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Hello out there

I am a nearly 27 year old pokerplayer from Germany. Im new at BRM and found this site searchuing about unibetscam complaints. I have created an account @unibet ca.8 weeks ago.

I desposited around 215 € via Skril and played 6 max. SNGS(5,5o€) I grinded it up to 380€ just playing Poker. No betting or casino games. I don`t reach the first level of my 1000€ First desposit Bonus, which would have been payed out in 10 steps a 100€.

I just had a 30% Rakebackdeal deal while playing. So all my winnigs are from other players and i did not took any money diretly from unibet. So i hope i have at least a small chance of getting payed.

I cashed out 220 € sucessfully (2*100€ via Banktransfer and 20 via Skrill)

The last withdraw about 160€ via Skrill is pending since 23.9. Normaly you have your money in your Skrillacount a few hours later, the longest time a skrill account takes is 72 hours. Nothing happend. After 3 days i contact the support and they told me that i should verify my account.

I was confused and bit angry that they did not tell me that on their own. However a verification is standard and necessary. I send my passport front and backside(scaned) to the english support, because the german support was on holiday and i wanted to speed things up a little. (today i know the german support is available maybe 2 days a week.) Now the real problems start.

The english support wanted me to send a proof of adress. I got angry because in Germany the offical adress is on the backside of your passport and its allready the most offical proof you can get for the residenz of a person, nobody would ask you here for a proof of adress if they have seen your passport.

In fact no other gaming company has ever ask me for a second proof of adress, after they got my passport. However the support was resitant to any explanations. I had no other documents available, because i wasn`t @ home at that time.( i have a flat in the town i study and my first residenz is the house of my parents, and this is off course the adress which is mentioned in my passport and the unibetaccount)

After a couple of days the german support was back, and she told me that the english support doesn`´t understand that my proof of adress was allready given with my passport, but the security department was not satisfied with the quality of my scan. I told her that i verified two accounts with this scan (betsafe/pokerstars) and had no complaints. However i made a second scan, which was also rejected.

The security department wanted digital photos of my passport. It cost me a few days to make digtal photos, cause i have just a stone old nokia, no smartphone or digtal camera. So i had to make a photo of my passport the next time i visited a good friend. After that was finished, she told me that the english support has informed me that they need a second proof of adress and unfortnatetly i never send them one.

At least at this point i didn`´t believe that this was about Verification anymore. I told her that i was dissapointed about her behavior (without blaming her of course) and asked why she lied to me. And what the slowroll was about. I also tried to reach mangers supervisors etc. without any sucess of course. I have never made the experience before that the support of a gaming company really works against you, of course they are more or less incapble from time to time, depending on the company, but never really vicious.

I talked to a more or less kind support member 2-3 days ago in the live chat and he told me he totally understand my frustration and its cluless what they want me to do, and he also knows from his own experience as pokerplayer that verifcation process might suck. But once you got it you re done with the shit.

So he confinced me to give it a last shoot. I had to walk to my registry office and payed 5€ for a cluless registry confirmation, which says that i live under the registered adress for allmost 20 years. of course i dont get any bills or so for the adress on my adress because im not the owner so i had to do it that way.

I made a perfect scan(my mom has a really new scanner) of that and send it to them. Of course they reject it, they want digital photos,knowing of course this is the most effort for me. The quality of this scan is even slightly better than of the digtal photos of my passport.

I of course ask why they the reject perfectly reliable and readable documents and they told me Bs, like or Regulation LGA Malta (LOL) has high conditions and from time to time we are only alowed to acceept digtal photos.( I know thats bs because i verified my accounts @betsafe and bet3000 which are also regulated from the LGA malta with simple passportscan 1 and 2 months ago)

Im now nearly a hundred percent sure, that they will never verify my account and probally never had any intention to do so. i think they will keep me busy with furter prof of documents and stuff. Never the less i will send them digtal photos of my registry confirmation, knowing that its clueless. I rue that day i registered @ unibet.

Whats my line now?
Why they din't tell me condintion 2.3 and end of story?
Have you everheard of an similar case like my?
Is it normal that they scam pokerplayers? Is there any chance that the LGA might help me?

Have you ever heard of a case there the LGA helps a player?

Do you think support members are relieable for the scam or this becomes a standard process, which is authorized by the manegement?
Is there any chance of contacting a manager?

What can BRM do in this case?

Thanks for all helpfull thoughts

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XpactNoMore said:
<p>Have you everheard of an similar case like my?</p>

If you search Bookmakers Review you will find multiple cases where Unibet confiscated the player winnings and some times their deposits, although they are all related to Unibet sportsbook rather than poker.

XpactNoMore said:
<p>Is it normal that they scam pokerplayers? </p>
We are a bookmaker/sportsbook site, not a poker site, so we normally get complaints from sports bettors rather than poker players. hence we can't answer the question.

XpactNoMore said:
<p>Is there any chance that the LGA might help me?</p>
<p>Have you ever heard of a case there the LGA helps a player?</p>

Over the years we have seen cases where the LGA helped players, although they are very rare. But you still need to report your complaint to them.

XpactNoMore said:
<p>Do you think support members are relieable for the scam or this becomes a standard process, which is authorized by the manegement?<br />
Is there any chance of contacting a manager?</p>
<p>What can BRM do in this case?</p>

BMR cannot do anything in your case because we do not deal with poker complaints. Beside that, we have been recommending players to stay away from Unibet for quite some time.

As a matter of fact Unibet has been in the Red list since February 2013 for confiscating winnings and deposits and Red-listed bookmakers are known to avoid our phone calls and emails.


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I got my money yesterday, Problem solved. I also informed LGA Malta in this case and about the general scamming behaviour of unibet for sportbettors outside scandinavia.

Greetings and GL to you guys