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i just found gamebookers isn't in green list, and it's not in any list at all.
rating is 3.5. any reason?
it was my 1st bookie with bet365 in 99-2000 years and never had problems with them. i don't use them anymore, but several months ago i deposit money for one bet won and cash out money without problem.
if there isn't any special reason i think it's unfair its rating.
am i wrong? (i don't say about odds etc)


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<a href="">Gamebookers</a> were great back in the day. I have no recent experience with them. They are however part of <a href="">bwin</a> who have not been known to treat players well, even though I have never been victim of their payout delay, and overly delayed customer verification process. Forums are filled with complaints on bwin.


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Beside that 3.5 is a very good rating and means that Gamebookers is one of the top 20-25 bookmakers on the market, we have taken Gamebookers in consideration for a place in the Green list 3-4 times in recent years.

Every time they fell short because of some major complaint, luckily isolated cases, but enough to keep them out of the Green list (a search on BMR will show you the cases).

Now I would be very susprised if they last much longer as a stand-alone brand.

More likely Bwin will merge the Gamebookers player databases with its own, sooner rather than later. And when that happens, I don't want players that signed up for a Green list bookmaker experience Bwin voiding winnings bets and the like.