District Court Judge to consider US Attorney motion to keep the founder of Legends Sports in custody until the trial - discussion

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It is interesting that according to the US Attorney, the founder of Legendz Sports (Legends Sports), Bartice A. King, aka Luke King, has large sums of cash, real estate properties and funds held in accounts in the names of offshore corporations.

So much for closing the sportsbook and transfer the player balances to WagerWeb, where customers will have to rollover their funds 10x or 5x before cashing out.


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I'm a little bit surprised (maybe I shouldn't be) that none of the major US-facing portals, including SBR that had Legends as a top rated bookmaker until the very last day, have commented on the fact that this Luke King is accused to have large sums of cash and real estate properties.

This is the same guy that closed Legends Sports and transferred all his players to a low rated bookmaker requiring a 5x or 10x rollover before customers can withdraw THEIR funds.

When two years ago, following Blue Monday, I wrote an article recommending players to stay away from US-facing bookmakers, a number of geniuses on several US forums heavily criticized me, some even suggested that if US bookmakers lost the ability to make payments, they would have gone door to door to pay their players.

I guess Mr King, aka Cool King, didn't read the memo or he would have probably sent his henchmen to make the payments on his behalf. Yeah right.


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Someone on the SBR Forum posted a link to one of my exclusive articles about the Oklahoma City proceedings, so I decided to join the discussion and the following day I was eventually asked by one of their members to post an update to which I replied I didn't think it was a good idea to post a link myself to BMR on the SBR forum.

My posts have since been deleted.

Apparently the SBR management thinks is OK for their members to discuss news published elsewhere, but not for the news writer to join the discussion. You never know, the SBR sheeps may learn of the existence of other ratings and review sites.

Touchdown if you are reading this, SBR deleted my update (twice) in reply to "Luke goes back to jail..."