Tom Cruise Will Fight Justin Bieber


[h=2]Bieber v Cruise Betting Odds[/h]
Justin “The Kid” Bieber is 25 and 5’7, whereas Tom “The Missile” Cruise is 56 and just 5’5, so you would expect Bieber to have an advantage. Yet Cruise is 25lbs heavier and he must have done plenty of training to take on the role of Jack Reacher. Bovada has made Cruise is the early favourite at 1.65, and Bieber the underdog at 2.15. Some fans insisted Bieber should have to become a Scientologist if he loses.

There is also speculation that McGregor might be granted a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov before the end of 2019. Ladbrokes makes the Irishman 4.00 underdog, while Nurmagomedov is priced at 1.25.

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