FC Watford sponsor www.138 confiscate winning of 10k-absolutely fraud company,please avoid

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Aug 20, 2015

My name is Sergejs Grigorjevs(know as ZAKULISE www.138)

I registred to www.138 on 7 May 2016

Get verified account.

6.07.2016 I deposited 8700 eur and placed bet on EURO2016

Portugal vs Wales on Portugal win.

My bet was winning and I have 18 000 eur on my account.

On next day I get email from representative of 138

Dear Sergejs,

We write in respect of your 138.com account and advise you that we are required by the conditions of our licence to verify any high value transactions taking place on our systems. In view of this, we would be grateful if you could please provide the following additional information:

• The source of wealth of your deposits (ie. how the funds were generated);
• Any additional backup documentation that you consider to be relevant (such as a bank statement or a payslip).

Please note that your data is protected by our Privacy Policy (https://global.138.com/en-gb/info/terms). We can assure you that any information provided will be securely stored on our systems

I sent screenshot how was credited my Neteller account-I get winning money from other betting website.

138 refused my provided screenshot as INVALID and asking for inital deposit to Neteller account.I clarify -as deposits to Neteller with credit cards and bank account is expensive inital money to my Neteller account was sent from my friend.

138 again refused my explanation and asking for

Any additional backup documentation that you consider to be relevant (such as a bank statement or a payslip or certificate of employments, income tax returns and statements of assets. ).

I clarify again-Money in my neteller account is also as well as legal bank account

www.138 asnswered

Ok,please wait an updates for your withdrawl.After aprox 5 days I get shocking email

Dear Sergejs,

We regret to inform you that due to a breach in our Website Terms and Conditions, to which you have agreed to upon sign up, your 138.com account has been permanently closed.

Under the Conditions of Use in our Terms and Condition, you have failed to comply on the item shown below:-

7.2 In addition to all other representations and warranties set out in these Terms and Conditions, you warrant and undertake as a condition of your use of the Services:-

(u) you will use the Services solely for personal entertainment and not use the Services as a way of conducting a commercial business or as a way of making a living.

For more information regarding this, you may view our full Terms and Conditions here: https://global.138.com/en-gb/info/terms.

We apologise for any inconvenience that the above may cause.

Kind Regards,

Customer Support Team

www.138 returned my deposit 8700 eur to my neteller account and CONFISCATE winning 10 000 euros. It is absolutely nonsence ! Please help me recover my legal vinning and also please take measures and trounce this company.

P.S I saw this company logo on stadium sidebar last season England Premiere soccer game.There is only honest and represantible companies as bet365,willhill and sbobet.

Who give chance fraudulent company chance to place advert on event like England Premiere?!

BR Sergejs Grigorjevs



Jun 4, 2016
The things that got you flagged as a non-recreational player would be setting up the account and asking for ID approval 2 months before using the account. Making your first deposit so high and going all in with it. And telling them a friend gave you money to gamble with. The last one is probably the biggest problem. Also telling them you won all your funds gambling gives them pause to call you professional as well.

Just for future reference.