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Registered in the office made a deposit, increased it to $ 600, ordered payments, asked the documents sent, passport, residence permit, driving license and photo face with a turn of the passport, since last 4 days at the post office ignored, chatting speak timing when no wait we want to do and then check in the general's office has ceased to pay, do not advise you to play there.


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I would give them a little longer (let's say seven days) to process your withdrawal request. If you have still not received your money in seven days' time, then I would email them and tell them that, unless your receive your withdrawal in full within a further seven days, you will make a formal complaint against them to the UK Gambling Commission by whom they are licensed. In my experience Titanbet are not outright fraudsters (in other words they usually pay up in the end), but there is plenty of evidence on this forum to suggest that they engage in disreputable practices and make it as difficult as possible for players to withdraw their legitimate winnings. You are quite right in advising players to avoid them.


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Hello there. I had a recent payout made by TitanBet. It took me 3 days and 1 email.
But i was in positive balance so i guess its normal.
No ID was requested. Here´s the payment confirmation:

Dear Catarina,

Thank you for choosing Titan.

We are glad to inform you that we have processed your withdrawal request, code 860****, for the total amount of €81.00.

For your convenience, please note the withdrawal details:

The total amount of €81.00 will be credited to your NETeller account Account ID: 4525******** within 24 hours.


Titan Finance Team