Scammed by Bet365 - Need rules for Bookmakers?


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Feb 8, 2021
Hi Guys,

I am writing this do to my frustration with Bet365.

Early 2020 (Around Marts/April) I placed a wager of 16$ at Bet365's futuremarkeds for:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers To Win SUPERBOWL @ 51.00

Two weeks after Tom Brady joined and the odds dropped to around 12-13. I have followed the season and seen the Value of the wager increase.

One week ago, I checked the Bet on Bet365 - The value was now 275$. So I decided to close 2/3 of the bet and let 1/3 play. When trying to close the bet I got an error. I then tried to close the entire bet - also with an error. So i decided to contact Customer Service in hope for them to help. After a short dialogue they told me they couldn't help me.

I didn't quite understand but OK - I could just safebet the KC side of the game if wanted. The customer service people then came back saying they understood my frustration with not being able to sell and they wanted to help me.

Then they Cancelled my bet and gave me my 16$ back.

So.. I had a 16$ wager with a value of 275$ and a possible win of 825$.

I complained about them cancelling my bet which makes NO sense for me. Why give away 260$ for nothing? They have declined to help with further and won't answer questions or give me a reason for cancelling my bet.

So we are now post-SB and a missed 825$ win. I have nothing.

I am both sad and frustrated that the worlds largest bookmaker can easily scam a person like me for 810$ and just get away with it? Why are there no rules for this? Its crazy! :(


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Nov 20, 2012
There are rules.I'd start by going to IBAS.Alternatively,try the complaints button on the right of this page.