lol, limiting bookies on top


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Nov 21, 2012
from the top 14 , i can use only 2 , nice

5dimes limit 20-50$
bet365 limit 0-5 Euro (3 accounts)
pinnacle only the one i can still use
betvictor 3 closeds account
ladbrokes 3 accounts 0- ?
paddypower 3 accounts 0- ?
sbobet limit 46,56,238, 276
willhill limit after 3 bets , 0- ?
coral 3 accounts limit or closed i do not remember
888sports closed
betsson 3 accounts ,
iasbet closed
stanjames 3 accounts , 0-
tote unreachable from hungary

in the last 4 years i created more than 250 accounts at 70 bookmakers ,
i am betting now at least 50 bookmakers, from the top 14 bookies only at pinny and sbobet


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Nov 15, 2012
Are you saying they should not be on top?

It's easy for players to come on here and say the ratings are wrong, but when provided with the tools to rate the bookmakers do nothing.

We are about to introduce focus groups where professional players will rate bookmakers based on their needs. Arbers, bonus hunters, matched bettors, recreational players will all have their groups and eventually their ratings.

All these ideas are great, but without a community of players that actively get involved they are not going to mean much.

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Nov 15, 2012
If you want the title of the thread to indicate that all the top rated bookmakers limit players, it should be worded differently imho.

Something like "Top rated bookmakers have low betting limits" or "Top rated bookmakers are quick to limit".

Starting a title with lol, is uncommon.

We can edit it for you if you want


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Nov 20, 2012
Interesting.If SBO limit you,why not use brokers ?[I apologise if you can't from Hungary] Ladbrokes actually closed my account after severely limiting it [they did apologise for the inconvenience].
188 gave me a good run before restricting me to £10 bets.I have considered running bots on my Betfair account to reduce the commission rate - haven't tried it yet.BetVictor closed my account.Bet365 similar restrictions,ditto Skybet.PaddyPower same restrictions.
WilHill got a second account going based on debit card after first one restricted - it automatically returns the cash in the account every few days - now that account is restricted,too.
Coral bets always referred to trader and even small bets then sometimes refused.PaddyPower bets by 'phone only [I didn't even try].888 tiny bets only,ditto Stan James.5Dimes okay so far.I also use Pinnacle,SBO bet,Betfair,Betdaq,IBC bet.Which other bookies do you use ? What bets caused 5Dimes to restrict you ?
What probably hurt me with Ladbrokes was 'phoning their customer service to get bets on blocked games !