Rivalo.com close account and steal money for no reason


New member
Apr 23, 2015
Today, after winning a small bet, Rivalo.com closed down my account and confiscated money for no reason.

When I wanted to make a withdrawal, they asked for ID documents which is normal so I sent them the required documents which are 100% legit and have been used successfully on many other sites (can provide them to verify). Not even 2min after uploading documents I receive email that they have been rejected and to upload new ones. I try to login to my account and it says it has been deactived, so I went to live chat and they told me this:

"Our security department has detected that the documents you have uploaded are not legit and therefore you have breached our terms and conditions.

As described in our Terms in Conditions any breaching will lead to the closure of the account and funds will be retained. Please note that this is our final decision and your account will remain closed. Kindly refrain from contacting us again as this will lead to no response."

They refuse to provide any proof for these claims and are now completely ignoring my questions. This is a pure steal of money, nothing else, and now after googling them, I have found they have done this to several others as well. How come this bookie is still not black listed? How can they continue to do this? Is there anything we can do?