The downfall of Canbet


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Hello everybody,

I think that the downfall of Canbet is well known.
The website is down for three-four months and Canbet Sportsbook players remain owed over €1 million.

I ask to the community: Why a very respectable rating agency like Bookmakers Review don't speak about that? Reviews are not updated and, also, if you look at Canbet (Review) you can still see a Rating=>2RW and a Reputation=>Orange.

*In addiction: I tried to write an email several times to BMR support (using more than one email address in my name) but my email fails to arrive at destination.

Thanks to everyone who can give me some help..


To be fair,Memento,it's a bit late for the rating,or any coverage,to make any difference now.Canbet have stopped trading.
I was stupid/careless enough to deposit money with Canbet last Autumn,without checking the news and the rating right before I did it.Withdrawing money,even then,proved more or less impossible.They kept promising to send it,but never did.


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In fairness to BMR they did have Canbet on the BMR Orange (i.e. not recommended) List for some time before Canbet ceased trading, although you could argue that BMR should have placed Canbet on their Red ('don't touch with a barge pole') List once evidence began to emerge that Canbet were systematically not honouring withdrawals.