SCAM SCAM refusing to pay after sending all required documentation


New member are just making it impossible for me to verify my account even though I have been using them weekly for a good few weeks now and have already been verified and withdrawn before.

I sent my passport with national ID card and bank card and now they want a statement that is stamped by the bank (WTF?) many other crazy details that is impossible to get off hand and just basically they are taking the Mick.

Please if anybody is thinking of using this company, don't do it.

Total scam artists


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I had a very similar experience with them, in fact it was probably the same owners, the fact these companies are classified as "legal traders" is beyond laughable.

I had zero issues with them until I won roughly 3 thousand and tried to withdraw, and I knew something was off from then on.

The games started from this point on wards, my account had previously been verified with a multitude of documents, a series of delay tactics were implemented many bogus emails suggesting I was only entitled to a small percentage of my winnings, phone calls that lead into brick walls.

It is one of the most frustrating things in this industry, and through many holes in the system and lack of monitoring of fair trade they will continue to close and re open under different entities, and further expose and rob people, it is daylight thuggery and any common person on the ground would be jailed for less.

Vast amounts of these gangsters have and will continue to get filthy rich off of us hard working innocent by-standards who like a bet but fail to understand the corruption in this game and the fact it is barely recognised,

Can you imagine robbing someone at point blank, or being mixed up in tax evasion or fraud, what would the consequences be, we all know what they are, but these indecent thugs don't or can't because they have the freedom to do it "legally". One rule for one and another for the rest of us.


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Yes, they are asking me for unattainable documents and also now want a foto of my face but while standing beside my identification .

Did you ever see anything like it?

I am just giving up online gambling after this.

Don't trust any of them now at this stage.