NFL Scores and Matchups

Scores and Matchups

Friday, August 02

Houston vs Chicago

Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium,

Canton, OH, USA

08:00 PM


NFL Scores and Matchups

Our matchups section focuses on assisting betting newbies and veteran bettors alike with all the free information required to deliver winning tickets every day of the week.

The NFL is undoubtedly the king of sports betting in America; however, without the vital information and the invaluable up-to-date statistics, you may struggle with selecting the winning team and/or betting angle that is going to multiply your bankroll. Sportsbooks are consistently working towards raising their chances of success, so why sit around and allow them to have the edge?

Our odds matchups page will supply bettors with a wealth of knowledge outside of the simplistic methods of comparing records and league standings — which inevitably is not a successful approach in defeating the oddsmakers.

This odds matchups page provides an in-depth analysis of NFL football scores and matchups. The matchups tool above will compare various data that can extend your sports betting knowledge to new heights.

Whether it is our NFL matchups live scoreboard, NFL odds for the week, team statistics or public betting information, we have all areas covered. For free betting predictions on the NFL, visit the NFL picks section.

NFL Game Schedule

The NFL season typically runs from September to early February, culminating in the highly anticipated Super Bowl. Each team plays a total of 4 preseason games and 17 regular-season games, with a bye week for each team.

The regular season football games are followed by the playoffs, where the top teams from each conference compete for a chance to reach the Championship Game (the Super Bowl) and ultimately claim the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy.

Stay up to date through preseason, regular and playoff scores utilizing our matchups tool. Know which teams are going head-to-head next week and make smart wagering decisions using comparisons with our NFL matchups apparatus.

NFL Game Records

NFL matchups predictions can be garnered on this section of the BMR odds website; the NFL matchups record category will display the wins and losses for each NFL team. They are providing the complete record for individual teams separating their respective home & away records.

We aim to cover all aspects of sports betting information and with all NFL teams competing in 16 regular-season games, it’s imperative to update your knowledge and be aware of which teams are riding a hot or cold streak.

NFL Matchups Information

Our matchups tool provides a wealth of key information that bettors should be familiar with before placing any wagers. Our complete list of features and beneficial sports betting info that you can get with this tool are covered in more detail below:

NFL Betting Consensus

Our NFL Consensus information will assist gamblers in deciding if they will bet with or against the public opinion.

The NFL Consensus consists of the number of wagers placed on a particular team. These numbers give an insight into the action that sports betting sites are taking on either the home or away team. This priceless collection of data can facilitate your NFL wagering once you understand when betting for or against the public is the correct decision.

If the betting public is backing the Kansas City Chiefs' spread of -9 and this available line suddenly shifts to a more favorable value of -10 or beyond, this is an indication that around 74% of the public are betting on the Chiefs to win.

Sharp betting comes into play when fading public opinion. If your personal information is counteracting the Kansas City Chiefs' spread of -9, perhaps your “sharp” betting approach will come into play with a bet on Tampa Bay Buccaneers +9.

There are countless reasons for sharp bettors fading the public, the most common occurrence is strictly based on the change in line movement.

NFL Betting Trends

Some bettors will agree or disagree with the betting public, but whichever side you are on, keeping on track with betting trends will be essential for your final wagering decision. BMR betting trends for the NFL can be viewed in percentages (%) which never exceed 100% for our three main categories.

  • The Spread (Point Spread Bets)
  • Moneyline (Which team will win outright)
  • Over/Under (Will the total points during a game go over or under the set total)

Point spread & O/U bettors usually look for an even return from their investment, with odds being set at -110 odds. In contrast, moneyline bettors can often reap the rewards of great value when betting the underdog.

The NFL is commonly known to provide twists and turns and a team that’s expected to lose by -10 on the point spread can sometimes shock the betting public with an outright win, giving the bettors that backed them a larger payout.

NFL Line Movement

Shifts in line movement can be the deciding factor for a multitude of professional NFL handicappers, especially sharp bettors. The opening lines that are set by oddsmakers will regularly move based on many components. It could be a potential injury, suspension or even the weather to assist the move-in available lines, which is also known as line movement.

Another way that line movement becomes affected is through the betting public; as we touched on previously, if the opinion of the oddsmakers has a conflict of interest with the public’s assessment, then a considerable amount of wagered money will move the line.

NFL Game Details

Game details are essential for knowing where the matchup is being played, which team is home/away and where you can watch the game, which is crucial for NFL live scores wagering. It will also cover the weather, from the probability of precipitation, the wind and current temperature that is expected.

NFL Injury Report

As previously mentioned, many factors go into the movement of available betting lines and in our matchups information, you’ll find available injury reports for all teams. This tool could be the difference in you making a wager at the right or wrong time.

Reviewing the NFL injury report after each Sunday and during the week is now a standard part of NFL wagering, giving bettors the extra edge required for beating the bookie.

NFL Head-to-Head

Historic moments in sports are captured through our BMR odds head-to-head category. Head-to-head betting information could alter your betting opinion if, throughout history, one team has lost a significant number of games, either against the spread or straight up.

NFL Team Records

Our team records section will cover all betting information for each individual matchup side by side. If you’re looking to compare which team has the more excellent straight up record against the spread record and over/under results, BMR has you covered. Know your NFL game scores and know them well.

We also delve into betting profits, straight-up betting units, ATS units and the turnover differential. Using these tools will assist your knowledge in understanding which NFL teams have been the most profitable.

NFL Current Season Performance

For current season performance information, including the current NFL scores, it’s crucial to exploit our matchups today page. Points scored for/against, yards gained per play, turnovers, time of possession, plus many more comprehensive statistics can be found here at BMR.

Now that you’ve received a brief introduction to Bookmaker Reviews NFL matchups page — remember to bookmark us and check back during each scheduled NFL fixture. And allow our accelerated content to expand your sports betting knowledge so that you can start planning a well-informed betting strategy today.

Key NFL Events

The NFL schedule is packed with weeks of head-to-head matchups that offer endless betting action. Each team plays against other teams in its respective division multiple times. However, all of that culminates in the playoff games, and there are other annual events that offer additional excitement. 

Here are the biggest events in NFL betting:

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl stands as the pinnacle of American football and one of the most-watched sporting events globally. It features the champions of the AFC (American Football Conference) and NFC (National Football Conference) competing for the coveted Vince Lombardi Trophy. This grand finale captivates fans and bettors alike, with a wide range of wagering opportunities, including moneylines, point spreads and proposition bets. The Super Bowl delivers a thrilling betting experience, combining high-stakes football and unforgettable halftime performances.

NFL Conference Championships

The NFL Conference Championships determine the teams that will represent the AFC and NFC in the Super Bowl. These highly anticipated matchups showcase the best of the best, as the top teams battle for a chance at football glory. Bettors can analyze team dynamics, player performances and coaching strategies to make informed wagers on these high-stakes contests. From moneyline bets to over/under totals and player prop bets, the NFL Conference Championships provide a thrilling platform for betting enthusiasts.

NFL Divisional Round

The NFL Divisional Round features the top teams from each conference after the conclusion of the regular season. With only eight teams remaining in contention, these matchups carry immense significance and generate intense excitement among fans and bettors alike. Bettors can explore various betting options, such as spreads, totals and player-specific prop bets, to capitalize on their knowledge of team strengths, weaknesses and historical performance in the playoffs.

NFL Wild Card Weekend

NFL Wild Card Weekend kicks off the postseason with exciting matchups between wildcard teams and division champions. This highly anticipated weekend marks the beginning of the playoffs and sets the stage for thrilling underdog stories and unexpected upsets. Bettors can engage in a range of wagering options, including moneyline bets, point spreads and proposition bets, as they analyze team form and regular-season performances to make informed betting decisions.

Thanksgiving Day Games

Thanksgiving Day holds a special place in American culture and the NFL has embraced this tradition by scheduling marquee matchups on this holiday. These Thanksgiving Day Games offer a festive atmosphere, combining football and feasting. Bettors can immerse themselves in the holiday spirit while engaging in various wagering opportunities, such as predicting the winners, point differentials and individual player performances. Thanksgiving Day Games provide a unique betting experience amid the holiday festivities.

NFL Kickoff Game

The NFL Kickoff Game marks the beginning of the regular season and sets the tone for the months of thrilling football action to follow. This highly anticipated matchup features two prominent teams and draws the attention of fans and bettors alike. Bettors can analyze team offseason moves, preseason performances and historical data to make informed wagers on this season-opening showdown. From moneylines to over/under totals and player prop bets, the NFL Kickoff Game offers a fresh start and a chance to capitalize on early-season trends.

Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football is a long-standing NFL tradition, featuring a primetime matchup each week during the regular season. These games attract a massive audience and provide bettors with an additional opportunity to engage in wagering. From predicting the winners to betting on point spreads and individual player performances, Monday Night Football offers a captivating betting experience as fans nationwide tune in to watch the spectacle unfold.

FAQs – NFL Weekly Schedule & Matchup Betting Odds

When is the NFL's schedule release?

The NFL's schedule release, a much-anticipated event for football fans, typically occurs in the offseason. The exact date of the schedule release varies from year to year, but it typically takes place in the spring, usually between the months of April and May.

What factors should fans consider when analyzing NFL matchups?

When analyzing NFL matchups, fans should consider several factors. These include team records, recent performance, injuries, offensive and defensive strengths, playing styles, strength of schedule, home-field advantage, weather conditions and head-to-head history.

How can understanding previous matchups impact predictions for future NFL games?

Understanding previous matchups in the NFL can provide valuable insights for predicting future games. Analyzing past encounters helps identify team dynamics, playing styles and strategies that worked or failed. It assists in gauging team strengths and weaknesses, performances and coaching approaches, aiding in making more informed predictions about potential outcomes.

How does home-field advantage affect NFL matchups?

Home-field advantage in the NFL can significantly impact matchups. Playing in familiar surroundings boosts team morale, crowd support creates a hostile environment for opponents and it reduces travel fatigue, providing them with a competitive edge.

Can weather conditions influence the outcome of NFL matchups?

Weather conditions can indeed influence the outcome of NFL matchups. Extreme temperatures, strong winds, rain or snow can affect passing, kicking and overall game strategies. Teams may need to adjust their game plans accordingly, potentially impacting player performance and the final result of the game.