avoid ball2win


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Mar 4, 2014
i opened an account with them. I deposited 700 euros to get 100 euros bonus. I placed some bets and my account reached 8750 euros by February the 10th. Then in Monday i got an email from them saying that they void 4500 euros winnings and freeze remaining euros for investigation. Today i can not even log in. Their chat is always unavailable and they do not have a recover your password button.The email they send:

Dear evangelosm,

We found the following bets

Bet Date Event Event Date ID Odds Payout Selection Stake Status
1/31/2014 Real Madrid B Team v Hercules 2/1/2014 641 1.98 653.38 Over/Under 329.99 Won
2/1/2014 Real Madrid B Team v Hercules 2/1/2014 664 1.9 1710 Over/Under 900 Won
2/7/2014 Hyde v Lincoln 2/8/2014 811 2.7 1080 Over/Under 400 Won
2/7/2014 Hyde v Lincoln 2/8/2014 812 2.7 1080 Over/Under 400 Won
2/7/2014 Hyde v Lincoln 2/8/2014 813 22 2200.06 Over/Under 100 Won

placed to by you are considered a series of bets each containing the same selection(s) having been placed by or for the same individual or syndicate of individuals, and we have to let you know that those actions are improper.

According to our Terms and Conditions clause 9.5, we will make bets void and freeze the account for subsequent investigation if involve any other unlawful manner. During the time of investigation, you are not allowed to place any bet and move you fund, We seek your full cooperation to provide necessary documents we asking for.

I sent them copy of passport and utility bill. No reply. I sent them an email:


if you don't allow bet over limit then don't allow bet over limit. I mean get a software that don't allow bet over limit like for example bet365. There are many asian bookmakers like dafabet that allow me to place 3 times the max bet. I also do not know any asian or european bookmaker that doesn't allow me to bet over 6.5 goals because i played over 3.5. It is ridiculus. Fact is you don't want to pay. You void winning bets, you grade losing ones. That is your concept. You can limit or even close my account if you do not want winners but i can not accept stealing my winnings. I want my money back. If you want to stay in betting industry and not be a comet you have to understand that unethical practice is not allowed. I did not trick you. I didn't make multiple accounts. Just give me my money back.
and their reply :

"Dear evangelism,

Taking advantage of repeating bet avoid the max bet is considered improper manner. Reporting bug is one thing, taking advantage of it is another thing.

We are now start up the background check if you are blacklisted or suspended by other bookers.

This won’t take too long, and this is our right to do so. If we can’t find anything within a period, we will let you withdraw the rest of your winning.''

As i said that was 20 days earlier. Avoid by all means that bookmaker.


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Oct 23, 2013
It was with great disapointment I read your words. I thought ball2win was real deal. It just got into betbrain showing odds page and their limits were quite high. I even heard rumors saying they could be next pinnacle, which I obviously didn't believe but got me interested in the concept they would aquire.

It's clear to me you are not new to the art of betting. This said, I think you have experience with rollover's conditions and bonus rules. I was reading the bonus rules in bet2win and found nothing showing you cannot simply place multiple bets on the same event, which doesn't mean it's not there. You are right in one point: if they don't allow this type of things, this should be a two-way thing, so they should do one of two things:
-avoid all multiple bets you placed during rollover (win or lose)
-do exactly nothing and give you back your winnings.

I don't think ball2win has any point in this. Even if you are blacklisted in some other book, they cannot just take your money because of that. Every book is unique, unless lead by the same institution, which are a few only and you can only have one account in that group of books. If you opened an account with ball2win, that is not the case.

So, this review was kind of a mind opener for me. I am in front of a very important topic in the biggest betting forum for Portuguese players. I intend to place your review there and make sure no Portuguese player plays in bet2win. More, I will send an email to them saying this review will get butterfly effect and they are going to be red-listed everywhere in the sportsbetting industry.
In the meanwhile, you should try to get in touch with them.
Good luck with this evan.


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Nov 20, 2012
My sympathies,evangelos m.For what little it's worth,if you think there's a risk that a bookie may not pay,then running up a big balance in your account by winning may be self-defeating,as it just means you are less likely to get paid.Of course,asking for payment earlier means that you are more likely to be restricted or banned earlier,but at least you will have got something out of the account.


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Mar 4, 2014
Suddenly yesterday they sent me the following to sign:
Settlement Undertaking


I, (Passport No.: ), hereby confirm, agree and undertake as follows:

1. I have an account with BALL2WIN.COM of which the username is evangelosm.

2. I agree to abide by the decision by BALL2WIN.COM to close my account and accept the payment of €3,961.89, being the balance in my account (€4,253.58) minus the bonus point (€100.00) and bank charges for deposit (€110.84) and bank charges for withdrawal (€80.85), payable by BALL2WIN.COM to my Neteller account as below:

Neteller Account Number:________________

3. Upon such payment, I shall unconditionally, irrevocably and fully releases and discharges BALL2WIN.COM from any and all liabilities, claims, debts, demands, damages, and all causes of action whatsoever.

4. I did not and will not commit any acts or engage in any conduct, whether by myself or through another person(s), that is or that could be reasonably expected to be detrimental to BALL2WIN.COM in any way. I will hold all legal and financial responsibilities if I do so.

5. I will not use the services/software provided by BALL2WIN.COM in the future.

6. This undertaking is irrevocable.

Signed by


Date: ______________

Ofcourse I don't sign anything like that. I believe I am not obliged to sign anything, they are obliged to return my money. And that is what I told them.
Milkystairway I am happy to read that you will inform Portuguese players because what happened to me can happen to every serious player by these scammers. What you wrote in your post is common sense. Unfortunately there is no other bookie like Pinnacle.


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Mar 4, 2014
I try to contact bookmakersreview.com but i get a message:Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
2 weeks ago i got a message that they were waiting ball2win response. I want to ask whether they are still waiting or not?