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If you are interested in getting the latest college football odds at all of the best online sportsbooks then you have come to the right place. Bookmakers Review (BMR) has a unique platform for our readers and it is designed to illustrate the vast array of college football odds before the games kick as well as line movements, matchups, venues of each event and, of course, the NCAAF scores and odds on all the matchups after they are finished.

If you are new to betting on college football then this is an ideal place to start your journey. Below we will discuss the differences between a point spread, moneyline, and the increasingly popular total wagering, also known as the over/under. So, let’s kick this off and get a quick primer on how to read the CFB odds, and before you know it, you will be betting like a pro!

Click on BMR’s college football odds page on any given Saturday during the college football season and you will see a litany of games and corresponding lines.
Although point spreads on all of the matchups will be the default, with the click of a button on your pc or mobile device you can also summon the corresponding moneylines and totals for each and every game.

As for point spreads, it is simply a way to level the playing field if you will pardon the pun. Let’s go back in time to October 31st of last season. Alabama was taking on a weak SEC rival, Mississippi State, and the Crimson Tide was an overwhelming favorite to win the game. If there was no point spread everyone would bet Alabama and the bookies would be out of business. Thus, there has to be a way to attract money on the underdog and the only way to do that is to give Mississippi State a head start.

The bookmakers set the college football point lines, and in this case, the line opened at Alabama -27 which means if you bet the Crimson Tide, they would have to win the game by 28 points or more to bring home the cash for their backers, or in the gambling vernacular, cover the spread.

The spread, of course, refers to the 27 points the Tide are laying, and conversely, Mississippi State is getting 27 points so those who bet the heavy underdog can watch Mississippi State lose the game but still cover their bet as long as the Bulldogs either win the game outright (highly doubtful) or lose by 26 points or less.

Oh, and if Alabama was to win the game by exactly 27 points, 47-20 for example, then bettors on both sides would get their money back. No harm, no foul, no win, and no loss. We call that a push. However, if we look back to that October 31st matchup, we see that Alabama crushed the Bulldogs, 41-0, in a Halloween massacre.
Those who bet Alabama -27 saw the Tide cover the college football odds spreads on this game and won their wagers. That’s what we call point spread betting and it’s as easy as that.

The NCAAF betting odds are not limited to point spreads. Bettors also have the option of using the moneyline where they can simply pick the winner without a point spread involved. But some games are so lopsided, that the moneyline is prohibitive if you are inclined to bet the favorite. For example, in the Alabama/Mississippi State game we discussed above, Alabama was as high as a -6600 favorite. This means that you would have to risk $6600 to win $100. Not a smart play despite how good Alabama was last year because winning the price of a nice lunch is never worth risking the cost of a used car.

Therefore, let’s go back to Halloween of last year when the college football slate was in full swing and the NCAAF Las Vegas odds were jumping from noontime all the way through the afternoon and evening. In a marquee matchup, No. 14 Northwestern was visiting No. 15 Iowa, and Northwestern was favored by 1 ½ points. Again, just to refresh your memory, the Northwestern Wildcats would have to win by two points in order to cover the spread.

However, the moneyline on this game was Northwestern -120 which meant that you could bet Northwestern by risking $120 to win $100 and there would be no point spread. All the Wildcats have to do is win the game by a point. Even if they tie, the game is a push on the moneyline but it would be a loser if you bet them -1 ½ points.

When the dust settled on that Saturday afternoon contest, Northwestern defeated Iowa, 21-20, and those who bet the Wildcats on the moneyline came out winners while those who laid the 1 ½ points lost. Conversely, those who bet the Iowa Hawkeyes +1 ½ using the point spread came out winners but those who bet them +100 (meaning they got no points but also didn’t have to lay any vig, which is another word for the bookie’s commission) lost their bets.

Whenever you see a moneyline you will see one side with a – sign while the other will have a + sign. All moneylines are predicated on a $100 bet. Therefore, if you see Missouri -170/Kentucky +150 it means you need to risk $170 to win $100 on Missouri or you could bet $100 to win $150 on Kentucky.

College football lines are not merely relegated to college football point spreads or moneylines. There are also totals, or over/under wagers to consider. This is simply the combined score of both teams at the end of the game, including overtime. If the Michigan Wolverines defeat the Michigan State Spartans, 35-24, then the combined score is 59. Before the game kicked, the oddsmakers were offering the total at 51. Those who bet over 51 would have won this bet while those betting under 51 would have lost because the combined total was 59.

Football bettors often favor totals because they can root for both teams to score if they bet over or hope for a low-scoring game if they bet under. Either way, betting totals is always exciting and can be very lucrative if you do your homework, check the weather reports, and get the best line possible before the game kicks!

Some believe that parlays are confusing but nothing could be further from the truth. Whether you are using lines from the offshore books or Vegas odds, college football betting can take several different forms, and those who bet parlays can get plenty of bang for their betting buck.

Parlays are simply rolling two or more bets into one wager. The more bets in your parlay, the bigger the payoff. For instance, you can bet Alabama, Clemson, and Wisconsin individually for $100 a piece. If you win all three bets you would win $300. Easy math, right? But if you lose all three you would lose $330 (always account for the 10 percent vig).

However, if you wrap all three bets into one parlay it would cost you $100 but all three wagers must win in order for the parlay to be successful. If even one loses, the parlay is history but whether one, two, or three of those bets fail to cover, the amount you lose is, at least in this example, is $100. However, if all three bets cover, then instead of winning $300, you would win $600 because parlays pay off big time.

And remember, your bets comprising the parlay can consist of point spreads, totals, and even moneylines. The more the merrier and the bigger the payout! So make sure to utilize parlays effectively but use them judiciously as well.

Whenever you watch a college football game you get a sense of the ebb and flow of the offenses and defenses. And if you have a knack for predicting when those rhythm changes will occur then NCAAF live odds are for you. That’s right, the best online books in the business will allow their customers in-game wagering. The lines will be adjusted according to the prevailing score and many of them offer bettors an opportunity to bet which play will be run on the next snap!

Okay, so we have talked all about the NCAA football odds but what we haven’t discussed is choosing the right sportsbook to fund your account and get you started.
The online sportsbooks featured at BMR are among the most trusted and proven sportsbooks in the industry. We should also point out that the college football betting lines can vary from one book to another. That's why it is so important to have accounts at multiple sportsbooks.

Imagine betting the Buckeyes -14 but you notice that there is another sportsbook offering them at -12 ½. If only you had another account - or three, four, or even five - to compare and contrast the lines. Well, the reality will hit hard when Ohio State wins the game by 13 and fails to cover the spread. If only you had an account at the sportsbook offering them at -12 ½ then you would have covered and brought home the cash. This will happen over and over again if you don’t have multiple outs at your disposal.

Remember, the NCAAF odds you find at one book will not be the same everywhere. Professional sports bettors understand this better than anyone and even if you are only betting a small amount, wouldn’t you want the best chance of winning? Of course you would! That’s why we bet the games and if we don’t exploit every advantage then we are doing ourselves a disservice. Keep your options open and sign up at only the most trusted sportsbooks.

Whether you are looking for NCAAF odds during the regular season or searching for college football championship odds before the season starts, it is critical that you choose the online sportsbook that is right for you. The most important feature of any book is to make absolutely certain that when you ask for a payout, you get a payout - and in a timely manner. It’s one thing to sweat the game but never the payout.

Secondly, make sure to do your homework and read what people are saying about their experiences. The online sportsbooks you see featured at BMR have a proven track record of superior customer service, offer plenty of betting options, have easy to navigate dashboards and multiple ways to not only fund your accounts but send money when it is time to collect your winnings. Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is commonly accepted at most online sportsbooks but whatever method you choose, make sure the book or books you are using make it easy for you to pay and get paid. Compare websites in detail using the list of all sports betting sites.

Lastly, betting on the go is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Nobody is chained to their personal computer or laptop anymore so make sure that the sportsbook you use has a mobile platform that is easy to use and allows you to navigate effortlessly. The premier sportsbooks, many of them offering NCAAF odds right here at BMR, make betting on a mobile device as easy as possible so make sure that you give it a test run before you sign up and fund your account.