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Africa Cup of Nations Odds & Lines

The Africa Cup of Nations, also known as AFCON, is the premier international soccer competition in Africa held by the Confederation of African Football. There are 54 national teams eligible to qualify for the competition that takes place every two years, but the African team who's most successful in the tournament's history is Egypt (7 continental titles).

Today, we'll take a closer look at this African football tournament and how you can arm yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills to bet on AFCON.

Understanding African Cup of Nations Odds & Betting Lines

From South Africa and Morocco to Equatorial Guinea, all African nations attempt to qualify for AFCON based on the qualification process laid out by the Confederation of African Football. And where there's competitive soccer, you know the betting odds aren't far behind.

Understanding the basic premise of soccer betting odds is crucial, and if you're unfamiliar with how AFCON odds and betting lines are read, we're here to assist you.

The three primary betting odds formats are:

  • American (+100)
  • Decimal (2.00)
  • Fractional (1/1)

For today's example, we will use the American odds format. They're the simplest to learn and are the most commonly used odds format in North America.

It doesn't matter if you're wagering on a team to win, an African player to score or an African football match to end 0-0; all of the odds you discover in AFCON betting markets will be labeled with a (-) or (+) when using the American odds format.

The (-) symbol represents the favorite, and they own a probability chance of success at 51% or higher. The minus symbol and the number next to it represent how much a bettor can win from a $100 stake. So, for Senegal to win at -150 odds, this would return $100 for every $150 bet.

Underdog betting odds are labeled with the (+) symbol; they reveal how much can be won from a $100 stake and own a probability chance of success at 50% or lower. So, Egypt, to win at +150 odds, would return $150 profit for every $100 bet.

Popular AFCON Betting Markets

Before wagering on an AFCON soccer match, you'll want to discover the perfect betting markets. Some players enjoy future odds, such as which team will win the AFCON tournament or which key players will score the most goals.

The most sought-after AFCON betting markets include player props, moneyline wagers, team props and totals.

  • Moneyline: Pick a winner
  • Three-way moneyline:Bet on the team you expect to win or bet the draw
  • Totals: Bet over or under the total number of goals scored
  • Handicap betting: The same as spread betting, where goals are deducted or added to the end score
  • Team props: You bet on a team's performance, such as goals or cards
  • Player props: Find individual player markets such as anytime goalscorer or shots taken

Regarding the league competition, bettors love to approach the totals market. African teams are renowned for low-scoring affairs, thus making the under 1.5 and 2.5 total goals or individual team totals a great betting proposition.

Africa Cup of Nations Betting Trends

Betting trends are the volume of wagers placed at a sportsbook, whether on one specific winner or total. Viewing the public betting trends, which are also referred to as betting percentages, can assist bettors in their decision-making. When betting odds in favor of public opinion, it's known as the consensus pick, but many handicappers find success in fading the public.

The alternative version of a betting trend represents the statistics of how two teams perform. Bettors can use these comparisons to highlight patterns of a successful team and then bet accordingly. For example, if Senegal has been involved in five consecutive games that delivered less than three goals, the under 2.5 goals market would be a trend for this team.

AFCON Betting Strategies & Tips

Before wagering on any major tournament for soccer, a good rule of thumb is to understand the basics of sports betting. Placing random bets with online sportsbooks isn't going to give you an opportunity for long-term betting success.

Here are our top 5 tips to consider before betting on the AFCON:

  • Bankroll management – Keep stakes consistent, set aside a bankroll, and bet 1-5% per game.
  • Research – Stay updated on the current trends, form, important players and team news.
  • Find the best prices – Line shopping is imperative for long-term success.
  • Accept losses – Losing can be tough, but it's part of the game. Don't chase lost money.
  • Gamble responsibly – Only bet what you can afford to lose.

You don't have to be in the stadium to bet on Ghana in the knockout stage or any other national team in the AFCON matches. You can bet with an online sportsbook from the comfort of your home while watching a live stream of the game. Whatever your preferred method of wagering is, utilizing our tips above will help you in your betting endeavors. 

FAQs – Africa Cup of Nations Odds & Betting Lines

Who is the most successful AFCON team?

Senegal is the current AFCON champion, but Egypt takes the crown as the most successful, with seven tournament victories in their history. Most notably, Egypt won three unprecedented titles in 2006, 2008 and 2010.

When does the African Cup of Nations take place?

The African Cup of Nations takes place every two years. The next AFCON tournament will be played in Ivory Coast in 2024.

When do oddsmakers release their AFCON odds to bettors?

Once the teams and groups have been drawn for the AFCON competition, oddsmakers will begin realizing future wagers and more. They are often released months in advance of the competition's start date.

Is betting on AFCON with an online sportsbook or mobile app safe?

Providing you use a reputable and trustworthy operator, the answer is yes. All of the sportsbooks recommended and reviewed by our experts are 100% safe, as their websites and betting apps operate behind multiple layers of safety.