Best Offshore Sportsbooks in 2024 - 10 Betting Sites Reviewed

The best offshore sportsbooks provide U.S. bettors with a broader range of bonuses, bet types and sports, along with exceptional customer service, compared to others.

Explore our reviews of the top-ranked offshore betting sites and find the ideal offshore sportsbook to suit your sports wagering needs.

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Best Offshore Sportsbooks

Our team of experts set out to discover the ten top offshore sportsbooks for U.S. players. They diligently registered with hundreds of betting platforms, rigorously testing each one before finally narrowing it down to these exceptional online sports betting operators.

  1. BetOnline – Best for generous bonuses
  2. Bovada – Best for mobile and prop bets
  3. BookMaker – Top for early lines
  4. Heritage Sports – Best for live betting
  5. BetAnySports – Best for reduced juice
  6. Everygame – Best for obscure markets
  7. JustBet – Best for rewards
  8. SportsBetting – Best for market variety
  9. WagerWeb – Best for quick Bitcoin payouts
  10. BetUS – Best for original content

Top Offshore Sportsbooks for U.S. Players

Dive Into Our In-Depth Reviews

Our seasoned experts have taken the hassle out of the process for you, identifying the top-rated sports betting sites out there. Each platform we recommend has its unique strengths, meaning that no matter what you’re looking for in a sportsbook, we’ve found an option that will cater to your exact needs. Continue reading to explore the details and find your perfect offshore sports betting partner.

1. Best Offshore Sportsbook Overall: BetOnline


Established 2001

Visit BetOnline
Best For
Bonus Hunter 8.5
Trust 9.8/10
Banking 8.6/10
Bonuses 8.8/10
Odds 9.2/10
Customer Service 9/10
Betting Limits 9.8/10
100% Free Play

Key Features:

BetOnline leads our list of offshore sportsbooks thanks to its generous bonuses. The book offers a  50% cash bonus on first-time deposits, one of the best in the offshore betting industry. The exceptionally generous bonus structure lets bettors maximize potential winnings, making BetOnline a top choice for a superior betting experience.

Players will also find that BetOnline’s limits are designed to cater to everyone from novices to seasoned high-rollers. Regardless of your betting budget, you’ll find exciting opportunities to get in on the action and profit from your sports knowledge. Another great feature of BetOnline is that it accepts players from all 50 U.S. states, unlike some of its rivals. 

Early Release of Opinionated Betting Lines

BetOnline sets itself apart by being the only book where bettors can enjoy opinionated betting lines. This deviation from the standard market not only offers some insight into the true odds of an outcome but also allows players to capitalize on some unique opportunities. Along with being opinionated, BetOnline’s odds always drop early, perfect for players who like to put money down before the public starts swaying the odds. 

2. Best Offshore Sportsbook for Mobile Betting: Bovada


Established 2011

Visit Bovada
Best For
Mobile Bettor 9.0
Trust 9.9/10
Banking 8.6/10
Bonuses 8.8/10
Odds 8.9/10
Customer Service 9/10
Betting Limits 9.8/10
75% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

Bovada stands out as a top offshore sportsbook on our list, particularly renowned for mobile betting. It offers a user-friendly platform suitable for both experienced bettors and newcomers and it’s packed with unique features. The sportsbook has been providing generous bonuses and a wide range of betting options since 2011.

One standout feature is Bovada’s attractive bonuses for cryptocurrency users, catering to the growing popularity of digital currencies in online betting. These bonuses offer a great way to boost your bankroll and incentivize bettors to use cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Bovada also offers an extensive selection of betting markets, covering popular sports like football and basketball as well as niche sports and esports, ensuring bettors always have diverse options.

Excellent Mobile Sportsbook

Bovada’s mobile site stands out due to its user-friendliness and high quality. It provides access to the latest sports markets, including the NFL and NBA, even offering live betting on the go. Additionally, Bovada offers excellent customer service, ensuring prompt assistance for users facing betting-related issues.

In conjunction with these great features, players can also get various bonuses, including a 50% deposit match bonus for new users with traditional currencies. It also offers a special bonus for cryptocurrency users, making it a preferred choice for those seeking fast and private transactions.

3. Best Offshore Sportsbook for High Betting Limits:

Established 1996

Visit Bookmaker
Best For
Professional Bettor 9.0
Trust 9.5/10
Banking 8.6/10
Bonuses 8.2/10
Odds 9/10
Customer Service 9/10
Betting Limits 9.8/10
100% Free Play

Key Features:

BookMaker provides industry-leading odds that are released before anyone else, a wide range of betting options and an easy-to-use platform that bettors love. You can bet on a variety of sports, ensuring there’s something for every sports fan.

What sets BookMaker apart is its consistent ability to offer competitive odds that often beat traditional bookies, giving bettors a real advantage. Plus, the platform’s focus on privacy and security, especially with cryptocurrency transactions, is impressive.

Generous Welcome Bonuses and Low Commissions

New users at can get up to $500 in bonus funds with a qualifying deposit. Additionally, the platform keeps its commission rates low, meaning you keep more of your winnings. The quick and private transactions, especially through cryptocurrency, make this book a preferred choice for secure and efficient payments. BookMaker’s straightforward interface and fast payouts set it apart from the competition.

4. Best Offshore Sportsbook for Live Betting: Heritage Sports

Heritage Sports

Established 2001

Visit Heritage Sports
Best For
Seasoned Gambler 8.6
Trust 9.6/10
Banking 8.6/10
Bonuses 8.2/10
Odds 9/10
Customer Service 9/10
Betting Limits 9.7/10
25% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

Heritage Sports is a popular offshore sportsbook renowned for its depth of betting options and VIP service, which makes Heritage stand out in the sports betting industry. This sportsbook goes beyond your standard markets; it offers a comprehensive live betting platform with hundreds of bets available each day, enhancing the real-time betting experience. With a user-friendly web and mobile interface, navigating through betting options becomes a breeze.

Heritage Sports caters to a wide range of sports markets, from mainstream to niche sports, making it an appealing choice for diverse sports enthusiasts.

Exceptional Customer Service and Security

Heritage Sports’ commitment to offering VIP-level customer service also adds to its appeal. Responsive and knowledgeable support representatives ensure quick assistance with questions and issues, creating a positive user experience.

Because it is an offshore sportsbook, Heritage Sports has the flexibility to provide a broad range of wagering options. It keeps odds updated and fair, setting itself apart from competitors. The platform also offers diverse payment methods and robust security measures to protect user information and funds.

5.Best Offshore Sportsbook for Reduced Juice Odds: BetAnySports


Established 2002

Visit BetAnySports
Best For
Seasoned Gambler 8.9
Trust 9.6/10
Banking 9/10
Bonuses 8.7/10
Odds 9.6/10
Customer Service 8.5/10
Betting Limits 9.8/10
30% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

BetAnySports takes the next position in our rankings, known for its exceptional -105 reduced juice lines that attract sports betting enthusiasts. BetAnySports boasts competitive odds spanning various betting markets, including moneylines, futures and props, catering to a wide range of sports. Whether you’re a fan of football, basketball or other sports, you’ll find favorable odds here.

Along with that, BetAnySports’ commitment to prompt and reliable payouts adds to its appeal, ensuring that winners receive their profits quickly and easily.

The Less Juice Package: A Game-Changer

BetAnySports is home to the Less Juice Package, a bonus scheme that is highly regarded in the industry. This sign-up bonus package provides players with a substantial advantage, allowing them to minimize risk while potentially increasing their rewards. What sets this feature apart is its versatility, offering a variety of reduced juice options across various sports.

From 10-cent moneylines for football and basketball to 5-cent overnight moneylines for MLB, BetAnySports caters to diverse preferences. The user-friendly interface seamlessly integrates the Less Juice feature, ensuring an exceptional betting experience. 

6. Best Offshore Sportsbook for Obscure Markets: Everygame


Established 1996

Visit Everygame
Best For
Niche Sports Fan 8.2
Trust 9.5/10
Banking 8.6/10
Bonuses 8.8/10
Odds 8.5/10
Customer Service 8.6/10
Betting Limits 9.8/10
100% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

Everygame distinguishes itself from competing offshore sportsbooks by focusing on less mainstream sports and events, providing an exceptional platform for bettors with diverse interests. The sportsbook excels in its comprehensive coverage of a wide array of sports markets, including niche markets often overlooked by other platforms. 

Additionally, Everygame offers a seamless mobile experience for bettors on the go. With its user-friendly mobile betting interface, you can effortlessly browse the available sports betting markets, check the latest odds and track your wagers.

Unmatched Variety of Betting Options

Everygame further stands out with its assortment of promotions, including sign-up bonuses and loyalty rewards. These attractive bonuses enhance the overall betting experience, providing bettors with extra value for their money. The combination of comprehensive market coverage, a superior mobile experience and enticing promotions solidifies Everygame as the top offshore sportsbook for those seeking unique betting opportunities.

7. Best Offshore Sportsbook for Rewards: JustBet


Established 2000

Visit JustBet
Best For
Bonus Hunter 8.8
Trust 9.3/10
Banking 8.6/10
Bonuses 8.8/10
Odds 8.4/10
Customer Service 8.6/10
Betting Limits 9.8/10
20% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

JustBet is a popular offshore sportsbook that stands out because it values its regular players greatly. It doesn’t just give a bonus on their initial deposit but continues to reward loyal users with several benefits. From casual bettors just dipping their toes in for the first time to seasoned high-stakes bettors, JustBet is a platform that acknowledges and appreciates all of their players.

VIP Rewards That Make a Difference

One of the highlights of JustBet is its VIP Rewards program. Loyal users can enjoy a variety of perks including free bets, the option to bet with higher limits and access to special offers that aren’t available to everyone. This focus on rewarding loyalty not only makes betting more exciting but also adds a personal touch, making every wager even more profitable overall.

All in all, JustBet is a user-friendly offshore site that caters to all preferences, providing a wide array of betting options; it offers a secure platform, ensuring the safety of user data and transactions. This combination of security and a rewarding VIP program makes JustBet a standout choice in the offshore sportsbook market.

8. Best Offshore Sportsbook for Market Variety:

Established 2002

Visit SportsBetting
Best For
Bonus Hunter 8.8
Trust 9.3/10
Banking 8.6/10
Bonuses 8.8/10
Odds 9.2/10
Customer Service 8.6/10
Betting Limits 9.8/10
100% Free Play

Key Features: is recognized for its vast market variety, which makes it a leading choice for bettors keen on exploring numerous betting avenues. The platform caters to a wide spectrum of sports bettors, including mainstream games and niche categories like darts and snooker. Bettors find favorable betting odds here, drawing interest from both beginners and experienced gamblers. In addition, users appreciate the secure and straightforward interface that facilitates easy navigation, making the betting process smooth even for newcomers.

What makes standout is its bonus and promotion system. The generous setup allows bettors to amplify their winnings through incentives such as newcomer welcome bonuses and other standard promotions, includiing casino games. This feature positions as a top pick for individuals seeking an offshore sportsbook that comes packed with extra perks. also ensures reliability in payouts, enabling winners to access their winnings easily and quickly, a critical attribute for any online sportsbook. The site also offers compatibility with mobile devices, allowing for betting on the move, further enhancing its appeal to modern bettors seeking convenience and versatility in their betting endeavors.

9. Best Offshore Sportsbook for Free Plays: WagerWeb


Established 1994

Visit WagerWeb
Best For
Seasoned Gambler 8.4
Trust 9.3/10
Banking 8.6/10
Bonuses 8.8/10
Odds 8.6/10
Customer Service 8.6/10
Betting Limits 9.8/10
30% Cash Bonus

Key Features:

WagerWeb stands out among other offshore sports betting sites because it’s perfect for players who prefer crypto payments to traditional methods like bank transfers or credit cards. This operator guarantees same-day Bitcoin payouts, which not only elevates user satisfaction but also builds trust in the platform’s reliability.

Speedy Bitcoin Payouts

The speed at which players can receive their crypto payments is one of the standout features at WagerWeb. Unlike other offshore betting sites that may prolong withdrawal times, WagerWeb ensures that payouts are processed on the day of the request. This swift service enhances the betting experience substantially, affirming the platform’s commitment to efficiency and user satisfaction.

Of course, WagerWeb goes beyond just fast payouts, it also offers a huge range of bonuses designed to cater to both new and existing players. Along with a match deposit bonus for registering, players can also enjoy reload bonuses and free deposits. WagerWeb frequently runs event-specific promos as well. 

10. Best Offshore Sportsbook for Free Play Deposits: BetUS


Established 2000

Visit BetUS
Best For
Mobile Bettor 8.8
Trust 10/10
Banking 8.6/10
Bonuses 8.8/10
Odds 8.2/10
Customer Service 8.6/10
Betting Limits 9.8/10
100% Free Play

Key Features:

Established in 1994, BetUS has been a reliable choice for online betting, catering to millions of players globally. The platform is particularly generous to new users, offering a 125% Sign-Up Bonus, which is a combination of a 100% Sports Bonus and a 25% Casino Bonus, making it a standout choice for those new to betting. Besides the sign-up incentive, BetUS keeps the momentum with various other promotions.

In terms of betting options, BetUS covers a broad spectrum. From popular sports like NFL, NBA and MLB to niche markets like UEFA Champions League and horse racing, there’s something for every sports fan. The user experience at BetUS is designed for ease and accessibility, appealing to both beginners and experienced bettors.

A Hub for Original Content – BetUS TV is a valuable resource for bettors looking to gain an edge with detailed information and professional advice on a broad spectrum of sports. This exclusive YouTube channel provided by BetUS sportsbook is a place where bettors can find expert analysis, betting insights and previews across a range of sports. The channel features a variety of shows catering to different sporting events and leagues.

Why We Review Offshore Betting Sites

Our team of experts have decades of experience

Regulated sportsbooks have emerged in certain states after the United States Supreme Court overturned a federal sports betting prohibition called PASPA in 2018. There are some high-quality sportsbooks in these states, but they are often restricted in what betting markets they can offer. For example, many do not allow players to bet on in-state college teams, or if they do, they prohibit game props and player props; at in-state betting sites, players cannot bet on politics, entertainment or esports. Most states do not allow betting on casino games or poker tournaments either.

Additionally, many players in the United States can’t even access these limited options. For example, California, Texas and Florida have not yet approved the operation of locally legal sportsbooks, and they are the three most populous states in the country. Bettors in those states and many other parts of the country need to use offshore betting sites if they want to place quick, convenient wagers on their favorite major sports leagues as well as college sports.

However, many betting sites cannot be trusted. For that reason, we serve as the watchdog for the online gaming industry. We hold untrustworthy sports betting sites to account, and we only guide you towards legitimate betting sites that pay out on time, without fail.

Is offshore betting legal?

Yes, offshore betting is legal. Offshore sportsbooks operate outside the United States, in regions where gambling is fully legal. These sites are properly licensed and regulated, and there are no federal laws in the U.S. that prohibit using them.

Using offshore sportsbooks is a popular option for many bettors. Since these sportsbooks are not within the U.S. jurisdiction, they aren’t subject to U.S. gambling laws. This doesn’t mean they operate without rules; instead, they are regulated by the laws of the country in which they are located. These countries have legalized gambling, and the sportsbooks are licensed according to their standards.

Top-tier names like BetOnline and Bovada, frequently hailed as some of the best offshore gambling sites, are licensed and operate under the stringent rules and regulations of their home jurisdictions, such as Costa Rica and Panama.

Key Features of Offshore Sportsbooks

Find top offshore Betting sites that cater to your needs

Choosing the right offshore sportsbook might seem like a daunting task, but focusing on a few key features can simplify your decision-making process. Here’s what you should keep in mind:

Trustworthy Reputation

Arguably the cornerstone of any good betting platform, trust is essential. Look for platforms that are transparent in their dealings, have been operating for a considerable time and are licensed under respected jurisdictions. A trustworthy sportsbook keeps things above board and provides peace of mind.

Good Customer Satisfaction

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. Check online reviews, forums and community discussions to gauge customer satisfaction. A sportsbook with happy customers is likely doing something right.

Competitive Odds

You’re in it to win it, and competitive odds can boost your potential returns. Offshore books often offer better odds due to lower operational costs, making them a smart choice for value-conscious bettors.

Generous Welcome Bonuses

When you step into the world of offshore gambling sites, you’ll often find yourself warmly welcomed with attractive bonuses. These can range from match bonuses, where your initial deposit is matched by a certain percentage, to risk-free bets that offer reimbursement if your first wager doesn’t win. However, keep in mind that these bonuses typically come with wagering requirements – conditions where you need to bet the bonus amount a specific number of times before you can withdraw it. This might seem daunting, but that’s where we come in! At BMR, we’ve hand-picked betting sites that offer favorable terms, so you can enjoy these bonuses without the stress of deciphering complex requirements. Trust us to do the heavy lifting while you focus on the thrill of the game.

High Sports Betting Limits

The thrill of sports betting isn’t limited to just the casual enthusiast; it reaches even the most seasoned sharp bettors. It’s crucial to understand that international sportsbooks handle betting limits differently. Some are more welcoming of the high rollers, offering generous betting limits that invite the heavy wagers of sharp bettors. In contrast, other platforms cater to those who prefer betting smaller amounts, maintaining lower minimum and maximum betting thresholds.

Range of Deposit Methods

When it comes to sports betting, the more options for deposit methods, the better. Having a range of choices ensures you can fund your account in the way that suits you best. Traditional methods like credit/debit cards and bank transfers are always handy, but alternative methods can offer significant benefits. E-wallets bring convenience and speed, while cryptocurrencies add an extra layer of financial privacy. Though using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin might seem daunting at first, they’re well worth considering for the increased flexibility they provide.

Quick Processing Times

The speed at which your deposit becomes available for betting can be just as important as the method you use. Traditional banking methods might come with slower processing times, potentially leaving you waiting to place your wager. On the other hand, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies often process almost instantly, meaning you can jump straight into the action. Look for an offshore sportsbook that has quick processing times to keep your betting experience as seamless as possible.

Simple KYC Process

When selecting a sportsbook, look for platforms that strike a balance between comprehensive security checks and customer convenience. The KYC process should be straightforward, requesting only necessary information and the verification should be conducted in a timely manner. Remember, a well-executed KYC procedure not only protects the sportsbook but also assures the bettor of their security and protection in the betting world.

Benefits of Offshore Betting

Betting offshore gets you better odds, diverse markets & more

One of the biggest advantages of offshore betting sites is their ability to offer better odds than regular sportsbooks. Additionally, offshore sportsbooks often have lower overhead costs, which means they can afford to offer better bonuses and promotions to their customers.

Not all offshore betting sites are created equally, though, and some may have questionable reputations. That’s why we’ve done the research and sought out the most reputable and trustworthy top rated offshore sportsbooks on the market.

Superior Odds

Offshore sports betting sites are all about providing better value for your bets. They sidestep the regulatory fees, taxes and compliance costs that weigh down locally-regulated sports betting options. Lower operating costs allow them to offer more attractive odds, giving you the potential for higher returns on your wagers.

Better Promotions

Another way that offshore sportsbooks pass the savings of those lower operating costs on to players is in the form of bonuses. Compared to domestic sportsbooks, international operators provide players with more generous promos, a wider variety of bonuses and more attractive loyalty rewards.

Extensive Market Options

If you crave variety in your betting, offshore sportsbooks won’t disappoint. They offer an expansive selection of wagering opportunities, covering not only popular sports and major leagues but also niche markets. Whether you’re interested in future bets, prop bets, player props, college sports, auto racing or even casino games, there’s something for every bettor.

These offshore sportsbooks ensure there’s always a thrilling wagering opportunity that aligns with your interests and betting style, no matter how unique or varied those might be. With such comprehensive coverage, every match, race or game becomes an exciting opportunity for handicapping.

Global Accessibility

Unlike many North American sports books, including those in the U.S. and Canada, that require location-tracking software, these platforms cater to a diverse audience without such restrictions. This convenience lets you place your bets with ease, whether you’re comfortably lounging at home or traveling the globe. This cosmopolitan approach to sports betting is a crucial aspect that bolsters the sustained popularity of offshore sportsbooks.

Esports Betting

Offshore platforms become a prime destination for esports enthusiasts looking to place wagers on their favorite teams and tournaments as this exciting market is still restricted at many domestic sportsbooks.

Political Betting

You can use offshore sites for more than just betting on sports. They offer the opportunity to wager on political events, letting you turn your political predictions into potential profits. As regulated sportsbooks often avoid political betting due to influence concerns, offshore sportsbooks become a unique avenue for political enthusiasts.

Increased Privacy

Bypassing cumbersome geolocation apps and requiring less personal data, offshore betting platforms ensure an easy and secure betting experience.

These platforms employ robust security protocols to protect your information. For those seeking financial privacy, many offshore sportsbooks now offer cryptocurrency transactions, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and other popular crypto options. This not only affords bettors an extra layer of privacy but also expedites the transaction process, letting you focus more on your betting endeavors across a diverse array of sports and events.

Regulated vs. Offshore Sportsbooks Comparison

The best offshore sportsbooks for US players offer distinct advantages compared to regulated betting sites. Below is a comparison highlighting the differences between these two types of online sportsbooks.


Offshore Sportsbooks

Regulated Sportsbooks

Welcome Bonuses

Large (e.g., 50% up to $1,000)

Moderate (e.g., $200 bonus bets)


Generally favorable

Can vary between sportsbooks


4-7 on average

2-5 on average

Payment Methods

Accepts cryptocurrencies

Does not accept cryptocurrencies

Dispute Resolution

No third-party mediation

Often have third-party mediation


Available in most states

Limited to licensed states

Tax Reporting

No IRS reporting

Reports winnings over $600 to IRS


No mainstream US advertising

Can advertise on mainstream outlets

Offshore sportsbooks are regulated outside of the U.S., typically in countries where online sports betting and online casinos are legal and thoroughly regulated. These platforms offer a wider range of sports and betting options, including unique markets not always available on U.S.-based sportsbooks. Many also accept cryptocurrencies, leading to the rise of crypto sportsbooks, which offer bettors the benefits of increased privacy and expedited transactions.

These sportsbooks operate from within countries where online gambling is legal and meticulously regulated. Top-tier names like BetOnline and Bovada, frequently hailed as some of the best offshore gambling sites, are licensed and operate under the stringent rules and regulations of their home jurisdictions, such as Costa Rica and Panama.

Bonuses Offered at Offshore Sports Betting Sites

Offshore online betting sites offer a variety of bonuses to attract and retain players. Here’s a list of the best sportsbooks promotions and bonuses you might find:

  1. Welcome Bonus: A one-time offer for new customers, typically a percentage match of the first deposit (e.g., 100% match up to $1,000).

  2. No Deposit Bonus: A small bonus given to new players just for signing up, without requiring a deposit (e.g., $20 free play).

  3. Reload Bonus: A bonus offered to existing customers when they add more funds to their account, usually a percentage match of the deposit (e.g., 50% reload bonus up to $500).

  4. Free Bets: Credits given to players that can be used to place bets without risking their own money (e.g., $50 free bet).

  5. Risk-Free Bets: A promotion where the betting site refunds a player’s first bet if it loses, usually up to a certain amount (e.g., risk-free bet up to $500).

  6. Refer-a-Friend Bonus: A bonus awarded to a player for referring a new customer to the site, often a fixed amount or a percentage of the referred friend’s first deposit (e.g., $100 referral bonus).

  7. Loyalty Programs: Rewards programs that offer points or perks to regular players, which can be exchanged for bonuses, merchandise, or other benefits.

  8. Cashback Bonuses: A percentage of losses refunded to the player over a certain period, helping to mitigate losses (e.g., 10% cashback on weekly losses).

  9. Enhanced Odds: Special sportsbook promotions offering higher odds than usual on certain events, increasing potential winnings.

  10. Mobile Bonus: A bonus specifically for players who use the mobile app or mobile version of the site, often a one-time offer for placing a first mobile bet.

Get the Best Bonuses With Our Reviews

Each of our highly recommended offshore sports betting sites has its own set of special promotions to help increase your betting funds. Find today’s best offers below:

  • BetOnline: Offers a 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000 on first deposits, plus a special 100% Bitcoin Bonus up to $1,000 for cryptocurrency deposits. Minimum deposit: $55.
  • BetAnySports: Provides a 55% welcome bonus up to $1,000, ideal for newcomers looking to boost their initial betting funds. Minimum deposit: $100.
  • Heritage Sports: Features a 25% sign-up bonus up to $250 and hosts numerous promotions throughout the year for continued betting excitement. Minimum deposit: $300
  • Gives a 25% cash bonus up to $500 for traditional payments, and a 20% deposit match bonus up to $500 for crypto users, catering to various payment preferences. Minimum deposit: $100.
  • Bovada: Offers a 75% Bitcoin deposit bonus up to $750, alongside a $250 sign-up bonus for traditional deposits, complemented by regular promotional offers. Minimum deposit: $20.
  • BetOnline

    50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000!

    BOL1000 Promo Code
  • Bovada

    50% Welcome Bonus up to $250!

    NOT REQUIRED Promo Code
  • Bookmaker

    25% Welcome Bonus up to $500!

    NOT REQUIRED Promo Code
  • BetAnySports

    30% Welcome Bonus up to $600!

    NOT REQUIRED Promo Code
  • Heritage Sports

    50% Welcome Bonus up to $300!

    NOT REQUIRED Promo Code
  • Everygame

    100% Welcome Bonus!

    3XBOOST50 Promo Code

Wagering Requirements at Offshore Sportsbooks

Bonuses offered by offshore online sportsbooks often come with a catch – the conditions attached. To make an informed decision about which bonus will give you the most bang for your buck, it’s essential to take a step back and consider the terms tied to each one.

  1. Rollover: This is the most common type. It requires you to bet the bonus amount (and sometimes the deposit amount) a certain number of times before you can withdraw. For example, a 5x rollover on a $100 bonus means you must wager $500 before withdrawing.

  2. Minimum Odds: Some sites require that bets placed to meet the rollover requirement be on events with certain minimum odds. This is to prevent players from meeting the requirement by betting on events with very low risk.

  3. Time Limit: Many bonuses have a time limit within which you must meet the wagering requirements. Failing to do so usually results in the bonus and any associated winnings being forfeited.

  4. Type of Bet Restriction: Some sportsbooks may restrict the types of bets that count towards the wagering requirements, such as excluding certain bet types like in-play bets or multi-bets.

  5. Maximum Win Limit: This limits the amount you can win from bonus funds. Even if you win more, you can only withdraw up to the maximum limit.

  6. Eligible Markets or Sports: Some bonuses are only applicable for certain sports or markets. Bets on other sports or markets won’t count towards the wagering requirement.

  7. One Bonus at a Time: Often, sportsbooks don’t allow you to have multiple active bonuses. You must complete the wagering requirements for one before starting another.

  8. Payment Method Restrictions: Some bonuses might be unavailable if you deposit using certain payment methods, like e-wallets.

It’s important to read the terms and conditions of each bonus carefully to understand the specific wagering requirements and other restrictions that apply. This will help you evaluate the true value of the bonus and decide how best to use it.

Bet Types at Offshore Sportsbooks

The best offshore betting sites offer a diverse array of betting options, catering to various preferences and strategies. Here are some common types of bets you can wager on:

  1. Moneyline: Simple wagers on which team or player will win a game or match. (ex., Betting on the Houston Astros to win a baseball game against the Boston Red Sox.)
  2. Point Spread Bets: Bets on the margin of victory, with the favorite needing to win by a certain number of points, or the underdog needing to lose by less or win outright. (ex., wagering on the Los Angeles Lakers to win by more than 6 points against the Boston Celtics in a basketball game)
  3. Totals (Over/Under) Wagers on whether the total score of a game will exceed or fall short of a predetermined number.(ex., betting that the total score in a football game between the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Rams will be over 48 points)
  4. Parlays: A combination of multiple bets into a single wager, increasing the potential payout but requiring all selections to win. (ex., combining a bet on the New York Nicks to win, the Green Bay Packers to cover the spread, and the total points in a soccer match to be under 3.5 into one wager)
  5. Teasers: Similar to parlays, but with adjusted point spreads or totals to favor the bettor, resulting in lower payouts. (ex., adjusting the point spread in a parlay, such as adding 6 points to the underdog’s spread in two different NFL games)
  6. Prop Bets (Players and Game): Bets on specific events within a game, such as a player’s performance or a particular game statistic. (ex., betting on LeBron James to score over 30 points in a basketball game or Tom Brady to throw more than 2 touchdowns in a football game)
  7. Futures: Wagers on long-term outcomes, like championship winners or individual awards. (ex., wagering on the Los Angeles Dodgers to win the World Series or Patrick Mahomes to be named NFL MVP at the end of the season)
  8. Live Betting: Placing bets on ongoing events, with odds that update in real-time based on the game’s progress. (ex., placing a bet on the Los Angeles Clippers to win the game while they are trailing in the third quarter)

Most Popular Sports to Bet On

These sports are popular at offshore sportsbooks due to their wide appeal and the diverse range of betting options they offer.

NFL and College Football

Football is a favorite for bettors, with the NFL and college football offering numerous betting opportunities on props, moneylines, point spreads, and over/under totals. Major events like the Super Bowl and the College Football Playoff generate significant betting activity and interest. The availability of live betting and in-game wagering further enhances the excitement for bettors during the football season.

NBA and College Basketball

Basketball betting is popular for both the NBA and college games, with bets on point spreads, money lines, totals, and prop bets. The excitement of March Madness and the NBA Playoffs attracts a large number of bets and a diverse range of wagering options. In addition, the NBA regular season features 82 games per team, providing ample opportunities for bettors to engage throughout the year.


Baseball betting focuses on the MLB, with wagers on moneylines, run lines, and totals, as well as prop bets and futures. The long season, consisting of 162 games per team, provides ample opportunities for bettors to engage in the sport throughout the year.


Hockey betting is centered around the NHL, with wagers on moneylines, puck lines, and totals, along with prop bets and futures. The Stanley Cup playoffs, in particular, draw significant betting interest due to the intensity and unpredictability of the games.

Soccer (Various International Leagues)

Soccer is a global favorite, with bets on leagues like the English Premier League, La Liga, and the Champions League. Common bets include match outcomes, over/under goals, and both teams to score. The World Cup, held every four years, is a particularly popular event for betting, attracting a worldwide audience.


Tennis betting is popular for both men’s and women’s tours, with bets on match winners, set betting, and over/under games. Grand Slam tournaments like Wimbledon and the US Open attract significant betting interest, offering various markets and competitive odds.


Golf betting focuses on the PGA Tour and major tournaments, with bets on tournament winners, head-to-head matchups, and top-10 finishes. Events like The Masters and The Open Championship are particularly popular, drawing attention from bettors worldwide due to their prestige and the quality of the field.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is a traditional betting sport, with wagers on the outcome of races, exactas, trifectas, and other exotic bets. Major events like the Kentucky Derby and the Breeders’ Cup attract significant betting interest. The sport’s rich history and the thrill of live races add to its appeal among bettors.

How to Bet Offshore on a Mobile Device

Offshore betting on a mobile device is not much different than betting on your desktop computer, thanks to the highly optimized betting sites offered by top offshore sportsbooks. Here is a simple 7-step guide to get you started:

  1. Choose Your Sportsbook: Start by choosing one of our recommended offshore sportsbooks. These sites have been thoroughly vetted by our team for their security, ease of use, betting options and more.
  2. Access the Site: Navigate to the sportsbook’s website on your mobile device. You don’t need to download an app; the website should automatically adapt to your screen size and provide a mobile-optimized experience.
  3. Register or Log In: If you’re new to the site, you’ll need to register for an account. If you’re a returning user, simply log in with your credentials.
  4. Deposit Funds: Visit the cashier section of the site to make a deposit. You’ll find a variety of banking methods, including credit and debit cards, e-wallets and cryptocurrencies.
  5. Browse Betting Markets: Once you’ve funded your account, you can explore the various betting markets. Offshore sportsbooks usually offer a wide range of sports and bet types.
  6. Place Your Bet: After you’ve made your selection, add it to your bet slip. Enter the amount you wish to wager, then confirm your bet.
  7. Monitor and Cash Out: You can monitor the progress of your bet directly from your account. If your bet wins, the winnings will be automatically added to your account balance. When you’re ready to cash out, head back to the cashier section and request a withdrawal using your preferred banking method.

And there you have it! Offshore online sports betting on your mobile device is convenient and straightforward, allowing you to place your bets wherever you are. It’s just another reason why offshore sportsbooks are the go-to choice for modern bettors.

How To Register at Offshore Sportsbooks

Navigating the sign-up process at leading offshore sportsbooks is straightforward. If you’re unsure where to begin, here are the essential steps to get you started with top online sportsbooks.

Step 1: Choose a Reputable Offshore Sportsbook Start by selecting a trustworthy offshore sportsbook. You can refer to reputable lists or conduct your research to find the best options for U.S. players. The key is to pick a site that offers a reliable and user-friendly betting experience.

Step 2: Register Your Account On the homepage of the sportsbook, look for a registration button – usually labeled as “Join” or “Sign Up.” Standard registration will ask for basic details like your name, email, address, password and contact number. Some sites, however, may have a more streamlined process and require less information.

Step 3: Fund Your Account Once your account is set up, proceed to the cashier section to deposit funds. Top offshore sportsbooks offer various payment methods, including cryptocurrencies and credit cards. Remember, if you’re aiming for a welcome bonus, ensure your deposit meets the qualifying criteria.

Step 4: Explore the Sportsbook Section With your account funded, it’s time to explore the betting options. Head to the sportsbook area of the site where you’ll find a range of sports and betting markets. Each site might offer a different selection, so take some time to see what’s available.

Step 5: Place Your Bets In the sportsbook section, select the bets you want to place. Add them to your bet slip, enter the amount you wish to wager and confirm your bet. The bet slip will display the potential payout based on the odds and your stake.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying the exciting world of offshore sports betting.

Explore the Top Offshore Betting Apps

Easy mobile betting across devices

As you dive into the world of offshore sports betting, one of the first things you’ll notice is the prominence of mobile-friendly platforms. Many top offshore sportsbooks forego traditional mobile apps, instead opting for highly responsive, mobile-optimized sites. They understand the power of the smartphone in today’s digital age and have designed their platforms to ensure you can place a bet no matter where you are.

These sportsbooks prioritize a mobile-first approach, crafting sites that adapt perfectly to your smartphone or tablet screen. This innovative approach gives bettors like you complete control, offering an experience as comprehensive as desktop versions. From placing wagers and browsing various sports markets to managing your account, the functionalities offered on these mobile sites often equal or exceed those found in standalone mobile betting apps.

The best part about this approach? Compatibility is never an issue. Whether you’re using an iOS, Android or any other device, these mobile-optimized sites ensure a smooth and enjoyable online betting experience. To help you navigate the mobile betting landscape, we’ve carefully reviewed a range of offshore sportsbooks, highlighting those with exceptional mobile platforms. Through our in-depth reviews, we guide you to an offshore betting site tailored to your mobile preferences. Explore the convenience of mobile offshore betting today and experience the new standard in sports betting.

Why trust our Offshore Sportsbook reviews?

We are bettors who have been in your shoes

As avid bettors ourselves, we are dedicated to the pursuit of delivering trustworthy, thorough evaluations of the most acclaimed offshore sportsbooks. Our process goes beyond just the basics. We dig deep, examining their betting odds, market variety, security features, user experience and more.

Of course, we don’t stop there. Our team knows that the betting industry is a dynamic one, so we are committed to staying on top of industry news and delivering you the latest updates.

In essence, we not only review but also experience these platforms just as you would. First-hand sports betting experience is the foundation of how we rate and review each book, not just abstract metrics.

Banking Methods at Offshore Sportsbooks

Enjoy a hassle-free experience with a top partner

The most reputable sportsbooks make it easy for you to move your money. Here’s a look at some of the payment methods you can expect to find at the top online betting sites:

  1. Credit and Debit Cards (Visa/Mastercard): Widely accepted and easy to use. Good for quick deposits, but some sportsbooks charge small fees for withdrawals. Keep an eye on the minimum deposit and maximum withdrawal limits. Some sportsbooks also accept less popular credit cards, such as Discover and American Express.

  2. E-Wallets (PayPal, Google Pay, Neteller, Stripe): These are digital wallets for online transactions. They’re convenient and many of them have lower fees than traditional payment methods. Withdrawal times can be a bit longer, so plan accordingly.

  3. Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin): This is becoming a popular option at many offshore sportsbooks. Crypto transactions are fast and usually have lower fees. They also offer more privacy. Plus, many sportsbooks offer special bonuses for users who prefer crypto deposits.

  4. Bank Wires: Wire transfers are typically ideal for transferring larger amounts. Bank wires typically have lower fees for incoming funds but might charge for withdrawals. They are slower than other methods, so it’s not the best choice if you need quick access to your funds.

Pro tip: Some financial institutions may impose their own fees on incoming wire transfers.

Each method has its pros and cons. For fast and easy transactions, credit/debit cards and e-wallets are great, but watch out for potential fees. For privacy and lower fees, cryptocurrencies are the way to go. If you’re moving large sums, bank wires could be more efficient despite being slower. Choose the one that aligns best with your betting needs and preferences at offshore sportsbooks.

Responsible Gambling Resources

Top offshore sportsbooks are dedicated to promoting responsible gambling practices. They often include specific sections on their websites, providing access to helpful resources and organizations dedicated to problem gambling, including confidential support.

To support safe betting habits, gambling sites offer various tools. These tools can help you control your gambling activities, including setting limits on how much you can deposit, how much you can lose and how long you can spend on the site. If you’re worried about your current habits, a self-assessment tool can help you understand if it’s time to take a break.

FAQs – Offshore Sportsbooks

Yes, offshore sportsbooks can be safe, but it is important to choose a reputable gaming platform that is properly licensed in the country where it operates.

No, offshore sportsbooks do not report to the IRS because they do not have to follow any U.S. laws or tax codes. With that said, it is the responsibility of the player to track and report all of their gambling income so that they can be properly taxed.

No. Offshore sportsbooks typically prohibit the use of a VPN. However, these sites accept players from all over the country and you will not need a VPN to access them. Players who want more anonymity can use crypto payments instead of traditional methods.

Offshore gambling involves using internet-based betting platforms hosted in countries with lenient gambling laws. Players without access to U.S.-based gaming sites can use offshore options to bet on sports as well as play poker and casino games.

Offshore sports betting is betting on a platform that is located and regulated outside of the U.S.. These websites follow the gambling laws in their jurisdictions, so they can allow American players.

No, it is not illegal to use an offshore sportsbook. Offshore sportsbooks operate in countries where online gambling is fully legal and; there are no federal laws that prohibit U.S. players from using these sites for real-money online sports betting.

BookMaker is the most reputable offshore sportsbook, with over 30 years of operation under its belt. Several years in operation, a positive relationship with their player base and a good score from our experts are the hallmarks of a trustworthy gambling site.

As long as you select a reputable offshore sportsbook and take the right security measures on your own, you can enjoy a safe and enjoyable offshore betting experience.

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