Pinnacle Line Moves Mean Nothing


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Do you know why?

Well all of us were just sit home and watch a line screen and be rich

I am an oddsmaker in Costa Rica so I know the deal


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I do not think any odds are worth following so many things trigger a move so impossible to tell what it means


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Not sure about other sports, but KAMBI backend books have taken the lead in a big way for Motorsport bettors. Draftkings, BetMGM, Penn National, Unibet, Barstool, 888sport and a bunch of others using KAMBI.

5Dimes used to release NASCAR odds on a Tuesday night, but these guys do it first thing Monday mornings. And they have under 20% vig in their opening markets. Plenty of others have 30+. Live betting for lower NASCAR series as well as Indycar and F1.


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