Sports Betting in Georgia – Is It Legal?

Unfortunately for sports fans in the Peach State, it remains behind the rest of the U.S. when it comes to making sports betting legal. Even though there are no locally-operated sportsbooks, sports betting in Georgia is alive and well. 

Whether you’d like to wager on your favorite professional sports teams or the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, offshore sportsbooks are located across international waters and can offer online sports betting in GA.

Best Georgia Online Sports Betting Sites 2024

In order to give you the insight you need to find the right book for you, our experts signed up with as many sportsbooks as they could find. After a ton of research, we are confident that our specialists have found the top online sportsbooks in Georgia.

  1. BookMaker – Large bettors welcome and early lines
  2. Heritage Sports – Great offer of live betting options
  3. Bovada – Wide variety of betting markets and top-notch poker room
  4. BetOnline – Slick online interface and offers opinionated lines
  5. BetAnySports – Reduced juice available for the most popular sports
  6. BetUS – Offers a big assortment of bonuses
  7. WagerWeb – Offers fast payouts, especially for Bitcoin
  8. JustBet – High betting limits and great sign-up bonus
  9. Everygame – Good variety of betting markets and modern website
  10. GTBets – Large bonuses and betting limits for sports bettors

Our readers in Georgia regularly ask if they are allowed to bet on sports in their home state. The simple answer is yes, Georgia residents can absolutely become sports bettors, as long as they sign up at an offshore sportsbook.

Sports betting bills have been introduced in the state but it will be a long time before residents see any forward movement. The idea of legal sports betting was vaguely successful in the polls; however, there are many details that will need to be ironed out before lawmakers, or people, can cast their votes.

The fight isn’t over and there are Georgia lawmakers working on a constitutional amendment that they believe is the best path to legal gambling in the state. In the meantime, you can register at an offshore site which will allow you to get started betting on sports while in Georgia.

Top Georgia Sportsbook Reviews

Every site has its strengths and our top 10 online sports betting sites highlight the best perks of being a customer. Take a look at our reviews of the best offshore sportsbooks for those of you looking to place bets in Georgia.

1. BookMaker: Best for Big Bettors

Bookmaker Sportsbook

Not all sportsbooks are created equal and is a perfect example of how big-time online gambling sites do business. Most sportsbooks have a wager limit, and it can apply to single games or entire sports. has built a reputation for accepting all players, regardless of their bet size. If it’s good enough for professional and sharp bettors, then you can be confident that it’ll be the right place for you. Due to the fact that they are offshore, there are no restrictions on what type of sports they can offer, allowing you access to one of the most extensive betting markets in the industry. Players also get to enjoy an extensive racebook and online casino games.

Of course, signing up with an online gambling site this big comes with perks as well. Crypto depositors get that extra special treatment, so make sure to review their website to see how to get the best bonus for your deposit.


  • Great reputation in the online betting industry after years of service
  • Welcomes all action instead of limiting winning players
  • Large betting limits
  • Early lines and competitive pricing


  • Does not have live poker room 
  • Professional players not eligible for loyalty program

2. Heritage Sports: Best for Live Betting

Heritage Sports homepage
A screenshot of A+ rated Heritage Sport’s homepage.

One of the things that Heritage Sports is known for is its competitive lines and reduced juice. You’ll often find your favorite game at a better price at Heritage Sports than the majority of other online gambling sites. What that means for you as a customer is that in the long run, you’ll save money.

When shopping for what game to bet on at Heritage Sports, you’ll notice that a lot of their games will be priced at -108 instead of the standard -110. While that might not seem like a lot when placing one bet, if you calculate over a season or a calendar year, that’s 20% that you’re saving on the amount of juice you pay. That makes a huge difference to your profit margin. If you’re looking to gamble online in Georgia, Heritage Sports is one of the best places to sign up. On top of the reduced juice, you get a sign-up bonus as well as generous perks for VIP players like cashback.


  • Reduced juice odds
  • Tons of live betting options
  • Easy-to-use betting interface
  • Cashback and additional promos


  • Does not have live poker room 
  • Signup bonus not as competitive due to reduced juice

3. Bovada: Best for Mobile Platform

Bovada Sportsbook

One of the things that makes Bovada one of the top choices for online sports betting in Georgia is the variety of its gaming options and promos. The promo codes at Bovada can provide a wide range of benefits and perks. Of course, they have one of the most trusted sportsbooks in the industry with very competitive lines. They also have one of the best poker rooms of any sportsbook in the industry.

Unlike casino gambling, you’ve got to wait a while for the results of a sports bet. For that reason, it’s very popular at land-based casinos where customers will head over to the table games to pass the time. With Bovada, you get the opportunity to gamble online in Georgia from the comfort of your home at a sportsbook, casino and even an online racetrack. All of that action is available to you on mobile as well which makes Bovada one of the biggest names in the industry.


  • One of the best poker rooms of any online sports betting site
  • Mobile offering one of the industry’s best
  • One of the biggest betting markets in the industry


  • Betting limits are lower than some online betting sites
  • Early betting lines not always available

4. BetOnline: Access to Early Lines

BetOnline Sportsbook

A very underrated feature of a sportsbook is how early they release their lines, which is one of the advantages of BetOnline. The value there is that the earlier you have access to the odds, the better price you are likely to get. The NFL is one of the most bet-on leagues in the world in terms of the overall handle. An example of how important BetOnline is in the industry is the fact that they release some of the earliest NFL betting lines.

BetOnline offers a huge range of popular sports and major leagues, including NBA, NFL and more. It is recognized for its user-friendly interface and high-quality live betting features, making it an ideal choice for both novice and experienced bettors. In addition to its sportsbook, BetOnline also hosts an impressive casino, offering a wide array of games to cater to all types of gamblers.

One of the key attractions of BetOnline is its generous bonus offers. New users are greeted with attractive welcome bonuses, and regular players can take advantage of the frequent BetOnline promo codes and the loyalty rewards. Sports bettors can enjoy high betting limits and rack up loyalty points for every wager they place.


  • Fast payouts
  • Large betting limits
  • Great software making for bettor user experience
  • Competitive odds


  • Reduced juice not available on all leagues
  • Prop bets market not as big as some competitors

5. BetAnySports: Reduced Juice Wagering

BetAnySport Sportsbook

How much you pay for your bets doesn’t just determine how much profit you make. It also has a huge effect on how much you need to win to turn a profit. At the average sportsbook, you pay -110 to make a bet. What that means is that in order to make a profit, you need to win at least 53% of the bets you make.

At BetAnySports, thanks to their reduced juice, the average odds are -105 which is 50% better than -110. What it also means is that instead of having to win 53% of your bets to make a profit, you only need to win 51.5%. Some of you might look at this and think that because it is less than 2%, it’s not a big deal. While you might be right when it comes to a small number of bets, the majority of people aren’t opening their accounts to make a few bets.

In the long run, it means you have to win more over the course of several seasons. Those margins add up the more you bet and if you want to play as much as possible, then having percentage points in your favor will be key to that. This platform not only includes an in-depth sports betting section but also an online casino, making it a one-stop hub for all gambling enthusiasts.

Due to the reduced wagering model, BetAnySports isn’t able to offer some of the generous bonuses that their competitors do. That is the one drawback of the reduced juice model. However, for most serious sports bettors, the reduced juice outweighs the deposit bonuses.


  • Reduced juice lines on sides and totals
  • -105 juice among industry’s best
  • Quick payouts have helped earn trusted reputation


  • Welcome bonus not as generous as some competitors
  • Interface is not as up-to-date as some competitors

6. BetUS: Best VIP Service


When you spend money at any establishment, you expect to receive VIP service for your continued loyalty. If you are a big depositing player, not just in terms of volume but longevity, you can expect to get red-carpet service and valuable promos at BetUS. That type of treatment isn’t only reserved for big players as their customer service departments are one of the biggest in the industry.

One of the other perks of signing up with BetUS is they have a very interactive marketing department. Their website has links to shows that they do on social media platforms. These shows are both entertaining and insightful. They provide you with the latest news in terms of betting odds on your favorite leagues as well as free picks. Make sure to check out BetUS if you’re looking to gamble online in Georgia.


  • Some of the best bonuses in the industry
  • Bonuses on reload deposits after initial signup bonuses
  • VIP customer service team
  • Esports betting hub with live streams available


  • Playthrough requirements on bonuses higher than some competitors
  • Early lines not available

7. WagerWeb: Best Top Bonuses

WagerWeb Sportsbook

Trust is a big part of the decision-making process when deciding what online sports betting sites you want to sign up at. Longevity goes a long way in that department and WagerWeb is one of the most trusted names in the industry for that reason. They launched back in 1994 and have built a solid reputation in the online sports betting market.

They did that by offering some of the most competitive lines while also paying out their customers in a very timely manner. They also offer reduced juice and some very competitive promo offers. With the amount of experience they have, you will be getting a top-notch experience in every aspect of your betting journey.

On top of the fantastic sportsbook, they also have a wonderful casino and a racebook as well. WagerWeb Casino is known for having some of the best bonuses available in the online market.


  • Reduced juice odds available
  • Fast payouts
  • Good selection of bonus offers


  • Only one free non-crypto withdrawal per month
  • Betting limits are lower than some competitors

8. JustBet: Great for Live Betting

JustBet Sportsbook

Live wagering is still relatively new but it’s clear to see if it is a big part of the future of online gambling. Let’s start with the fact that making a live wager is really only possible online. It’s also a new market which means more options.

A great example of that is the fact in the past, after the start of the second half in most sports, there would be no more available wagers. Live betting has completely changed that, giving you action up to virtually the last minute of the game. JustBet is way ahead of the curve with the amount of live bets that they offer.

Of course, they also offer competitive sign-up and reload bonuses as well as a fantastic loyalty program. They are a sister site of which is one of the most trusted names in the business. All in all, JustBet has everything that bettors in Georgia need to get action on their favorite teams.


  • Early betting lines for access to better odds
  • Great live sports betting market
  • High betting limits
  • Good welcome bonus


  • No poker room

9. Everygame: Slick Mobile Experience

The world we live in has gone mobile for a while now. There aren’t many things that you can do on your laptop or personal computer that you can’t do on your mobile phone. Online sports gambling is no exception and some betting sites are a little more advanced in that department than others.

This is very important if you like to play casino games. Everygame has a ton of casino options as their name would suggest. Not every online gambling site’s casino is compatible with mobile but again, Everygame is ahead of the curve in that department.

On top of regular casino games, Everygame has an excellent poker room as well. With their super competitive welcome and reload bonuses, this is the place for you if you like a slick design with competitive odds. Users can also take advantage of the promo codes at Everygame to gain bonus funds and other perks.


  • Betting market is bigger than most competitors
  • Offers sports leagues that a lot of competitors do not
  • Mobile interface is very modern


  • Account verification process slower than some competitors
  • Bonuses not as big as some competitors

10. GTBets: Best for Competitive Bonuses

GTBets Sportsbook

For a lot of customers, getting the biggest possible bonus is the determining factor of where they decide to sign up for an online betting account. GTBets has some of the best sign-up bonuses in the industry.

They have some very interesting promotions, especially their interactive favorite team bonus. You can essentially get a better line on your favorite team when wagering on the spread. On top of that, GTBets also offers reduced juice on certain spread bets as well. If you’re in Georgia, GTBets offers you a great gaming experience.


  • Earn a half point on your favorite team when betting spreads
  • Some reduced juice available
  • Customer service available 24/7


  • Playthrough requirements on bonuses higher than some online sportsbooks
  • Withdrawal fees are higher than some competitors

When will sports betting in Georgia be legalized?

Due to the fact that the last legislative session ended without lawmakers coming to an agreement, online gambling in Georgia will not be legal any time soon. There is good news however as lawmakers along with local sports franchises in Georgia are continuing to make the push for legalization. There are still a lot of details to work out and although some lawmakers feel like a constitutional amendment would be the best path toward gambling expansion, that doesn’t necessarily make it the fastest.

SR 135, which is the Georgia online gambling bill that sought to provide legal sports betting options via an amendment, was eventually gutted and replaced. Now lawmakers have a tough choice to make. If they truly believe the road to legalization for online wagering has to come via an amendment, the earliest they would be able to make that happen would be in November of 2024. That would mean that legalization and gambling expansion might not happen until 2025, which is not what sports betting fans in Georgia want to hear.

Another Path to Legalizing Sports Betting in Georgia is Possible

As sports betting fans, the best path to legal sports betting options is the fastest one. It’s not quite that simple in a conservative state like Georgia, so it’s understandable why those in government have chosen to go the route of seeking an amendment. Although speed is not their priority, those seeking to legalize online gambling in Georgia understand how much potential tax revenue they could make.

It’s not all bad news, though, as there is another path to legalization. The problem for people that have been fighting the good fight is that it would mean starting over again from scratch. As badly as they want online gambling legalized, that is a tough pill to swallow for no other reason than this is not the only issue on their respective plates.

Georgia Sports Betting Updates

Dotted with legislative pushes, postponements and conflicting viewpoints, the road to legal sports betting in Georgia has been complex so far.

  • February 2023: A new bill – House Bill 380 – is filed on February 13. The bill is backed by State Representative Marcus Wiedower.
  • January 2023: Georgia lawmakers plan to renew the efforts for the legalization of sports betting in the state. A poll released by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution indicates that only 37% of citizens disagree with the initiative. On January 31st, Senate Bill 57 is filed by Georgia legislators. The bill proposes to form a Georgia Sports Betting Commission, which would regulate both in-person and online wagering in the state.
  • August 2022: One of Governor Brian Kemp’s political opponents expresses support for sports betting in the state. Kemp says he is in no rush to expedite the process.
  • April 2022: Both SB 142 and SB 135 fail to go through after local lawmakers don’t vote on the first one and replaced the second one with a different bill. As was the case in 2021, the 2022 Georgia legislative session closed without a vote on SB 142 by lawmakers, which resulted in the bill being killed for a second time. SB 135 is also stripped and replaced by another bill on the House floor.
  • March 2022: SB 142 and SB 135 are amended by Rep. Ron Stephens. The amendment makes them eligible for passage in the last session of 2022.
  • March 2021: Senate passes SB 142. The Georgia Senate easily passed the sports betting constitutional amendment bill. This sends the bill to the Georgia House, where it faces a more difficult journey forward. SB 142 must be voted on by the Georgia legislative session before they close but that didn’t happen. As a result, the bill died and the issue of legal sports betting was closed for 2021. HB 86 also dies after being postponed multiple times.
  • February 2021: SB 142 is introduced to the Senate by Georgia lawmakers which would allow for a constitutional amendment. This would allow voters in Georgia to decide if they want legal sports betting.
  • January 2021: HB 86 is introduced to the House by Georgia lawmakers. This bill would give the Georgia Lottery authority to manage legal sports betting.

As 2024 unfolds with new bills on the table, Georgia stands at a crossroads, with the potential to reshape its sports betting scene. However, only time will tell what the state legislature will decide.

How to Bet on Sports in Georgia

With the current situation in Georgia, in order to bet on sports, you will need to sign up with an offshore sportsbook. We’ve made that easier to do with the 100+ ratings we have of the top offshore betting sites.

You’ll find that these top-rated offshore online betting sites have been servicing customers in Georgia for years and offer multiple types of gambling, such as NFL prop bets, MLB futures, NHL pucklines and much more. All you need to do on your end is decide what perks are most important to you before registering at one of the sportsbooks we recommend.

Compare the Best Georgia Betting Sites & Sportsbooks

Below, you will see our top 10 recommended sites for online sports betting in Georgia, along with their ratings, accepted payment methods and a link to a comprehensive review for each betting site. 

Sportsbook Rating Online Since Payment Methods Read Review
BookMaker101996Credit Card, Bitcoin, P2P, Review
Heritage Sports102001Credit Card, Bitcoin, Cashiers Check, Bank Transfer, P2PHeritage Sports Review
Bovada102011Credit Card, BitcoinBovada Review
BetOnline102001Credit Card, Bitcoin, Crypto, Cashiers Check, Bank Transfer, P2PBetOnline Review
BetAnySports102002Credit Card, Bitcoin, Electronic CheckBetAnySports Review
Everygame101996Credit Card, Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer, P2PEverygame Review
WagerWeb9.51994Credit Card, Bitcoin, Cashiers Check, Bank Transfer, P2PWagerWeb Review
JustBet9.52000Credit Card, Bitcoin, P2P, CryptoJustBet Review
BetUS9.32000Credit Card, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, P2PBetUS Review

Our team has rated BookMaker, Heritage Sports, Bovada, BetOnline and BetAnySports with an A+, which is the highest possible grade.

Features to Look for at the Best Georgia Sportsbooks

In Georgia, all the best sportsbooks share a variety of attributes that set the apart from the competition.

Fast Payouts

Nobody wants to deposit money at an offshore sportsbook if they aren’t certain they can get it back in a timely manner. One of the key components to these offshore sportsbooks getting a top rating for us is how fast they pay out their customers. You can be sure that all of the sites that have a high rating with us take getting your money to you quickly very seriously.

Another feature you can count on with the online gambling sites that get a good rating from us is that they have several ways to pay you. You can request your funds via bank transfer depending on your financial institution and the sportsbook you pick. Those of you that want your money as fast as possible without having to deal with the bank can get your sportsbook winning via cryptocurrency. The best part about that is you can also deposit via cryptocurrency and it has a much higher success rate than credit cards.

Competitive Wagering Odds

When making any bet, the price you pay has a lot to do with your decision-making process. You might want to bet on your favorite team but if the price you’re being offered is too high, you’re unlikely to go through with it. That scenario usually happens with a lack of competition in the market. There are hundreds of offshore sportsbooks which means that the best ones have no choice but to offer the most competitive lines. That’s good news for you because it’s such an essential part of maximizing your profits.

Mobile-Friendly Betting Options

If you’re familiar with the current sports betting landscape in the U.S., then you’ll be aware that among the states that have already legalized it, it has not been possible to maximize profits without mobile betting as an option. Due to offshore sportsbooks not having physical locations in Georgia, mobile wagering is available. Let’s face it, why would you want to drive to make a legal sports bet on your favorite team when you can just do it on your phone?

High-Quality Customer Service

The top-rated online gambling sites understand how important the customer service aspect of their business is. For that reason, you can expect most of them to have service 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. Depending on where you decide to register, you can communicate with them via phone, live chat or email.

Bonuses and Promotions

All of the sportsbooks that receive a top rating from us provide customers with amazing sign-up bonuses. It doesn’t end there as they also provide customers with reload bonuses, which is one of the perks of playing with offshore gambling sites. With so much competition in the market, they are constantly trying to one-up each other to the benefit of sports betting fans. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of any promotion you take regardless of what sportsbook it is.

Georgia Betting Guides

If you’re a Georgia bettor and want to learn more about the state’s other forms of gambling and where to place your wagers, we recommend taking a look at our betting guides below. 

FAQs Online Sports Betting in Georgia

Does Georgia have legalized sports betting?

No, sports betting legislation was introduced but sports fans will have to wait until the next legislative session to see if the bills will have any success. For now, sites operating outside the United States accept customers in Georgia.

Will sports betting be legal in Georgia?

Some efforts have been made to change Georgia’s gambling laws but it is hard to say when locally-regulated sports wagering will become a reality. Until the state gets its own licensed sportsbooks, players can use offshore sports betting sites.

Is DraftKings available in Georgia?

You can use DraftKings for daily fantasy sports in Georgia; however, they are not authorized to offer legal wagering on sports.

How do I bet on sports if I live in Georgia?

Whether you want to bet on your favorite college sports or professional teams in Georgia, you can do so using an offshore sportsbook. Our top-rated options have competitive odds, exciting bonuses and more.

Does Georgia have a sportsbook?

The current gambling laws in Georgia prohibit in-person sports betting so there are no venues for retail betting. Residents in Georgia can use an online offshore sportsbook that is based outside of the United States.

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  • Proposed Maryland Legislation Seeks to Prohibit On-Campus Betting Statewide

    Proposed Maryland Legislation Seeks to Prohibit On-Campus Betting Statewide

    Del. Pamela Queen’s bill (HB 1087) aims to ban on-campus betting in Maryland, requiring geofencing and policy postings by August 1, 2024. Concurrently, Rep. Vanessa Atterbeary introduces a bill (HB 1319) for 12 online casino licenses, signaling potential transformations in Maryland’s gambling industry.