Unibet - ok for Scandinavian punters?


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Sep 4, 2013
Have observed all the stick (obviously deserved) Unibet are getting for confiscating accounts. Their rule in the terms and conditions (2.3) does not exactly aspire confidence: 'Unibet reserves the right, at it's own discretion at all times to close an existing Unibet account, without any explanation whatsoever'.
However, it's a bit strange that quite a few punters in Norway give them rave reviews (also recently). Quick, reliable payouts and good userservice both by mail and phone. As for me, I have had an account there for 10 years, I'm definitely a winning customer - but payouts have always been spot on. Never had a problem. Have to admit I've been a bit more careful with them recently. Could it be that Unibet are ok for Scandinavian punters, but extremely dodgy for others? Just a thought. On the Norwegian oddsite 'Oddsnet' there seems to be mostly positive reading about them - including my own 10 year experience. Interesting to hear your thoughts.


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Nov 15, 2012
That may well be the case and it could be for a number of reasons, the major one being imho that Unibet Group is traded on the OMX exchange which is present in all Scandinavian countries.

I suspect that if Unibet confiscated the balances (deposits+winnings) of 50 Scandinavian punters as a consequence of a promotion they maladministered, the local media would take an interest in the story. And then who knows how the stock market would react to it.

That and the fact the Nordic market is much more established for them is probably what makes Unibet ok for Scandinavian punters.