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Can anyone help me with this and what im supposed to do?

I have a complaint about RedBet Sports.

Basically, i opened an account last night with them. All fine. I placed a 50 euro bet. This won, leaving my balance at 92 Euros.

So i go to login this morning, and my account is locked. So i then get onto them and it turns out i need to send verification.
Fine, most companies require this, thats fine.

So I Sent them a clear picture of my passport. They then came back with a long list of things needed;

Bank Statement
Proof of Address
Picture of bank card
Drivers license

So, i really am not happy about sending any bank statements in, however i reluctantly sent them this in, along with my drivers license, and a utility bill dated October 2016.

They then come back to me saying they cannot accept electronic copies of bills and it must be paper.
And also they need my bank card.

Here's where the problems are. This has been going back and forward now all morning.

I cannot send them a paper bill, i simply do not have any. EVERYTHING i have is paperliss, all my bills are done online, as i presume in todays day and age most are?
Secondly, i do not have the card i used to deposit with them. This may seem strange to some people, but i dont have the physical card, i just have the numbers written down, this enables me to make purchases online, but i cant get cash out etc. This has never been a problem and i fail to see why they need this

The frustrating thing is, they took my deposit money off me no problem without asking for anything! now they wont return my funds.

I have even said to them, close my account and send my money back to my card and i will go elsewhere. They wont even do this. They are refusing to even return my deposit money?

I am at my wits end with this and are in no way a fraudlent customer. I have sent them my passport which every other bookmaker has accepted, they could easily prove who i am from this. I have sent them drivfers license, i have sent them utlity bill and i have also sent them bank statements. What more can i do?

They are now just ignoring me

any help would be appreciated



While you may not have these things now,is it not possible to get them ? If you are using the numbers from your bank card,could you not tell your bank that the card has been damaged [as opposed to lost or stolen],and ask them to replace it with a copy of the same card ? If they cannot do that,you might have to settle for a different card but with the same account number,and perhaps a note explaining that from the bank to show to RedBet.
As for utility bills,I make sure that I have at least one paper bill for ID purposes.Utility companies don't like paper billing,as it costs them more money,but if you insist on a paper bill it should be possible to get one.Explain that you really need it for ID purposes,and threaten to switch companies if the utility won't play ball.


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Hi. I Have now sent them everything they requested. Included Bank Statements which i was very reluctant to do. There is just simply no way i can send a picture of a card I dont have. The only thing the bank can do is send me a new card, which i proposed to RedBet, but that isnt sufficient. I keep getting the same reply that they need a picture of the card i deposited with. They keep ignoring every question i ask. I even sent them a screen shot of an online chat log i had with the bank. They have now had my passport, drivers license, utility bill and bank statement. The most frustrating thing is they are giving me no alternatives on this bank card, they are simply ignoring me now until i send them something which is physically impossible to send. Its not a great deal of money and the funny thing is i never even requested a withdrawal, i would have played with these funds, its now just the principal

BMR Sandy

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Hi hol270292,

Thank you for sharing your experience with the board, please submit a complaint thru this form for a proper review to your case.


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It's very unusual for a bookmaker to ask for both a bank statement and a utility bill as proof of address - indeed it strikes me as unreasonable and excessive. I normally just send a digital photograph of a recent bank statement with all sensitive financial information obliterated and have so far never had any problems.

The card situation seems the really problematical issue here. Did you have a physical card which has met with some accident and so no longer exists as a piece of plastic, or did you deposit using a virtual card (Entropay or something similar)?


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Hi. I had a physical card, which was damaged however i never actually used it for ATM withdrawals as i have another card for that, so this card is only used for online transactions. So i kept the number and use that. The only thing i can do is order a new card, but numbers will be different and RedBet wont accept this. After spending all day talking to them yesterday, they finally agreed that if i sent a screenshot of my bank statement, with the transaction to them clearly showing, they would unblock my account. I have sent them this this morning. Clearly showing their transaction on it. I then receive an email back stating that they need a picture of my card to go along with this!! Its almost funny, just going back and forward and they are clearly just trying to be awkward now. Im just glad its not for a large sum of money. Their customer support is nothing short of a joke. I saved the chat transcript yesterday which said they would accept the screen shot and unblock my account (after no less than one hour on chat). Now they are completely ignoring that they said that to me and are insisting on a picture of a card which doesnt exist physically!


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Copy of chat :

17:37 Your Question: Account locked
17:37 Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.
17:37 You are now chatting with Support Anna - Redbet
17:37 Support Anna: Welcome to our LiveChat support. I'm happy to assist you in either English or Swedish.
17:37 Support Anna: Hi
17:37 Support Anna: How can I help?

17:38 (Name deleted): I have come on here because i am now being ignored on emails. I am just trying to get this resolved as its been going on all day. Im not sure if you are aware of the dispute or not on my account? Basically my account was blocked and ID was requested. I have sent in ALL the ID they requested, apart from bank card which is physically not possible. This has been going on all day now, so i would like to know what is going to happen?

17:39 Support Anna: let me have a look
17:39 Support Anna: but how come the card can not be sent?

17:41 (Name deleted): Ok so i have been through this all day. I do not have the card. The card was damaged, but i kept the numbers from the card so i still use it for online purchases. I sent my bank statement into you which you asked for which proves i own the bank account linked to the card. I have sent in Passport, Utility bill. I do not understand why my account is blocked? I havent even requested a withdrawl

17:41 (Name deleted): I have also been to the bank today, rung the bank and been on online chat. There is nothing i can do other than get a new card, which will be different numbers, so my question is again , what is going to happen now ? you seem unwilling to provide me any alternatives

17:42 Support Anna: let me look
17:42 Support Anna:
For safety reason we've decided to lock your account until you've verified it (our system tried to do a background check but didn't met the needed KYC (Know Your Customer)

17:43 (Name deleted): ok thats fine. But you can obviously verify my account off my passport, bank statement and utility bill. Please can you answer my question, the same question that i have been asking all day. WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN NOW? seeing as you are giving me no alternatives and there is nothing i can do?

17:44 Support Anna: Im checking..

17:44 (Name deleted): thanks
17:49 (Name deleted): are you still there?
17:51 Support Anna: yes
17:51 Support Anna: reading thrue conversation in e-mail

17:51 (Name deleted): oh ok sorry

17:52 Support Anna: The cards connected to the bank account should be able to show on the internet bank. And also the bank must keep a record of the cards and be able to give you a bank statment of this then..

17:52 Support Anna: wwe need this proof sorry

17:54 (Name deleted): no you are wrong. I dont know which country you are in, but i can categorically say that NATWEST do not in any circumstances put your card (debit) details on any bank statement or online banking. I have been to the bank today, rung them and spoke to them on online chat. So i am getting nowhere, and you still havent answered my question. What is going to happen now as i CANNOT do what you have requested?? You cant simply refuse to return my money? If you dont want my business, thats fine. Close my account and send me money, you can send my money on bank transfer if you prefer seeing as i have proved i am the owner of the bank account?!?! You are giving me no options, just going round and round

17:56 Support Anna: let me check with the payment..
17:56 Support Anna: please hold..

17:56 (Name deleted): ok

18:04 Support Anna: ok
18:04 Support Anna: now I have some information
18:04 Support Anna: the payment department wish a proof of deposit from your internet bank.
18:04 Support Anna: show us a picture from transaction list
18:04 Support Anna: that you did the deposit
18:04 Support Anna: then that is proof fo deposit and ownership and we can pay back founds

18:05 (Name deleted): That is absolutely fine and i can do that no problem. However, because its a card transaction it isnt showing on my statement yet, and likely wont be for a couple of days

18:06 Support Anna: does not even show as recerved?
18:07 Support Anna: that is what we offer you now when card proof not able to give...
18:07 Support Anna: then we can give back money left on account

18:08 (Name deleted): It must be different with my bank. It shows the available funds as 50 Euros short, but it doesnt show who to etc. So i will have to wait for it to appear. Which will be 2 days. So in the meantime, seeing as i havent even asked for a withdrawal, i dont understand why my account is locked and i cant use the funds in there to bet with, and then if i want to withdraw then send this in?

18:09 Support Anna: sorry, its a saftey reason as I sayd
18:09 Support Anna: account will remain closed then
18:09 Support Anna: but foounds can be given back
18:09 Support Anna: but then you need to give the deposit proof as I requested
18:09 Support Anna: and if that is on two days its fine..

18:10 (Name deleted): right ok. so to clarify, after i give this deposit proof, you are still going to keep my account closed?

18:12 Support Anna: ok.
18:12 Support Anna: account will be open when proof of deposit has been given to us

18:12 (Name deleted): right ok, i will wait until it shows on bank statement then and take a screenshot and email in. Thanks for your help


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So, i send them this first thing this morning as it is now showing on statement. This is the email i receive back!

Hi ,

Thanks for contacting us. Hope you are well.
We still need you to send in a proof that you been the owner to the card. Please provide us with this and we can continue in this errand.

For now we hope you have a nice day, and please never hesitate to contact us with questions.

Best regards,


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To which i replied

"Please tell me this is a joke?

This was going on all day yesterday. I have countless emails and also a very big chat log which i have on file from Anna there.
I have explained to everyone that i cannot send proof card.

Eventually after all day, you agreed with me that if i show you on my bank statement the money coming out, then this would be sufficient and my account would be re-opened.

I have sent you this, this morning. And now you are asking for my card again?

Would you like me to send you the chat transcript from yesterday and all of the emails i sent?"

Here is their response


Thank you for your reply,
Unfortunately we hasn't received any proof of ownership of the card used. We are aware that you can contact your bank and get that proof.
We recommend that you contact them via phone or that you go to the bank, and not contact them via live chat as you did earlier.

Looking forward for your reply, have a lovely day!

Kind regards,


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My email.

I am struggling to work out whether there is a language barrier here or whether you are trying on purpose to be as unhelpful and blunt as you possibly could be?

Every time i email, every single question gets ignored and you send me the same email back about a card.

I will try this one last time.

Have you read the chat i sent you, have you spoke to anyone in your payment team? It was agreed last night that if i sent a screenshot of my money going out of my bank to you (which by the way, your company name is completely different and is actually listed as mamma mia bingo on my bank for some reason) then my account woudl be unblocked.

So why now after 48 hours of this, are we back to square one?

I cant understand why you are treating me like this, is there a reason you dont want my custom? I am completely baffled as to what is going on here.

Please stop sending me the same email. I am taking time out of my day here and i am being very reasonable. Please tell me what is going on?!?!

And their reply..

Hello again,

As we informed you we cant help you further without a proof of ownership.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Best regards,

I don't know whether to laugh or cry!


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I would certainly chase them for this money, as their tactics seem to me to be a deliberate attempt to dissuade you from doing so and I don't see why they should be allowed to get away with that. Ask your bank for a replacement card and ask the bank to send you a letter confirming that you requested a new card because your previous card was damaged and that card has now been cancelled.

It's a nuisance that you will have to go to all this trouble for the sake of 92 Euros, but you should never allow a bookmaker's stalling tactics to prevent you from claiming what is rightfully yours. If, after you've done all this, they still won't allow you to access your account or withdraw your winnings, then tell them you will make a formal complaint against them to their regulator.


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The silly thing is, i didnt even request a withdrawal and probably would have end up playing with that balance anyway.92 Euro's is hardly life changing, its not purely principle as if they are doing this to be for 92 Euros, i can only imagine how hard it is for other players who actually win a lot! I find it extremely petty they are going through all of this for the sake of it. I will speak to the bank again today and see what i can do.


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Are you sure the number would change if you ordered a new card?

It may just be the expiry date and CVC that changes.

Just order the card and send the scan they want I think. people get new cards all the time and do not have such problems.

Not sure why you are assuming a replacement card would not be acceptable really.


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I have decided i must be a contestant on some sort of radio game show where they see how much they can wind their customers up.
To summarise,

They have said they wont accept a replacement card.

Ok so on friday (22nd October) After another hour long chat message with them, they advised me to go the bank again and ask for a statement which clearly shows my card number on it. I eventually managed to do this and sent it to them that night.
I then chased them up all weekend, they eventually got back to me on Monday night, saying they have received my document, and it is verified, they now just need a picture of my passport (already sent 5 times) and (get this) a PICTURE OF MY BANK CARD FRONT AND BACK!!!!!) I mean this is hilarious. I am now on livechat again with them now, and its as if they don't have any recollection of the previous 50 emails and 5 chat transcripts i have had with them. They are now back to square one saying they need my card!! I want to make a formal complaint now as they are absolutely taking the mick. It's no longer about the money.


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I would start by making a complaint via BMR. You can do this at

Obviously there is no guarantee that RedBet will co-operate, but BMR will do all it can to resolve this for you. If that fails, then your next option is to lodge a formal complaint with their regulator. If you are a UK-based customer, this is the UK Gambling Commission, otherwise it is the Malta Gaming Authority. Before you contact their regulator, however, I would email them and tell them that you would prefer the matter to be resolved without involving their regulator, but that you will not hesitate to make a formal complaint against them to their regulator if they continue to stall.

For future reference I would make sure that you always deposit with a card which exists in a physical form, as many bookmakers, even thoroughly reputable ones, will often ask for a photograph of your card (with some details obscured of course) before fully verifying your account and allowing you to make a first withdrawal.