Unibet - Account closure and don´t pay


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At the end of last year, on Unibet (my username at unibet is besourinho88) site, a bonus promotion of the "christmas callendar" appears on that site. I deposited 200€ for a 50€ bonus. After that i made some bets and at the next day, when i tried to log in on my account, appears a message saying: Login failed. After a quick contact with their support, they told me that my account was closed with any explenation. They ask me for my documents. I sent the docs in 20/12/2012. After that, i have sent 2 email for their support and they don´t give me my money. I have more than 700€ on my accout.. but they didn´t allow me to cumplish my full rollover because they closed my account. I don´t know what to do more. They close my account with no reason and they didn´t pay me at all.

Can you help me, please?

Thank you so much.


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Another Unibet complaint to add to the many. There is a tread added on this issue that many players are experiencing: http://www.bookmakersreview.com/forum/bookmakers/unibet-scam