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Nov 25, 2015
hi there

as I can see here(this forum) is lot of bed words about willhill.
Before i started my experience I have question to this homepage holders ,owners etc-what do you do to resolve problems what people put here-in this forum?
or you do nothing? do you take a contact with representative of abused bookies ? or you only give some advise what you think about current problem?
What is bookies relative with your hompage? bookies try to resolve problems what is placed here in this forum?

I have an account in WH(username oak888) I was heard that WH like to limited accounts without warning(lot of bookies(bet365,betfredetc) end an email-you are limited,you are no longer best odds etc....) but WH dont do that.
As I have one big amount bet couple weeks ago(Loosing) before I made next deposit Im ask in LIVE chat -do i any restriction on my account?
answer was -no you dont have any ristriction on your account.

Lets see what happen !!! here is LIVE chat with WH.

Kelsie: Hi, you’re speaking to Kelsie. How may I help you?
me: morning
me: do i have any betting restriction in my account at the moment?
Kelsie: I’ll be happy to check. First I need to verify your account for security purposes. Can I have your:

1. Username
2. Date of Birth
3. Answer to: Mother's Maiden Name
Kelsie: Thank you. Can I take a few minutes to check our system?
me: yes
Kelsie: Thank you for waiting ME, upon checking there are no restrictions on your account.
me: thank you
Kelsie: You're welcome. Would there be anything else I may assist you with today?
me: no
Kelsie: If you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available 24/7. Thank you for contacting William Hill and have a good day!
Kelsie has disconnected.

After 12 hour i deposited 8k and try to placed bet on CL MU.
max per bet 100 eur !!!! My account is limited !!

WH explanation !!!

Tammy: Hi, you’re speaking to Tammy. How may I help you?
me: hello
me: why you lie ??
me: please look at my yestarday LIVE chat and comment
I’ll be happy to help. First I need to verify your account for security purposes. Can I have your:

1. Username
2. Date of Birth
3. Answer to: Mother's Maiden Name

Tammy: May I ask who you spoke to on live chat?
me: Kelsie
Tammy: I have checked the chat you has with Kelsie, At the time you had the chat with Kelsie there was no restrictions on your account so you was told the correct information at the time.
me: i dont believe you
me: and why I have restriction now>?
Tammy: This is a trading decision J.

Tammy: When you spoke with Kelsie there were no restrictions on your account. Our trading team have restricted your account after this.
me: WHY ???!!!
Tammy: As I have already advised this is a trading decision.
me: explain -why Kelsie asked traders limited my account???
Tammy: Kelsie did not ask the traders to limit your account.
me: what happen after our chat??
Tammy: Nothing happened after your chat this has only recently been done Juris.
me: and how traders know that my account need to limit after this chat but not day or week before?
Tammy: You asked if you has any restrictions the answer was no at this time. Our trading team have the right to restrict your account at any time they like if they feel this is necessary. They have done this therefore we can not over ride this.
Tammy: No one will be able to over ride this decision, If I can not assist you with anything else I will now have to terminate this chat.
Tammy: As advised there was no restrictions on your account at that time. May I help you with anything else?
me: a dont have explanation why I get it after chat but not day before not week before noth month ago ??
Tammy: I have already advised our trading team can restrict your account at any time this is a business decision which can not be changed. We did not restrict you because you asked we restricted you as this was a business decision. If I can not help you with anything else I will terminate this chat Juris. I have given you all the correct information which is possible, There is nothing further that I can advise which I haven't already told you.
me: day bafore and week before my account was OK
me: you limited it after I asking about my account condition?
Tammy: No this would be the correct information. I am now going to terminate this chat as I can not assist you further in regards to this and I am just repeating myself and providing you with the same answers.
Thanks for contacting William Hill. Have a good day!

Tammy has disconnected.

NOW you can see how "polite" and "helpful" is WH and hat agents !!


worst company what I saw ....