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In the last few weeks, several readers have asked why BMR suspended Pinnacle Sports rating and if they still are a safe bookmaker to play with.

Bookmakers Review, unlike its more renowned competitor Sportsbook Review, has always taken the rating process seriously, applying a consistent policy that sees us suspend a rating every time the information we used to derive it becomes invalid or when the conditions that until then determined the rating ceased to exist.

In the specific case, the suspension of Pinnacle Sports rating doesn't mean BMR believes Pinnacle is having problems, but that following the arrest of the company's owners and confiscation of funds in the US, the company had never abandoned that market and the agent system and now we cannot anticipate what will happen to the bookmaker in the coming future.


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Have you had any recent betting experience with Pinnacle Sports?

Did you receive payments on time?

Did you notice any difference in the quality of their odds?


I still bet frequently with Pinnacle Sports.I haven't noticed any difference in the quality of their odds,and I have received payment on time.


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I still use Pinnacle on a regular basis and had no problems at all. On the contrary, that I actually had a small problem that they fixed very quickly recently. I was using the mobile site (on my iPhone), which placed a bet twice, instead of once. I emailed Pinnacle Customer service and they cancelled the bet immediately - very quickly and promptly.