Refunding my Follar


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Hey there I am new in betting world and I have opened my first account on bet365. Last Saturday I have done a big mistake when placing a bet in a cricket match. I was supposed to stake only .50 cent but I have placed 50 us dollar without my intentions and unfortunately I have lost it but that was not my intention to place a big stake I did place it mistakenly . Now I want to know that if there are any rules that indicate that if i stake a bet mistakenly will be refund in my account if i contact without them


They'd probably refuse to cancel or adjust a bet -they'd definitely refuse once the bet had lost.You'd have no way of proving you intended to stake less Even if you'd established a habit of staking less,you could still be trying it on.


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I agree entirely. You have no chance of getting your money back, I'm afraid.

We've all made mistakes when betting online. The main thing is to learn from them and not to repeat them.