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Feb 23, 2019
Hi all,

I wanted to start sharing some unique tips and thoughts. Here you go for this weekend:

2019-02-24 16:05 GMT
Manchester United - Liverpool

Both teams are extremely motivated, as they need to win the match. Now Manchester United look much better and could show their best football on Old Trafford to take revenge. In Premier League's first round between these team we saw lots of shots, and resultative game. As a result, we expect a very interesting productive game, with goals from both clubs.

2019-02-24 22:00 GMT
Monaco - Lyon

Monaco started to play more confidently, moreover, lots of great young talented players joined the club and changed the game. There is a lot of work for the team and they have to get together and start winning more and more. Even against the strongest teams in the league, you need to score and go only in front. Very likely that both teams will score and the game will be very productive.

2019-02-25 21:30 GMT
RB Leipzig - Hoffenheim

Leipzig already won twice against Hoffenheim in two different competitions and is favorite to win the third time. For both clubs, it is very important game. Leipzig playing at Red Bull Arena very well and confidently, so almost all teams struggling to win against them there. Moreover, Hoffenheim is facing troubles in the defense, so it could be a very unpredictable match in scoring, but Leipzig should win this game.
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Mar 21, 2018
Cheers lets get some euros!!