FIFA Women's World Cup Betting Odds, Spreads & Lines

The Women's World Cup is held every four years, so it always generates a lot of buzz. We bring you the latest Women's World Cup odds from top-rated sportsbooks, so you can sit back, relax and confidently place your bets.
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Women's World Cup Odds & Women's Soccer Betting Lines

While the popularity of men's competitions often overshadows women's soccer, the ladies of professional soccer have fought tooth and nail to put their sport on the map, which has seen continued growth in popularity. And this is exceptionally true with the Women's World Cup, particularly in the American and European continents. 

Whenever outstanding soccer tournaments such as the Women's World Cup arise and attract avid soccer fans, you can guarantee the betting websites aren't far behind in providing the latest odds and soccer betting lines.

Today, our team of soccer experts discusses the FIFA Women's World Cup odds and women's soccer betting lines. This comprehensive guide will assist you in understanding how to read the odds, understand each women's soccer betting market and more. 

Reading Women's World Cup Odds

Before betting fans approach the Women's World Cup sports betting odds, they must understand them. Below is a short explanation of how all three soccer odds formats work.

American Odds Explained (+100)

The simplest and most common odds format is the American odds. It has a baseline value of $100 to give a clear overview of how much you'll need to stake to win $100 or how much you'll win from $100. However, it doesn't represent a minimum or maximum stake.

Betting favorites have a (-) symbol and a three-digit number. The number shows how much you'd need to bet to win $100. If odds are set at -190, a $190 stake would return $100 of profit and your initial stake.

Betting underdogs have a (+) symbol and a three-digit number. This time, the number represents how much you'd win from a $100 stake. If you see odds of +220, a $100 stake would return $220 in profit and your initial stake.

While we've used moneyline examples (team to win or lose), the main premise of reading these odds and how they work is translated to all American odds found within alternative markets.

Decimal Odds Explained (2.00)

The decimal odds format displays one number, representing the profit you would receive from a $1 bet, and the initial stake is included to make calculations simplistic. If you have decimal odds that read 2.00 and you wager $1, a winning bet will return $1 and your stake - $2 total.

Decimal odds at 2.00 are even money odds, 2.01 or above are underdogs and 1.00 to 1.99 are favorites.

Fractional Odds Explained (1/1)

Fractional odds display two numbers in a fraction format. The left-sided number shows how much is won, while the right-sided number shows the stake required. If you see fractional odds at 1/4, for every $4 staked, you will win $1, or for every $400 staked; you will win $100, etc.

If the right-sided number is higher than the left-sided number (1/4), this represents the favorite, and vice versa for the underdog (4/1). Even odds in fractions are displayed as 1/1.

International Friendly Betting Odds Betting Example

Below is an example of how Women's World Cup odds work when using American odds in a moneyline wager situation:

Betting the favorite:

Say that the United States women's team is the betting favorite with a moneyline price of -200. Bettors staking $200 would make a $100 profit if the bet wins – their $100 stake is also returned.

Betting the underdog:

If players in England's women's team are the betting underdog with a moneyline price of +250, bettors staking $100 would profit $250. Your initial $100 stake is also returned.

Popular Bets For Women's World Cup Odds

There's plenty Now that you've comprehended how the betting odds work, you can decide which Women's World Cup soccer betting markets you want to wager on. We've given three examples of the most popular markets below.


Moneyline wagers are the most straightforward betting approach in all sports. You have either two or three outcomes (win-lose, win-draw-lose), as bettors simply must pick a winner, loser or whether the game will be tied or the loser.

Prop Bets

A proposition wager, a prop bet for short, is a wager in the Women's World Cup where the outcome of the game (win, lose, tie) isn't relative to the bet. The top-rated online sportsbooks provide a wealth of prop bet markets, from totals, team accomplishments during a game (how many goals, corners, etc.), key player achievements (first goal scorer, etc.) and much more.


Online betting sites aren't just about the here and now, as customers can predict the future with substantially greater odds on offer. For the Women's World Cup futures, you can bet on outcomes such as which team you expect to achieve victory in the competition, which teams will qualify, who will reach the final or which women will be the major tournament's top goal scorer (Golden Boot Winner).

Analyze FIFA Women's World Cup Betting Trends

Women's World Cup betting trends are a frequent tool sports bettors use to assist in decision-making before placing wagers on the event. There are two types of betting trends; the first represents the volume of bets placed on a team or betting market – referred to as the consensus pick. The bets received on specific teams or markets are calculated into percentages, allowing you to understand which side the public is on.

The other type of betting trend is when statistics and outcomes are grouped to form trends. For example, if the United States women's team has won the World Cup four times, this would be a common trend. Or, if the USWNT had scored two or more goals versus Canada in their previous five meetings, this would be classed as a goal-scoring trend.

The more prepared you are for betting on major tournaments and competitive matches, you'll be able to take advantage of plenty of betting opportunities that inexperienced players simply won't be aware of.

When and where is the Women's World Cup held?

The next FIFA Women's World Cup edition will occur on Thursday, July 20, 2023, and the final match will be held on Sunday, August 20, 2023. The opening fixture for this prestigious tournament will occur at Eden Park in New Zealand. Each scheduled group stage fixture and the knockout round will be held at other stadiums throughout New Zealand and Australia. The 2023 Women's World Cup Final will be held in Sydney at Stadium Australia. Whichever national team you're rooting for to win a match, it sure is an exciting event.

How to Watch the FIFA Women's World Cup

North American residents can watch the women's U.S. soccer team defend their crown against the biggest competition at the 2023 Women's World Cup via broadcasts across FOX and FOX Sports channels. You can also live stream must-see matches of FIFA Women's World Cup on FOX's Live Stream Page and HBO Max. Some betting websites and offshore sportsbooks also allow you to watch the event while it is in progress.

FAQs – Women's World Cup Betting

Which women's soccer team has won the World Cup the most times in total?

The United States women's team has four titles and is the most successful Women's World Cup team. There are also record holders for the top four finishes (8), final appearances (5) and the best World Cup winning streak (2011, 2015 and 2019).

How old do I have to be to bet on the FIFA Women's World Cup?

Most top-rated sportsbooks on our bookmaker review site require their customers to be at least 21 years or older. Some exceptions may be found, as a sportsbook may lower that age to 18.

How long does receiving a payout on a successful Women's World Cup wager take?

Most offshore sportsbooks and betting websites will instantly credit a sports bettor account with their Women's World Cup winnings once the game has concluded or within the following 24 hours.

When do sportsbooks release their odds to the public?

Most soccer odds for major competitions such as the World Cup are released weeks, sometimes months, in advance. Head-to-head fixtures for domestic tournaments are released once the previous matchday has ended.

Is betting on the Women's World Cup with an online sportsbook or betting app safe?

We recommend using sportsbook comparison tools like ours before registering with an online sportsbook. Our expert team has vetted the top online betting sites to ensure they deliver a safe online betting experience.