North Carolina Lottery Online 2024 – Compare North Carolina Online Lottery Sites

North Carolina approved a law in June 2023 that regulates online sports and horse-race betting, posing new competition for tribal casino sportsbooks. The legislation has been signed by Governor Roy Cooper’s, although it has yet to go into effect.

This development signifies a significant shift in the state’s gambling landscape but it shouldn’t affect lottery enthusiasts. Players in North Carolina have a wide selection of lottery variations to choose from, with each one offering a fun and exciting experience, as well as the opportunity to win incredible prizes.

If you are looking for information on North Carolina online gambling sites, then our guide below is perfect for you. We will walk you through various online betting sites that offer lotto games as well as information about rules, prizes, and the reasons why offshore sportsbooks are the best option for residents of North Carolina.

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Best North Carolina Lottery Sites

There are several online lottery sites available to North Carolina residents. However, the five we have selected below offer the greatest overall experience due to a range of factors. 

These include the selection of games available, the visual attraction of the site, the ease at which games are played, prizes available, as well as several other factors.

  1. Bovada – Well-designed mobile site to play online lottery-type games
  2. Heritage Sports – One of the best North Carolina lottery sites for high rollers
  3. BetOnline – Huge keno jackpots available in North Carolina
  4. BetUS – Variety of keno games and scratch cards
  5. BetAnySports – Known for its free-to-enter jackpot

Best North Carolina Online Lottery Sites Reviewed

Check out our guide below on the top five online lottery sites for residents of North Carolina.

1. Bovada – Top Mobile Site for Lotto Games

Bovada Casino

Bovada is another extremely beneficial option for North Carolina residents looking for an online lottery site to engage with. 

While Bovada is a somewhat sports-oriented online betting site, it does also offer customers the chance to engage in several highly enjoyable lottery games, including their very own “Numbers Game” in which the users can bet the next set of numbers to appear on-screen. 

Furthermore, this site also offers various promotions and bonuses including a 125% deposit match bonus for new customers worth up to $1,250 on their first three deposits.

  • Various lottery-style games
  • Welcome bonus on first three deposits
  • Accepting of crypto
  • No chance to bet on Pick 2, 3, 4, or 5

2. Heritage Sports – Go-to Sportsbook for Scratchcards

Heritage Sports Casino

If you are looking for a selection of different lottery games, then Heritage Sports is an excellent option for you. This site not only offers big jackpots in its games, but it also has an incredible variety of scratch card games for customers to choose from and which they can win instantly. 

In addition to its various lottery gaming options, Heritage Sports also prides itself in providing VIP service to every customer, as well as secure payouts and reduced juice odds in football and basketball. Heritage Sports is also known for its great assortment of promos and superb live betting platform.

  • Huge variety of scratch card games
  • VIP customer treatment
  • No option to bet on lotto draws

3. BetOnline – Outstanding Option for Keno in NC

BetOnline Casino

BetOnline is another highly favored online casino and an excellent choice for any North Carolina resident looking for a site on which to engage in online lotteries. In addition to its high-reward lotteries. 

BetOnline also offers various scratch card games. However, BetOnline also offers some of the best keno games with generous payouts. This site also allows new customers to avail of an impressive welcome bonus of up to $3,000 which is made up of a 100% deposit match for the casino that can be used on the customers’ first three deposits with the promo code “BOLCASINO.”

  • Keno and instant lottery games
  • Highly compatible with mobile devices
  • Accepts payments in various cryptos
  • Credit card deposits are charged a fee

4. BetUS – Great Variety of Keno Games and Scratch Cards

BetUS homepage

BetUS is another highly reputable offshore sportsbook that offers customers various bonuses and promotions to participate in its online lotteries. One of these includes a $10,000 lottery draw several times a year which customers are automatically entered into. This essentially allows customers to be in with a chance of winning this huge cash prize just by remaining a regular customer with BetUS.

Not only this, but BetUS also offers a wide selection of online lottery games for residents of North Carolina, including keno and scratchcards. In addition, customers can also avail of several bonuses offered by BetUS, including a 250% deposit match bonus of up to $5,000 for new customers. 

  • Wide selection of keno games and scratch cards
  • Generous welcome deposit match bonus
  • Accepting of crypto
  • $10,000 lottery draws throughout the year
  • Payouts can be slow depending on method

5. BetAnySports – Play Lotteries with Immense Payouts

BetAnySports casino

BetAnySports is a highly popular online betting site that offers customers several unique lotto attractions that set it apart from competing sites. 

This provider gives customers the opportunity to enter into any state’s pick 2, pick 3, pick 4, or pick 5 lotteries, with the payouts increasing monumentally at each pick, for example:

  • A $1 for pick 2 can win $90
  • A $1 for pick 3 can win $900
  • A $1 for pick 4 can win $9,000
  • A $1 for pick 5 can win $90,000

In addition to these generous payouts, customers can also enjoy a great promo as BetAnySports offers a rebate program offered by the site in which they can receive between 5% and 25% of their losses.

  • Lottery tickets can be bought in bulk
  • Generous rebates
  • Generous payouts
  • Accepts bitcoin payments
  • Bets on lotto numbers are not allowed

Quick North Carolina Lottery Info

Being involved in a lottery can be an incredibly fun and exciting experience for anyone. However, it is important that you are aware of the rules and regulations surrounding the lottery, as well as any other important information you need to know. 

Yes, the lottery is legal in North Carolina.

On August 31st, 2005, the North Carolina State Lottery Act and the Appropriations Act were signed into law. Within a few months, the NC Education Lottery was in full force.

Scratch-off tickets became available at retail locations and North Carolinians could finally purchase lottery tickets in person.

North Carolina also participates in several games organized by the Multi-State Lottery Association like Lucky For Life and Mega Millions.

Where can you play in-person lottery games in North Carolina?

Online lottery ticket sales are becoming more popular with the advent of the North Carolina Education Lottery website; however, there are still plenty of retail locations that offer lottery players the chance to win a big prize.

You can purchase scratch-offs and lottery tickets at any authorized lottery retailer.

Can you buy lottery tickets online in North Carolina?

Online sales are authorized in North Carolina. Lottery players can purchase tickets online at the NC Education Lottery website, or by downloading the mobile app.

The website sometimes offers second-chance drawings for those who bought scratch-offs or lottery tickets in person and didn’t win.

Other North Carolina Lottery Options to Play Online

While tickets for the state lottery can be purchased online, residents of North Carolina also have other options when it comes to playing lottery games online. 

Many online betting sites offer selections of popular draw games and, although the maximum payout available to be won by players may not be as impressive as in a state lottery, players do have a much greater chance of winning each draw and have to pay less in taxes.

What are the advantages of playing the North Carolina lottery online?

Rather than go through the hassle of an in-person purchase, you can get your North Carolina lottery ticket in a matter of seconds from the comfort of your own home.

When you play a lottery in real life, there is a high risk of you losing or misplacing your ticket, which ruins the opportunity for any potential payouts. Using online lottery services removes this problem, as your ticket is not only stored on the site but is also sent to your email for additional security.

In order to check if your ticket has won, simply view the numbers drawn online and see if they match the numbers on your ticket.

Where to Find North Carolina Lottery Results

Once you purchase your ticket or tickets, you can check the results of the North Carolina lottery on the official state lottery website and see if you have a winning ticket.

How to Claim a North Carolina Lottery Prize

Anyone who purchases lottery tickets in person has up to 180 days to submit a valid claim for their prize money. You can do this either in person or by mailing a claim form, along with your ticket, signed by you, to the address of the state lottery association.

You can download a claim form from the NC Education Lottery website.

Once you’ve submitted your forms, it can take up to eight weeks to receive your money. If you’ve won a large amount from one of the multistate draw games, like on a Mega Millions ticket, additional documentation could be required.

North Carolina Lottery Rules

If you wish to play lottery games in North Carolina, it is highly important that you are aware of the rules involved as well as any requirements you need to comply with before you can play the lottery legally.

How old do you need to be to legally purchase a North Carolina lottery ticket?

According to North Carolina’s law, no one under the age of 18 can buy scratch-off tickets or lottery tickets.

Lottery sales are prohibited to minors, and typically require customers to pay in cash, rather than allowing them to use their debit cards.

Can I stay anonymous if I win the lottery?

The state of North Carolina will require some of your details in order to update your public record, however, unless you give your consent beforehand, the state has no right to reveal any of your personal information to the public unless they are legally required to do so.

Do I have to pay taxes on my lottery winnings?

Lottery winnings are taxable and therefore you will be required to pay tax on any lottery winnings you receive.

Lottery Games Available in North Carolina

There are numerous lottery games available to residents of North Carolina, many of which can be played on online betting sites such as those recommended previously. 

How to Bet on Lotteries in North Carolina

Whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced pro, there are always things you can learn that will help you to further your understanding of how lotteries work and how likely you are to win. Have a look at our tips and tricks below:

1. Understanding the Odds of winning

While winning the lottery is entirely up to chance and luck, you can still help yourself out by choosing the lottery that gives you the best possible chance of winning.

Often the prize odds of certain draws may go up or down, hence you can pick the draw with the most favorable odds in order to maximize your chances for the biggest prizes.

2. Buying Multiple Line Tickets

To put it simply, the more tickets you have in a lottery draw, the more likely you are to win, hence, it may be highly beneficial for you to buy several lines of tickets rather than just sticking with one. However, this by no means guarantees that you will win any prize money, and may simply cost you a lot more money, so it is important to consider this when deciding how many tickets you would like to purchase. 

3. Choose Random or Lucky Numbers

Often the most effective way to achieve success in lotteries is to pick your own lucky numbers or numbers that have significance to you. Lottery numbers come out in completely random order with no pattern or system involved, hence one of the best ways to play is to use your own lucky numbers and hope they can win you the prize money.

4. Choose the Perfect Lottery Game for You

Experienced lottery players will be aware that they find some lottery games extremely enjoyable and exciting as well as a good chance of winning, while others do not offer the same level of enjoyment or probability of success. 

It is advised to pick the lottery game that you enjoy playing the most and try your luck with that one.

5. Remain Calm and Patient

One of the most important things to remember when playing the lottery is to remain calm and patient. After all, it is a game at the end of the day, and the only way to truly win is to enjoy the experience and not get frustrated when things don’t go your way. 

Payment Methods at North Carolina Lottery Sites

Nowadays North Carolina Lottery Sites are extremely accommodating to customer wants and needs, and therefore most sites will offer several banking methods including several cryptocurrencies.


With the rapid growth of crypto in recent times, it is no wonder that sites are beginning to not only accept it as payment but also not offer it as bonuses to customers. Many sites now allow users to deposit money through cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin, while if these customers win they can also collect their prize money in the same cryptocurrency. One of the benefits of using crypto is that typically, it allows for instant payouts.


eWallets are another extremely popular method of payment nowadays, and they are just as popular when it comes to online lottery sites. Once it contains a recognized brand, customers can pay for their deposits or to purchase lottery tickets with their eWallet. This is just as easy as paying through crypto, however, there can be fees involved in the processing of withdrawals. 

Regular Payment Options

While crypto and eWallets may be the way forward, the regular bank payment options are just as efficient and effective as ever, with all of the sites we have discussed accepting payments through PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and various other methods.

North Carolina Lottery App & Mobile Play

Residents of North Carolina can play the lottery on their smartphone or mobile device. 

Lottery players can simply access one of the offshore sportsbooks suggested through the web browser on their mobile device and play from there.

History of Online Lottery in North Carolina

2005: The North Carolina Education Lottery is established through a statewide referendum. The lottery offers scratch-off tickets, drawing games and multi-state games like Powerball and Mega Millions.
2002: A bill to establish a state lottery in North Carolina is introduced in the state legislature, but fails to gain enough support to pass.
1982: The North Carolina Education Lottery is established through a statewide referendum. The lottery offers scratch-off tickets, drawing games and multi-state games like Powerball and Mega Millions.

How We Choose the Best Lotto Sites

In our revision of the many best sportsbooks with lotto games available to residents of North Carolina, we have found that there are a number of factors and features that set a few sites apart from the rest in terms of quality and the online lottery experience they provide.

Range of Real Money Lottery Games

Something that truly shows the quality of an online lottery site is the selection of real-money lottery games available on the site. Not only does a high-quality site need to offer a large selection of games to its customers, but this selection also needs to show variety, with each game offering something different. 

Bonus Offers & Promotions

Another important factor when comparing online lottery sites is the bonuses and promotions that the sites offer to both new and existing customers. New customers are generally given highly beneficial bonuses as a means of enticing them to join the site. However, something to bear in mind is that incredibly generous bonuses may not reflect an incredible online lottery experience on a site.

Payout Methods, Transaction Speed & Fees

It is also important that an online lottery site allows for quick and easy withdrawals when players win cash prizes. There is nothing more frustrating for an online lottery player who has just won a jackpot than being unable to withdraw their winnings.

Availability for North Carolina Players

Various online betting sites may have different rules and regulations regarding certain people being able to play online lotteries on their sites. For example, all sites will generally have to ensure you are either at least eighteen or at least twenty-one years of age before playing on their site.

Safety & Security

Safety and security are also things that should not be overlooked in an online lottery site. It is vital that the site you choose is trustworthy.

The Overall Best North Carolina Lottery Site

While there are many good choices for an online betting site in North Carolina if you would like to know our number one choice we have to go with BetAnySports.

Playing the North Carolina Lottery Online – FAQ

Can lottery tickets be purchased online?

It’s easy to purchase lottery tickets for lottery games online. You can buy online lottery tickets through one of our recommended offshore gambling sites, an offshore mobile gambling app or with North Carolina’s state-regulated lottery website or lottery app.

How do I play the lottery on my phone?

You can play lottery games on your phone with one of our offshore sportsbooks or with the state-regulated online lottery app.

What is the best app to buy lottery tickets?

We recommend using one of our highly rated offshore gambling sites (in our review above) for playing lottery-style games online. These mobile-optimized sites offer some of the best benefits to their customers around. You can use these sites for many forms of mobile betting and gambling, like casino games, a wide selection of draw games, poker and legal sports betting.

Do online lottery players ever win?

Online lottery players have the same odds to win as people that play physical lottery games. These odds are not in the player’s favor, so it’s important to not go in expecting to win quickly with this form of gambling. However, our recommended offshore online sites offer some of the best odds around on their offered lottery games.

Which states have online lottery?

Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota and Pennsylvania are currently the only states with an official state-regulated online lottery where residents can make online ticket purchases for the state lottery. However, you can play online lottery-style games (including instant win games and scratch-off games) in any state through an offshore online gambling site. These offshore sites let you play other online games too, such as poker games, slots or even online sports betting.

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