Dutch Customer Service Unibet (Bad)


New member
Nov 18, 2013

In my entire live I never met such a bad helpdesk as with Unibet.
Im from the Netherlands and I called the Dutch helpdesk.
Told them I have trouble installing the pokersoftware.
Then the helpdesk agent explained in 3 sec how to do it.
I was like I dont wanna take your time but please tell me step by step.
It was so unpersonal that I said I'm a customer not your buddy,thanks to me you get paid.
the person laughed at me..and I hang up.
2n try.
I wanted to deposit money..same story again.
They gave me the feeling I was very dumb and was waisting there time.
Then I told them nevermind,I will play on other pokersites.
they wished me goodluck and before I could say goodbye and wish them a nice day they hang up on me.

Guess some of them had a bad day.. Hope for Unibet this will improve because this was a joke.
I'm considered a big player but I think they don't want my money.
Was a short but powerful introduction with Unibet.