A Quick Look At UK Sportsbook Activity For The FIFA World Cup


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Mar 6, 2018
[h=1]A quick look at UK sportsbook activity for the FIFA World Cup[/h]
Luke Haward, CDC Gaming Reports · June 1, 2018

With the FIFA World Cup a tantalising two weeks away from kickoff, teams, coaches, fans and, of course, sponsors and sportsbooks are gearing up for an epic month. The tournament will run from June 14th through to July 15th, with fixtures of the group stages now fully available for viewing.

Naturally there is the anticipation of a huge amount of wagering surrounding this mammoth and somewhat infamous global spectacular, generally expected to be far and away the biggest international betting event of the calendar year. All the sportsbooks are ramping up their efforts to get customers to click bets on their site rather than a rival, and some rather impressive offers and promotions are in the mix.

Unibet are teaming up with former footballers Didier Drogba and Djibril Cisse, who are acting as the coaches of two competing celebrity teams vying to provide the operator’s customers with more accurate guidance on how to bet World Cup matches. The stated goal of the programme is to enable consumers to make more informed bets during the tournament. They will run a series of videos in which the teams attend international locations and place bets on important local games.

Alison Sams, head of Brand and Creative Services at Kindred Group, said about the promotion: “With the right tools, we can help our customers make more informed bets, and we aim to do that with this content series… in a light-hearted and fun way that appeals to a younger, smartphone connected audience.”.

Quite a few bookies, and at least three major ones, suffered six-figure hits when Real Madrid beat Liverpool 3-1 in the 2018 Champions League Final last Saturday. Licking their wounds, they’ll naturally be keen to make a killing in the World Cup to make up for it. Kindred Group lost heavily on the result; bet365 reportedly lost several million.

LeoVegas are revamping their site in time for the World Cup, adding a quick deposits function as well as better navigation for mobile devices and streamlined access to real-time statistics. DraftKings are betting on a March Madness-style bracket and have partnered with Jägermeister to create a community-based betting action supporting a specific nation. Their Meister Leaderboard will provide prizes for high scores, including, for top scorers, an all-expenses paid trip to the winning team’s home country.

Still, though, you almost have to say that the Stars Group is probably topping all the competition with their absolutely sick offer of £100 million in prize money to anyone who can correctly predict the outcome of all 64 World Cup Matches, win, lose or draw. The craziest thing about this promotion, apart from the sheer audacity of the top prize’s size, is that it’s open to anyone to play and is entirely free to enter. Crazy times are clearly ahead, and this move should surely pull a lot of punters their way. Almost time for kickoff, guys. Best of luck!

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Apr 5, 2018