Online Bookmakers and Maximum Stakes


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Should all online bookmakers let you know your maximum permitted stake before you place your bet? Personally I think they should be required to do so (I'm aware this may be wishful thinking), but I would be interested to know which bookmakers in your experience do make this information available and which don't. From my own recent experiences I've found that Ladbrokes, Paddy Power and Marathonbet (the latter's limits are tiny in any case) do tell you this, but William Hill and Apollobet don't. Blue Square (much missed!) always used to provide this information as well, as did 888sport (although I'm not sure whether 888 still do now that they're no longer powered by Blue Square).


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I agree that they should, but I also think this is wishful thinking for some bookies. Bet365 have always shown the maximum bet allowed, and I think Skybet used to, but I haven't used their new site because my account is too limited to bother with them.


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Problem is that the majority of bookmakers do not want players that would like to know what their maximum stake is. As a service for sportsbettors it would be great. I know that PinnacleSports also have this function.