Michigan Online Gambling in 2024

Online gambling in Michigan has been legal since January 2021. There is a wide selection of options for those looking for sports betting sites or online casino operators; we’ve made this guide to help you find the best choice for your online gaming.

Michigan players have been gambling online via state-licensed casinos as well as offshore online casino sites for years. Offshore sites cater to several types of players from around the world and allow you to bet on sports, play online casino games like slots, play poker and other table games or get access to the top race tracks from around the world.

Although we provide a summary of why our betting experts chose these sites as the best online gambling options in Michigan, later in this guide we have included links to more in-depth reviews of these brands.

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Most veteran online gamblers know what type of player they are through experience. If you don’t have much online gambling experience, there are several things to take into consideration when choosing which offshore sportsbooks are best for you to gamble online in Michigan.

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself if you aren’t sure what type of player you are:

  • Are bonuses a priority? 
  • Are you aware that bonuses come with certain restrictions before you can cash out?
  • Do you prefer Michigan online gambling sites that offer reduced juice?
  • Is access to early odds a priority when online sports betting?
  • Do you prefer 24-hour customer service?
  • Are fast payouts a priority?
  • Do you prefer online casinos that have a real-life dealer?

After answering these questions, you will have a better idea of what services to look for on an online betting site.

Certain sports betting sites will be better at some of these services than others so answering what the priorities are for you will go a long way in terms of making the right choice.

Best Michigan Online Gambling Sites 2024

Our rating system for choosing the best offshore sportsbooks in Michigan is based on what our betting experts believe are essential services.

This includes things like the size of the betting market, the availability of their customer service team, deposit and payout options and, of course, security and reputation.

Below is a list of the top ten online gambling sites for Michigan as chosen by our team of industry experts:

  1. Bookmaker – Releases early odds for a huge list of markets
  2. Heritage Sports – Reduced juice saves you mean on your bets 
  3. Bovada – The best online platform for poker players
  4. BetOnline – Market setter in the NFL
  5. BetAnySports – One of the best reduced juice brands
  6. BetUS – Best welcome bonus in the gaming industry
  7. WagerWeb – Lots of perks for crypto depositors
  8. JustBet – Big bettors enjoy big wager limits
  9. Everygame – Fantastic live betting options
  10. SportsBetting – Cash bonuses available

Is online gambling legal in Michigan?

Online gambling in Michigan has been legal since January 2021. You can bet sports, poker, horse racing, Daily Fantasy Sports and play online casino games legally in the state of Michigan. If you factor in offshore sites, there is no shortage of options for the Michigan bettor. In fact, we feel that offshore sites will offer you the best betting experience possible due to everything that they offer to their customers. They have multiple options for deposits and withdrawals, a variety of gambling markets (including sports betting, online slot titles and other casino games and even niche betting markets) and generous bonuses.

You won’t be able to find such a wide variety of legal gambling options at brick-and-mortar locations or even at state-regulated online sites.

The Best Michigan Gambling Site Reviews

Our betting experts have signed up for accounts at over 100 of these online casino sites and have provided a list of the ten best in Michigan.

Below is a summary of why you should consider each of these brands. Your personal preferences as a player will attract you to specific brands. If you find yourself unable to decide between two or more brands, there’s no reason you can’t open multiple accounts before settling on your favorite. 

The value of having more than one account is that you can line shop. Different sportsbooks might have different prices for the same events. There might also be bonuses that you like at one but the poker room at another site has better traffic.

The point here is having more than one account can be beneficial depending on what services you prefer. 

1. Bookmaker: A Brand Name You Can Trust


One of the reasons online gamblers in Michigan continue to choose Bookmaker.eu is because they are a brand you can trust. All of their offerings are available at an elite level which is why they appear at the top of most lists for the best online gambling options. Additionally, sharp bettors are welcomed at Bookmaker which is not the case with the majority of online betting sites.

As a business model, most sportsbooks stay away from professionals, also known in the industry as sharp players. The reason for this is obvious; sharp players tend to make a profit which means a loss for sportsbooks.

The thing is, sharp players have to play somewhere and the biggest sportsbook in the world does accept their action because they have one of the best odds department. That’s why they are amongst the first sportsbooks to release their lines.

For anyone looking for a trusted brand to sign up with, it stands to reason that anywhere that is good enough for a professional player would be good enough for all players. In addition to their wide variety of bonuses and promos, they also have one of the best loyalty programs in the industry.

  • Sharp action is welcomed
  • Odds released early for better available prices
  • Signup bonuses not as generous as some competitors

2. Heritage Sports: Save Money On Your Bets

Heritage Sports homepage

Saving money is a concept that appeals to everyone regardless of the situation. This is why so many players in Michigan continue to sign up with Heritage Sports. They have a reduced juice business model where the price you get on spread and totals is -108 while the industry standard is -110.

What that means for you is every time you make a spread or total bet at Heritage Sports, you are paying 20% less than most other sports. While this isn’t the only reason to have an account at Heritage Sports, it’s most certainly a strong starting point.

Heritage Sports also has one of the industry’s best live betting markets. Slowly but surely, live betting is becoming one of the most popular forms of betting, so a site that offers a wide selection of live betting opportunities is a plus.

If you sign up at Heritage Sports, you’ll have access to all of the action while paying less than you would at some competitors. This also translates into one of the best promos in the industry with the reduced juice cash-back program.

  • Reduced juice equals long-term savings
  • Live betting market one of industry’s best
  • Bonuses lower than competitors due to reduced juice model

3. Bovada: Busiest Poker Room in America Has Tons of Action

Bovada Sportsbook Homepage

When Bovada says that they have America’s busiest poker room, that’s more than just a slogan. They deliver on that because they are a part of the biggest poker network for U.S. players. That network services several countries all over the world, with the U.S. and Australia being the two biggest.

With the large time difference between all of the countries that they service, the poker room really is busy no matter what time of day or night you log in. Online gamblers in Michigan have been playing poker online with Bovada at home or on the go for years. Their very sleek mobile betting design allows players to stay connected and to enjoy online casino gambling and sports betting no matter where they are.

Speaking of sports betting, if that is your preference, then Bovada has you covered with one of the industry’s most diverse markets. It obviously offers all of the major sports leagues with a great live betting market to go with it in addition to a wide variety of niche and international markets. Where Bovada really stands out is with its props market, which is certainly among the best in the business.

The thing that Michigan online gamblers like the most about Bovada is that it is always innovative with its offerings. Their casino platform is a standout due to the fact that the user experience on mobile and desktop is virtually identical. That is not the case with a lot of online betting sites. The consistency of the user experience with Bovada is something that customers really appreciate. Plus, the promo codes at Bovada can be used to get exclusive benefits.

  • Poker Room is busy at all times
  • Great props market
  • Odds not published as early as some competitors

4. BetOnline: Early Odds Will Help you Make Money

BetOnline Homepage

With over two decades of industry experience, BetOnline knows what it takes in order to keep players happy. The NFL is one of the world’s biggest markets and BetOnline is a market setter as the best NFL sportsbook in the industry.

The easiest way to explain why that’s a perk for anyone with an account at BetOnline is the fact that most sportsbooks copy lines from market setters depending on the sport. With the NFL being one of the most bet-on leagues in the world, being a market setter is a big deal. It also means savings and potential gambling winnings for you because you are getting the price before it moves.

This is the key point here, as the majority of sportsbooks only post a line after sharp action has been put into place. If you get access to the lines early, you immediately have access to the best prices.

When judging how good a mobile platform is, you have to compare it to the desktop version. The closer the two are, the better the mobile offering. If you are gambling online in Michigan with BetOnline, then you’ll appreciate the quality of their mobile offerings.

More than 80% of sports bets in the U.S. come via a mobile device. Eventually, most online betting sites will have a mobile offering that is as good as the desktop version of the site but that still isn’t the case. BetOnline certainly delivers in that department. That’s not all BetOnline has going for it either, as they offer some top-notch bonuses to customers. There are also a number of promo codes at BetOnline that new and existing customers can take advantage of.


  • Provides fast payouts
  • Great selection of casino games including popular titles
  • Live streaming of major sporting events


  • High withdrawal fee on certain payout methods
  • Limited prop bets
BetAnySports Homepage

The reduced juice model is hard to beat and BetAnySports really excels in this regard. The standard juice on a spread or total is -110. BetAnySports saves Michigan online gamblers 50% over most of the competition by offering -105 juice. The less you spend on juice, the more money you have to make additional bets, and that’s a benefit that’s pretty difficult to beat. As with most reduced juice sites, BetAnySports doesn’t have bonuses that are as competitive as other casino gambling and sports betting sites in this guide.

The most important thing to understand is that reduced juice makes it impossible to offer the same types of bonuses as other brands. Sportsbooks protect themselves from getting too exposed to these bonuses by putting minimum play-through requirements.

With reduced juice, you’re getting more betting power because you’re spending less money to make bets. The difference is that the benefit of reduced juice is seen in the long run while, with bonuses, you’re getting a lump sum immediately, such as is the case with a deposit bonus or a sign-up bonus. Bonuses might seem more appealing at face value but because of the required play-through or other wagering requirements, reduced juice might have just as much value.


  • Best reduced juice offering in the market
  • Elite-level customer service


  • Site design could be improved
  • Smaller bonuses than other online options

6. BetUS: Bonuses Are Bigger and Better

BetUS homepage

A market is only as strong as its options and BetUS has no shortage of options for the best promos in the industry. They can make that claim because their bonuses are consistently bigger than the competition. It is also really hard to find any online casinos or sports betting sites that offer the amount of variety with their bonuses as BetUS does.

There’s a 125% sign-up bonus that is split between the sportsbook and the casino. There’s also a nice 200% bonus for crypto depositors. That one is also split between the sportsbook and the casino, with 150% going to sports and 50% to casino games. We don’t like that the bonuses are being split, but you can get a 250% casino bonus of up to $5,000. In terms of the sportsbook, there are too many of them to list here, which is why Michigan gamblers who love bonuses enjoy their BetUS account so much.

Finally, everyone needs assistance from time to time and BetUS really delivers here. Their customer service team is available 24/7 via phone, live chat, or email. Real-time responses in the online gambling industry are so important to the user experience. There are few things as frustrating as a situation where you can’t get in on some action because of a pending unresolved issue.

Casino players really appreciate this more than most because, unlike sports, casinos are not dependent on a starting time. Sporting events are finite while you can play in the casino as long as you can stay awake in theory, therefore getting your issues resolved in real time really makes or breaks your user experience.


  • Generous bonuses
  • Plenty of gambling markets and options
  • 24/7 customer service


  • High minimums on deposit matches

7. WagerWeb: Crypto a Big Part of Gambling’s Future

WagerWeb Homepage

Cryptocurrency is a big feature at WagerWeb, but they aren’t alone here. The fact of the matter is cryptocurrency has the highest success rate out of all of the commonly accepted options for deposits and withdrawals.

This is one of the many reasons the gambling industry is making a push toward crypto. Higher success rates considering a crypto transaction will go through 100% of the time if the funds are available. With no third-party involvement like banks and credit card companies, you get your money hassle-free. The other benefit as previously mentioned is payouts. Getting fast payouts is an integral part of having the best online casino experience possible.

Cryptocurrency is the way to go for both getting money in and taking it out and it’s nice to know that at WagerWeb, you get rewarded for using that method.

WagerWeb is a part of the same group as Heritage Sports and, as such, they use the same -108 juice model. It’s always nice to save 20% on your average wager and our betting experts confirmed that WagerWeb also offers very fast payouts with a ton of options.

There are also bonus options that are surprisingly good for a brand that offers reduced juice. A lot of Michigan players have been enjoying their user experience with WagerWeb and, with so many offerings and benefits, it’s easy to see why.

  • Quick payouts
  • Reduced juice of -108
  • No poker room on mobile platform

8. JustBet: User-Friendly Mobile Gambling Experience

JustBet Sportsbook Homepage

The offerings at JustBet are consistent across the board, and Michigan players really like how both the desktop and mobile versions of the site are extremely user-friendly. If you’re a big bettor, the limits at JustBet have you covered. 

JustBet is part of the same group as Bookmaker.eu, so the all-around service will be top-notch for all of their offerings. They provide great additional perks for crypto depositors as well, including a wide selection of sign-up bonus options for new users.

  • Early lines available
  • Nice perks for crypto users
  • Poker not available on mobile platform

9. Everygame: Michigan Bettors Both the Casino & Sportsbook

Everygame Sportsbook Homepage

The casino offerings at Everygame are very popular among Michigan’s online gamblers. They use some of the top casino providers to give their users a ton of options, including their favorite titles. Their mobile platform also makes it easy to enjoy playing in their casino while on the go.

Their main offering is the sportsbook and, as the name suggests, they offer action in a variety of markets. This company was rebranded back in 2021 but has years of industry experience to fall back on. For fans of parlay bets, Everygame has some interesting parlay promotions that you will certainly enjoy. The use of Everygame promo codes can unlock additional perks as well.


  • Great mobile platform
  • Huge casino games offering


  • Bonuses are not as generous as with some other books
  • Certain payment methods take over 10 days to complete

10. SportsBetting: High Betting Limits & Great Bonuses

Sportsbetting Homepage

It is a rare occurrence for any business to have a better mobile platform than what they offer on the desktop version. Considering that 80% of wagers in the U.S. are made via a mobile device, that should not be the case for the online gambling industry.

That’s one of the many reasons why so many of Michigan’s online gamblers have been signing up at SportsBetting. As part of the same group as BetOnline, it shouldn’t be surprising that they offer superior service. Having one of the best mobile offerings in the industry is a huge benefit to all of their players.

They also have some of the biggest betting limits in online gambling. As you would imagine, that attracts a lot of VIP players, which means even recreational players enjoy an elite level of service as a SportsBetting customer. There are also some generous bonuses available.

  • One of the industry’s best mobile offering
  • Betting limits are higher than industry average
  • Credit card deposits come with fees

Comparing the Best Michigan Online Gambling Sites

Our chart gives you a different perspective on which Michigan gambling site might be the best for you.

SportsbookRatingOnline SincePayment MethodsRead Review
Bookmaker101996Credit Card, Bitcoin, P2P, CryptoBookmaker Review
Heritage Sports102001Credit Card, Bitcoin, Cashiers Check, Bank Transfer, P2PHeritage Sports Review
Bovada102011Credit Card, BitcoinBovada Review
BetOnline102001Credit Card, Bitcoin, Crypto, Cashiers Check, Bank Transfer, P2PBetOnline Review
BetAnySports102002Credit Card, Bitcoin, Electronic CheckBetAnySports Review
BetUS9.32000Credit Card, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, P2PBetUS Review
WagerWeb9.51994Credit Card, Bitcoin, Cashiers Check, Bank Transfer, P2PWagerWeb Review
JustBet9.52000Credit Card, Bitcoin, P2P, CryptoJustBet Review
Everygame101996Credit Card, Bitcoin, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfer, P2PEverygame Review
SportsBetting9.52002Credit Card, Bitcoin, Crypto, Cashiers Check, Bank Transfer, P2PSportsBetting Review

Bookmaker.eu, Heritage Sports, Bovada and BetOnline each have an A+ rating with our industry experts.

What should Michigan bettors look for in an online gambling site?

Most veteran online gamblers know what type of player they are through experience. If you don’t have much online gambling experience, there are several important factors to take into consideration when choosing which offshore casinos and sportsbooks are best for you to gamble online in Michigan.

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself if you aren’t sure what type of player you are:

  • Are bonuses a priority?
  • Are you aware that bonuses come with certain restrictions before you can cash out?
  • Do you prefer Michigan online gambling sites that offer reduced juice?
  • Is access to early odds a priority when online sports betting?
  • What deposit method do you prefer?
  • Do you prefer 24-hour customer service?
  • Are fast payouts a priority?
  • Do you prefer live dealer casino games that feature a human dealer?

After answering these questions, you will have a better idea of what services to look for when comparing online gambling platforms. 

Certain sports betting sites will be better at some of these services than others so answering what the priorities are for you will go a long way in terms of making the right choice.

Here is a list of questions to ask yourself if you aren’t sure what type of player you are:

  • Are bonuses a priority?
  • Are you aware that bonuses come with certain restrictions before you can cash out?
  • Do you prefer Michigan online gambling sites that offer reduced juice?
  • Is access to early odds a priority when online sports betting?
  • What deposit method do you prefer?
  • Do you prefer 24-hour customer service?
  • Are fast payouts a priority?
  • Do you prefer live dealer casino games that feature a human dealer?

After answering these questions, you will have a better idea of what services to look for when comparing online gambling platforms. 

Certain sports betting sites will be better at some of these services than others so answering what the priorities are for you will go a long way in terms of making the right choice.

Online Sports Betting in the State of Michigan

Since both betting online and betting at a retail sportsbook are legal in Michigan, getting action on your favorite local team is easy. The most popular of Michigan’s sports teams would be the Michigan Wolverines unless you’re a Michigan Spartans fan, then you might disagree. Whoever your favorite team is, whether it’s NFL, NBA, MLB or the NCAA, you can bet all of it online in Michigan legally.

Because you have the option of using state-regulated sportsbooks or using offshore sportsbooks for online gambling, you have access to a wide variety of betting markets and betting opportunities.

Offshore Online Gambling in Michigan 

Many online gamblers in Michigan choose offshore sites because they offer several services under the same roof. Being able to bet on sports, poker, horse racing and casino games with one account is certainly more convenient than having an account for each of these betting markets.

One of the perks of having everything available with one account is that you can win real money playing one and then use that balance to gamble in a different market. If you have a poker-only site for example, if you bust out (lose all of your available balance), your only option is to re-deposit. A lot of people that play at offshore sites have sports bets pending that they eventually win and transfer to their poker or casino balance and vice versa. This is a common occurrence and is certainly more convenient for those of you that like multiple forms of gambling.

Another perk of offshore sites is that they do not fall under state and federal jurisdiction since they are located offshore. That means that requirements that are mandatory for regulated sportsbooks do not apply to offshore sites. They have a wide selection of sports that may not be available stateside and provide more options for online casino gaming.

In any state that has regulated sportsbooks, your gambling winnings could take you into a different tax bracket, which a lot of players aren’t aware of. Sports betting winnings are taxed at a rate of 4.5% in the state of Michigan. 

Payment Processes at Michigan’s Best Online Gambling Sites

The ability to put money in and take it out with ease is a big component of a good playing experience. You can’t play if you can’t get money in and you won’t enjoy winning very much if you can’t get money out. All the online betting sites that we have recommended in this list have a lot of deposit and withdrawal options to keep you satisfied.

Using a debit card or credit card can take several business days. However, some sites allow instant transactions when you use crypto. Keep in mind to check if a specific site is currently offering a deposit bonus or if they offer bonus money that you can use for your online casino gaming.

Deposit Options at Online Gambling Sites

  • Major Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
  • Bank transfers
  • Wire transfers
  • Peer to Peer transfers (P2P)
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Digital Wallets

Withdrawal Options at Online Gambling Sites

  • Bank transfer
  • Wire transfers
  • Peer to Peer transfers (P2P)

Laws Regarding Online Gambling in Michigan

Gambling was legalized in Michigan in 2019. Sports betting launched in 2020.

Online sports betting, poker, horse racing, and online daily fantasy launched in January of 2021.

The Evolution of Michigan Casinos and Sports Betting

  • 2023: In January, the local casinos in the area report a record-breaking total revenue of over $100 million. However, regulated sportsbooks didn’t fare as well and only generated $111,000 in revenue.
  • January 2021: Michigan lawmakers pass legislation legalizing online casino gaming, online sports betting and online poker. The new law also expands gambling options at land-based casinos.
  • December 2019: Michigan lawmakers pass legislation to legalize sports betting and online gambling, but the bill is vetoed by the state’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer.
  • 2019: The Lawful Internet Gaming Act is introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives, which would legalize online gambling and sports betting.
  • 1996: Michigan voters approve Proposal E, which amends the state constitution to allow for the operation of three casinos in Detroit.
  • 1993: The Michigan Gaming Control and Revenue Act is signed into law, which creates the Michigan Gaming Control Board and allows for the regulation of casino gambling in the state.

Online Gambling Michigan Sites: What are the advantages?

Below, we’ll explore a few reasons why so many Michigan online gamblers choose to bet with an offshore online sportsbook instead of a land-based casino.

Variety of the Offerings

Having multiple services with one account is the most obvious advantage. These are services you can use simultaneously as well. While you wait for a sports wager to be finished, for example, you can choose to play poker while you wait.

There’s also the size of the markets and the offerings. While regulated sportsbooks do a great job with local markets, the sports betting world has gone global these days. Local American sports channels now have deals with major soccer leagues from around the world. Tennis is one of the most bet-on sports in the world but might not crack the top five in terms of popularity with U.S. bettors. Golf is also hugely popular, but the odds at offshore sites are consistently better because they have players from all over the world.

Most sportsbooks in America offer better odds on sports like soccer, tennis, golf and Formula 1, all sports that are still relatively popular in the U.S., especially among gamblers.

There are also online casinos that sports betting sites operate. They offer an impressive selection of table games, including live dealer games. Poker players can find regular tournaments. Casino operators also offer online slots, with popular titles you can find in physical casinos. 

Promos & Bonus Codes Are Better

Two brands dominate the regulated sportsbook market in the United States. There are several more, but the bonuses being offered by state-regulated online gambling sites simply can’t compete with the online casino bonus codes offered by offshore sportsbooks.

The offshore sites pay varying degrees of taxes on their earnings to the state that are significantly higher than what offshore sites pay in their respective jurisdictions. For that reason, regulated sites can’t offer the same level of bonus because the tax rate makes their profit margins much smaller. In fact, most regulated sites in the U.S. give sportsbooks a discount on bonus money for tax purposes for the first few years to help ease the tax burden.

Sports betting sites always have at least one active bonus running at a time. You can benefit from a deposit bonus code (or deposit match bonus) when you make your initial deposit and a reload bonus code when you add more funds. These sites each also have their own versions of rewards programs or loyalty programs. These loyalty programs often have different tiers with better rewards the higher your tier.

These rewards programs from legal casino sites don’t have specific wagering requirements; instead, as you play online casino games and place the wagers you want on your favorite sports, you’ll build your bonus bank.

It is legal to gamble for real money online in Michigan in several ways under the state’s sports betting law and online gambling law.

Online sports betting and online casino gaming are both legal. You can play real money games or bet on your favorite sports.

Offshore betting sites have been legal for decades in Michigan. They have more options than physical locations and the fewer restrictions mean that these sites have a better selection of games and sports bets. You can also bet on esports and politics.

Online casino gambling is legal in Michigan and is very popular with bettors. With hundreds of slot titles to choose from in addition to video poker and other popular table games, you will be able to get an enjoyable online casino experience with an online casino app or site.

The Best Michigan Online Casino Site

There isn’t one site that’s head and shoulders above the rest because that is determined by personal preference. Instead, we’ve given you the top 10, which consistently perform at the highest level as defined by the criteria outlined in this guide. 

On that note, our experts rated Bookmaker.eu as the overall best option for online casino players and bettors in Michigan.

FAQs – Online Gambling in the State of Michigan

Can I legally gamble online in Michigan?

You can gamble online legally as a resident of Michigan State through state-licensed sportsbooks, mobile casino apps and offshore online sportsbooks under the state’s online gambling laws. You can enjoy online slots, legal sports betting, horse race betting and all other popular forms of gambling available in the online casino industry.

When did Michigan allow online gambling?

Bettors in Michigan have been able to enjoy gambling online since December 2019. Retail sports betting has been legal in Michigan since 1996.

How many online gambling sites are in Michigan?

With access to both state-regulated gambling sites (such as FanDuel Casino, Caesars Casino and DraftKings Casino) and offshore gambling sites, Michigan State has literally hundreds of online casinos and betting sites available. This means Michigan bettors have easy access to all of the most popular games, including video poker, slot machines and legal sports betting.

Are online casinos safe?

Yes, all of the casino operators we have reviewed are fully licensed in the location they operate from. All of the sportsbooks and casino providers that we review are completely secure and have a history of paying out on time.

What is the most legitimate online gambling site?

All of our top picks for the best online gambling sites in Michigan State are legitimate gambling sites, with Bookmaker.eu being the stand-out pick as the best Michigan casino and sportsbook online from our casino review.

How do taxes work for online gambling in Michigan?

Taxes on online casino winnings works the same as any other source of income in Michigan State. You will need to report any and all winnings when you file your taxes, and you will have to pay taxes on those winnings dependent on your tax bracket.

What is the legal gambling age in Michigan?

The legal gambling age in Michigan is 18 years old at most tribal casinos, while commercial casinos have an age requirement of 21. This is due to the fact that they serve alcohol. Offshore sportsbooks have a legal gambling age of 18.

  • Tribes and Tracks Disagree on Historical Horse Racing and Sports Betting in Minnesota  

    Tribes and Tracks Disagree on Historical Horse Racing and Sports Betting in Minnesota  

    Minnesota’s historic horse racing terminals face an uncertain future as lawmakers debate a bill to overturn their approval. Despite receiving initial regulatory approval, opposition from Democrats and tribal groups could jeopardize their implementation. The outcome may also impact discussions around legalizing sports betting in the state.

  • End of the Road in 2024 for Maryland’s Online Casino Bill

    End of the Road in 2024 for Maryland’s Online Casino Bill

    In a surprising turn, Maryland’s Senate chose not to pursue the online casino bill, delaying legalization until 2026. Opposition from senators, concerns about problem gambling, and fears of job losses in physical casinos led to the bill’s demise.

  • Senate to Determine the Future of Online Casino Bill in Maine

    Senate to Determine the Future of Online Casino Bill in Maine

    Maine’s House of Representatives narrowly voted against granting exclusive online gambling rights to the Wabanaki tribes, contradicting a previous legislative decision. The bill’s defeat raises concerns about market fairness and potential job losses in existing casinos. The legislation now moves to the State Senate for further review.

  • Virginia’s ‘Skill Games’ Machines Face Increased Regulation

    Virginia’s ‘Skill Games’ Machines Face Increased Regulation

    Virginia’s Governor Youngkin aims to legalize skill games while imposing stringent regulations. His proposed changes include higher taxes, local bans, and limiting game locations, sparking controversy. The General Assembly faces decisions on these amendments in April, with implications for small businesses and the gaming industry.