Sport betting site suspended my account after withdraw request



Oct 25, 2017

Quick Summary:
20 days ago I did the mistake and registered in (property of "Rebels Gaming Limited"), a sports betting site (among other stuff they offer) licensed by MGA. A friend of mine was playing there having registered almost a month before I did and he told me that they offer good odds on bets I like to play and that he successfully managed to withdraw some money twice. Little did I know that in three weeks' time I would be here writing my complaint about them in your forum (if I knew its existence I would have noticed the rating of 1 that you have on them due to the 90bet fiasco and I would have avoided them).

Anyway, the story in bullets:
- I deposit twice, 250€ each time, 500€ in total.
- After a series of good bets the amount I had in my account was around 2.000€ so I decided to withdraw my initial investment.
- The withdrawal gets rejected, I contact them via chat, they tell me that they need extra documents and they have sent me an email about it but no email reached my account. They told me they would re-send it. Two days later still nothing, I re-open the chat and they copy paste the email contents in the chat. They requested photo of me holding my id card (ok) and proof of my deposits (??) which I sent to them.
- I re-apply for a withdrawal (in the meantime the amount in the account has reached 3.800€), wait a few days without any update from them, I re-open the chat and this time they tell me they want a photos of my deposit card. I send them to them instantly but still no response for a few days.
- Before I manage to find the time to re-communicate with them, I notice that my account has been limited to 10€ bets tops, so I'm starting to get the feeling that there is an issue. The next day after that I cannot login as I get a message that my account has been suspended.
- I communicate with them this time with email asking for explanation and demanding my money back and they tell me that my account is under review.
- Today I got the response from them that my account and my buddy's have been suspended due to breaking the rules we agreed during registration. Specifically they imply that somehow I was betting on behalf of my friend or something like that as the rules they mention are related to the number of accounts a user could have and that only the user itself should play in his account and nobody else. They are definitely 100% wrong as I have never played anything for my friend and neither did he for me. We definitely discuss about bets and share our knowledge multiple times persuading each other about specific bets but I am pretty sure that this is normal and healthy and cannot be used against us!

At this moment I cannot login in my account and the amount I had in there last time I was able to login was around 3.940€. The same applied to my friend's account that had approximately 1.800€ in there.

We are prepared to do everything in our power to get back our money and we would like your thoughts on the matter above. Is filing a complaint in MGA gonna help us? Should we file a complaint here with you and let you handle it/help us with the issue? Something else?

Thank you very much in advance.

BMR Genie

BMR Genie

Jun 16, 2016
Hi Specchio,

Thank you for sharing your issue with the board. Please feel free to fill out and submit the complaint using this form and lets see what we can extend to help you,

Yes, I would also suggest you to try to file a complaint where the said book is registered and licensed under. Thanks.