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I deposited in this new site www.vestabet365.com that offers a 100% bonus up to 200€. They asked for proof of adress and ID document that I promptly sent. Bonus added.

They limit to 250€ per bet and 400€ in pending bets, so, only 400€ you can play each time with a 4000€ rollover.

I did the rollover and asked for a withdrawal of around 1100€. The problems started.

They asked for a new ID document and a picture of me holding it. Plus, a bank transfer to moneybookers prior to depositing in Vestabet. Since I bet for ages I always have a nice amount in moneybookers. I went to the bank to find a transfer to moneybookers from my bank dated of 2008. The nice lady printed this information to me from the internal bank system. Then they asked an extract for the respective amount entering moneybookers. Now that they confirmed this situation, they want me to go to the bank and ask for that document signed and sealed from them. Also the picture that I took with my cell phone is "blurred", which in fact in not.
I know that other people are complaining at forums for the same reason.
I am not sending moe documents as I am not sure if sending this documents to this people is safe.

I already sent an email to LGA asking for the confirmation of their license that you can click in the site as S&E Entertainment Ltd.

Also their live chat is in Skype and they have no phone number.


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Interestingly they added the following on their facebook page ysterday evening:

<em>Dear Customers, VestaBet365.com is lawfully registered and regulated from Maltese Lotteries and Gaming Authority under license LGA/CL2/867/2013 issued on 02/07/2013. VestaBet365.com has legal obligation to verify every player identity and origin of money.</em>

<em>For the above purposes our Customer Service may request from you additional verification such as screenshots of your Moneybookers account showing how money have been input before depositing to VestaBet365. In certain situations, where previous incoming transactions in Moneybookers have been received from other Moneybookers accounts instead of card/bank deposit, we may require you to go back in time and show us at least one previous transaction done from your own card/bank to prove this is not a dummy account. In rare situations our Support may require you to also submit screenshot from on-line banking or scanned and stamped bank statements so that we can match the received money in Moneybookers with your own card/bank transaction. This is needed to prevent both multi account profiles registrations and to meet our legal obligation to prevent money laundering and clearly identify origin of player’s money.</em>

<em>Please be aware that our Customer Service will carefully explain you all the details and that they would need to receive all requested KYC documents from players before they can grant their payouts. Thank you!</em>

In all seriousness, having the live chat on Skype, no phone number, and an FAQ section with no FAQs should have sent alarm bells ringing.

This outfit looks very shady and scam like. Good luck getting your cash here.


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Excuse my english

For my disgrace I see this thread too late, but at least I see I am not the only in this situation, here another affected with vestabet365

I registered there around three months ago, I made a 200 euros first deposit, I had 200 euros bonus, and like many of you send them a copy of my ID and billing adress to receive my 200 euros bonus at the start.

After a hard and long rollover , I finalized it with winings and when I asked them by skype about make my first withdrawal , they told me they would need another ID document like driver license, two photos of me holding each document, screen captures of my neteller account showing my personal data, the operation deposit in vestabet from neteller, the operation of deposit in neteller from my bank account, a screen capture of my bank making the deposit to my neteller account....unbeliable

Now that they had all these documents from days ago, they each day told me that if I made the rollover correctly and this takes a lot of time because I made a lot of bets.
They told me my rollover was 8000 euros and it was not finished, because they told me they gave me 400 euros bonus, I explained them they were totallt wrong, my bonus was 200 and my rollover 4000, they said that I was right, but they need more time to study deeply all my bets, check my documents and see if my rollover is ok, and many days since this is happening

How do you see? Is the same to you? What do you think? Should I make anything? What are you doing? I am going to post all this now in the most spanish language sports betting fórum to know how this "bookie" Works and that for the momento, they dont pay to their customers that did everything legally there with a very long and hard rollover, sending all kind of documents like never in the past I had to do and now find this situation....

Regards and thanks for your attention. Excuse my mistakes


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anybody would like to see a very good joke? Then, please access to Vestabet365 webpage (http://www.vestabet365.com) and see or directly you can see here:


This is the biggest thing that I never saw in a bookie. They go on holidays for a month and the customers, well, the customers, relax and wait for a month without can bet, ask for a payment or Access to their account
Anyway, it doesnot matter, because it would be the same that the bookie were on line or not.
Here I am with my account closed and they with my bonus correctly rollover and winnings, stolen


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One month and a week later, the Christmas holidays continue for Vestabet people.
It was clear it was time question these fraud people close the bookie and run with the money


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Vestabet put in touch with me. They told me that they not were going to re open the web, that they were going to stop operate definitely and the most important, that they recognised their mistake with my case. They wanted to reach an agreement with me because they told me that they can't afford to pay me my full amount
At first they offered me a litlle part of my amount, very low, but after some exchange of messages, we agreed one amount that was over the half of the amount they owed me
They asked me for my bank details, and a couple of days later, I had the amount in my account

Well at the end I did not have my full money, but at least they were honest, they stopped lie and invent excuses and they paid me near the 60% of the full amount pending

If anybody is interested in the exact amounts or have any doubts, please contact me or write over here