E.U. legislation in gambling services. E.U. countries are sovereign in the methods they arrange their gambling services if they adhere to the constitutional freedoms established under the Treat of the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU), as detailed by the European Court of Justice of the European Union.

Many E.U. countries allow sports betting and games of chance on the internet. Certain countries allow all types of gambling, while others only allow certain types like betting, poker, or casino games. In some E.U. jurisdictions, monopolizing administrations offering online gambling services have been established. They are serviceable by a state-controlled public operator or by a private operator based on an exclusive right.

With that said, online gambling regulation in European countries is portrayed by diverse regulatory frameworks. In a few segments, the Court of Justice of the E.U. (CJEU) has controlled the compliance of national regulatory frameworks with E.U. law. The authority encourages E.U. countries to modernize their national online gambling frameworks, especially the framework of administrative cooperation between gambling regulatory authorities. Support is also provided to safeguard a high level of protection for users and susceptible people, including minors.

The European Industry Surveillance

Almost any form of gambling you can imagine is regulated within Europe. Whether you are gambling online, visiting a local E.U. has been far more advanced in terms of legalization, especially in comparison to the United States of America. 

Gambling and sports betting in Europe are intensely monitored through law and industry regulations. This oversight is managed by the European Betting and Gaming Association (EBGA). The industry's leading companies founded the EBGA, and its objective is to work closely with government authorities to construct gambling regulations in the European Union.

The ESSA was launched in 2005 to monitor the betting markets, alarm sporting bodies and national regulators to suspicious betting patterns. Protection for customers from potential fraud caused by manipulating sporting events has been crucial for gambling business ethics. They support the E.U.'s governing bodies and individual nations to deliver a fair market for everyone to bet.

Transparency in the E.U. gambling business is paramount and assists genuine sportsbooks in gaining customer trust. With an industry profiting over $100 billion annually, nothing is more important than customer relations. 

The United States

The gambling scene in America is legally restricted. Gambling activities developed gross revenues of $92 billion in the United States. The American Gaming Association states that the United States is a $240 billion industry.

Gambling is legal under U.S. federal law, but the significant restrictions pertain to interstate and online gambling. Each state is free to regulate or prohibit the practice within its borders.

The Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992 prohibited sports betting throughout the nation, excluding certain states. That was until 2018 when the United States Supreme Court declared the entire law unconstitutional. Including state-run lotteries, 48 states currently allow some form of gambling. But casino-style and online gambling are much less widespread. Federal law's uncertainty allows more freedom for gambling in America each year, as these laws are constantly challenged and freeing up more locations to participate each year.

States Endorse a More Favorable Approach to Sports Gambling Regulation

Online gambling and sports betting continue to collect traction as states alter their rules and become more favorable towards said services. A report by Hartford Courant, a rewrite of gambling law in Connecticut, agreed to by the Government Ned Lamont and the two tribal casinos, passed in a General Assembly. They are approving sports betting, in Bridgeport. These successes and positive results should be welcomed throughout the nation considering the tax revenue the industry provides.

Online gambling and online sports betting brought in $42.7 million in gross receipts for the first ten days of legalization in Michigan, state regulators said.

2020 was critical for the progress of the legal infrastructure for sports betting. Three states included gambling on the ballot to legalize sports betting: Maryland, South Dakota, and Louisiana. All three states voted yes as the election became effective. In addition, the law demands that 80% of the tax revenue raised from sports betting in Tennessee will assist funding for education. A further 15% will go to local government infrastructure projects, and 5% will improve mental health sectors in the state.

Online Gambling Potential Continue to Expand Nationwide

As the legal system gains slow traction on a favorable opinion towards online sports betting, states from around the country are accepting the growing industry for raising tax revenue. In recent times, the advancement of sports betting in Illinois expanded the online wagering options to become available to the state's 12 million residents. Data published by Forbes proved that Illinois is estimated to profit $73 the estimates of the $488 million annual markets come to fruition. The 15% tax raised through gaming revenue will increase once proceedings allow online and mobile offerings are put in place.

The rapid increase of popularity in online gambling is due to several components, such as the upgrades in digital marketing, broader available modern technologies, and easy-to-use systems. In recent times, the global online gaming market has enlarged to serve one of the quickest growing divisions of the gambling industry. Crucial developments related to this field were applied. For example, last year, the first college sports deal with a gambling company outside of Nevada was achieved.

Sports betting is now legal in more than two dozen states in the U.S.; however, many of these states have in-person betting only. A considerable number of states are reconsidering the legalization due to budget shortcomings. Still, with political opposition and tribal relationships, we expect that some states will never get online sports betting.

It has been three years since the Supreme Court removed the federal ban on sports betting, allowing states to legalize it under their own doing.

But where do these states stand now? Preview our list of all 50 states and where they stand towards the gambling industry.

The States That Are Taking Legalized Bets

·     Arkansas – legalized sports betting in 2019 (Physical sportsbooks only)

·     Colorado – legal sports betting for online and retail began in 2020. (Complete mobile betting with multiple options)

·     Delaware – was the first state outside Nevada to accept a single-game sports bet. (Physical sportsbooks only)

·     Illinois – launched betting in 2020 before the NCAA tournament. Online betting soon followed. (Full mobile betting with multiple options, but in-person sign up is required)

·     Indiana – began betting in 2019. (Complete mobile betting with multiple options)

·     Iowa – started accepting bets in 2019. (Complete mobile betting with multiple options, in-person registration required)

·     Michigan – allowed in-person wagering in 2020, and as of 2021, online sportsbooks were launched. (Complete mobile betting with multiple options)

·     Mississippi – legalized wagers in 2018, and although online betting is possible, bets can only be placed within casino grounds. (In-person online betting)

·     Montana – began taking wagers in 2020 but does have limited betting options. (In-person betting online)

·     Nevada – the king of in-person betting, the first state to legalize and set the standard. (Complete mobile betting with multiple options, in-person sign up required for online wagering)

·     New Hampshire – began online betting in 2019, and although they are constrained, success has triumphed other states. (One mobile betting option)

·     New Jersey – was the state to challenge sports gambling in the Supreme Court, and they now enjoy the fruits of (Complete mobile betting with multiple options)

·     New Mexico – has had complications with Native American tribes only allowing sports betting under tribal casinos. (Physical sportsbooks only)

·     New York – will soon allow online betting, pending for 2022. (Physical sportsbooks only)

·     North Carolina – legalized in-person sports betting in 2019 for its tribal casinos. (Physical sportsbooks only)

·     Oregon – took its first online bet in 2019. (One mobile betting option)

·     Pennsylvania – accepted its first retail sports bet in 2018, with the digital launch taking place in 2019. (Complete mobile betting with multiple options)

·     Rhode Island – began legal sports betting in 2018 and now has a singular online betting option with William Hill. (One mobile betting option)

·     Tennessee – has no casinos, meaning its only option was to provide online betting. (Complete mobile betting with multiple options)

·     Virginia – joined the online betting world in 2021. (Complete mobile betting with multiple options)

·     Washington D.C – opened a retail book in 2020. (Limited mobile betting options)

·     West Virginia – has been fully operational since 2019. (Complete mobile betting with multiple options)

The Pending States Awaiting Further Action  

·     Arizona

·     Florida

·     Louisiana

·     Maryland 

·     South Dakota 

·     Washington

·     Wyoming

Possible Legalization for States in 2021/2022

·     Alabama

·     Connecticut

·     Georgia

·     Kansas

·     Kentucky

·     Maine

·     Massachusetts 

·     Missouri

·     Nebraska

·     North Dakota

·     Ohio

·     Texas

·     Vermont

States with the Least Movement, 2023 and Longshots Under Consideration

·     Alaska

·     California

·     Hawaii

·     Idaho

·     Minnesota 

·     Oklahoma

·     South Carolina 

·     Utah

·     Wisconsin