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The FIFA World Cup Qualifier Playoffs are a gripping series of matches. If you want to put your money on the pitch, we make it easy to compare the latest World Cup Qualifier Playoff odds from the best betting sites.
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World Cup Qualifiers Playoff Odds & Betting Lines

The prestigious World Cup competition happens every four years and lasts just two months. However, competitive matches don't start and end during this small timeframe, as intercontinental playoffs determine qualified teams during the entire four-year stretch.

Today we're going to take a closer look at the World Cup Qualifiers playoff odds, how to understand the odds for these seeded teams, as well as the betting trends and tips for these qualification matches.

How to Read World Cup Qualifiers Playoff Odds

World Cup Qualifiers playoffs must present some of the most extensive betting markets globally. But the first step to tackling these soccer betting lines is understanding the betting odds. Don't be deterred by any outside factors because once you can read the odds, the vast amount of markets and numbers will no longer be intimidating.

Whether you're wagering on teams in the UEFA Nations League, playoff finals, a playoff spot, Asian playoff, American or European nations, how you read the odds remains the same.

There are three methods of viewing World Cup Qualifiers' playoff odds:

  • American (+100)
  • Decimal (2.00)
  • Fractional (1/1)

American betting odds are the most commonly used, easiest to understand, and default odds settings in North America, so we'll use this format in today's example.

And remember, it doesn't matter whether you're wagering on a team from South America, an African nation, or Latin America, qualifying matches or the qualifying tournament; how you read and use the betting odds doesn't change. Once you've learned how to read the odds, this knowledge will translate over to any soccer betting market.

For each betting market you want to wager on, a potential bet will display a minus (-) and a plus (+) symbol. These are used to determine how much profit will be made.

Betting odds beginning with the minus symbol (-) are known as the favorite and tell us how much can be won from a $100 stake.

  • Betting the favorite example: If a World Cup qualifying game has Argentina priced at -180, every $180 wagered would return $100 and your initial stake.

Oppositely, bets aligned with the (+) symbol tell us how much is won from a $100 stake.

  • Betting the underdog example: If France's national team is positioned with an underdog price of +130, a $100 stake would return $130 and your initial stake.

Common FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Playoff Betting Markets

The popular betting odds markets in tournaments such as the Europa League, Champions League or Premier League can also be found during the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers.

The soccer betting lines geared towards these international teams usually focus on outright winners, player props and team props, but the sheer choice of betting markets is endless. The best betting sites also offer excellent markets involving future bets unique to the World Cup Qualifiers, like betting on which teams will qualify for the World Cup and who will be eliminated.

The most popular FIFA World Cup Qualifiers betting markets are:

  • Moneyline - You bet the winner on individual games
  • Three-Way Moneyline - You bet a team to win or teams to draw on individual games
  • Totals - You bet over or under the total of goals scored in a game
  • Handicap Betting - Like spread betting, the underdog team is given a virtual advantage
  • Team Props - You wager on a teams performance such as corners, goals, cards and more
  • Player Props - You bet on player performance like goals, shots, cards and more

Understanding World Cup Qualifiers Playoffs Betting Trends

Betting trends derive from a situation that has occurred on multiple occasions. If the player ratings show that Lionel Messi has scored in his previous 10 appearances for Argentina, this is classed as a trend. Or if the United States team has played in five straight games with less than 2 goals scored, this would also be considered a trend.

You can also find trends more specific to betting, such as how many times a team has covered the handicap (spread) or how many successive times they've gone over or under the default total (2.5 goals).

Professional sports bettors often approach soccer betting lines following their research on recent trends. It's important to consider the qualified teams or the qualifying tournament you're wagering on, as one particular betting trend may only be relevant in certain situations.

You should never blind bet trends, but general knowledge of soccer paired with betting trends can result in excellent betting results.

Betting Tips for the World Cup Qualification Playoffs

Before you begin making your betting picks on soccer lines, you must have an action plan to mitigate losses. Long-term bettors don't succeed with aimless bets; you should always consider the fundamentals of sports wagering no matter which sport you bet on.

Whether you're betting on the World Cup Qualifiers, Football Association (FA) games, Champions League, or any other soccer competition, you should implement the following advice:

  • Build a bankroll (Keep bets consistent and bet between 1-5% of your bankroll)
  • Research the teams, injuries, trends, key players and other variables
  • Don't just bet the favorites (Finding plus money value positions is the key to long-term profit)
  • Find the best odds (Use multiple sportsbooks and bet the best available odds every time)
  • Don't chase your losses (Take losses on the chin, there's always another day)
  • Only bet what you can afford

These tips aren't anything that betting enthusiasts are unacquainted with. For new bettors, however, it is important to take extra time to prepare before wagering. You will want to arm yourself with the facts and knowledge necessary to develop your skills and ensure your betting success.

FAQs – World Cup Qualifiers Playoff Odds

When do the World Cup Qualifier Playoffs take place?

As the World Cup takes place every four years, the qualifying games for the competition are played out over four years. Six FIFA confederations hold parallel tournaments to determine the nations that will qualify. Additionally, the host nation or nations automatically qualifies for the World Cup.

When will World Cup Qualifier Playoff tiebreakers take place if they are needed?

Most confederations determine their qualification positions through a lone group stage format. However, UEFA puts second-placed teams from the first-round group stage and two teams with the best Nations League ranking into three mini-playoff tournaments.

The inter-confederation playoffs also see the AFC, CONMEBOL, CONCACAF, and OFC compete in playoff tiebreakers for the final two spots.

When do oddsmakers release their World Cup Qualifier Playoff odds to bettors?

Each competing continent hosts their World Cup qualifiers on different dates. However, sportsbooks will usually release odds soon after the draws for each qualifying tournament have taken place.

How old do I have to be to bet on the FIFA World Cup Qualifier Playoffs?

Most online sportsbooks require their customers to be at least 21 years old. There are a few exceptions depending on which bookmaker you use, as some operators will require you to be at least 18 years old.

Is betting on soccer with an online sportsbook or mobile app safe and secure?

So long as you are using a reputable and trustworthy sports betting operator, such as the sites recommended on our website, browsing and betting on soccer is completely safe.