" Williamhill" is not releasing funds 54 k for 2 weeks !


Saw your twitter posts.54,000 Euros !
If you've really got proof,you could always start replying to William Hill posts on twitter -people would see that.William Hill might sue you then,or try to get your twitter account frozen/blocked.
Admitting that you borrowed money to place bets is likely to arouse suspicion,particularly with the sums involved.Certainly newsworthy,though !
What do they say is wrong ?


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Thank you . I have authorized " loan Agreements" and I have to pay interest 1% a day. I sent them screenshoot of evrey single euro coming in my "Skrill" account. Thay asked me on " live chat" to prove those people I borroved funds to proof their income. These people told me to f*** o**, and gave their ID-s only. Thay have nothing to do with "Williamhill"!


Ask William Hill where in their terms and conditions it says that you may be asked to prove the income of anyone you borrowed money from.Point out that such a demand is unfair and totally impractical.
If you have or can get and show that demand in writing from them it would make them look really bad.


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WilliamHill is terrible !!!
Asking customers where they got money for betting is nonsence !
I have also terrible experience with them


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Hi there.

i just wondering how WH lie !
I found this forum post couple days ago when i looking for WH reviews .im not customer yet and wanted to be sure its serious(reliable) company for betting.
I started chating with WH support .My first question was-do you realy asking customers where they got money for betting?
Answer- In relation to your query, please be informed that details are ask for security purposes to our clients.
second question-But I would like to know what really you asking.?If I have this money why it is interesting to you?Are you revenue department or you cooperate with them?
Answer-Documents are requested for verification purposes as stated in our terms and conditions.

1. We have a legal obligation under our gaming license to ensure that we are sending the funds to the correct person, and;

2. These documents aid us in compliance with international money laundering regulations, which have increased in severity in recent years.
last my question-Last question-if some friend lend me money for betting-is it money laundering?
Answer-You can lend your money to your friend but please note that this transaction can be done personally and not through your William Hill account.

For example, you will not be able to register a payment method that is not under your name. This goes the same with your friend, in the event that he registers a payment method that is owned by yoU.

As I read this customer get money trought skrill not trought WH accounts.
As I see this company says one but do other....
My decision-KEEP AWAY !!!


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Gambling with other people's money is a dark area with the online industry. In land based bookies its actually illegal in the UK regardless of whether it's a loan or not etc...

It's more likely that they believe you are either part of a gambling ring or shifting money around skrill suspiciously (I.e multi accounting)

I would point out here that it could be skrill that alerted William Hill, if they suspect anything suspicious, they will alert the bookie as well.

William Hill have asked quite a lot of people within the last few years for financial information, while this is probably an invasion of privacy, if you are gambling with large sums you should be prepared to either provide this or risk losing money under anti money laundering laws.