Problems with Dafabet

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Nov 5, 2015
Hi All

Just wanted to vent and share my experiences with Dafabet with whom i opened an account back in the Summer.

Firstly the "freebets" that they offer and any bonuses accrued are meagre in comparison to most other Bookie accounts i use, for a daily punter and a "mug" punter and placer of various multiple bets like me the lack of freebets accumulated makes a difference.

Also whilst this is only my opinion; i have noticed far to many times when placing multiple bets and taking prices that at the point of placing a bet the prices of my selections ALWAYS seem to mysteriously shorten up and then once the bet has been placed as if by magic the previous odds are available again !. So lets say i want to place a £5 Yankee on 4x 11/10 shots, despite having clicked these odds seconds previously at the point of placing the bet 1x selection may go to Evens, 1x selection may go to 10/11, once the bet has been placed they are nearly always seemingly available at 11/10 again !.

In virtually ever instance the odds contract as oppose to increase and i have observed this far to many times specifically with Dafabet for it to be a coincidence in my mind, the above example is not the best as mosttly it occurs when placing multi bets with bigger odds selections and thus potentially large liabilities for Dafabet, the software they use almost appears
(though im sure this could never be so !) to be inbuilt to reduce the potential liabilities by reducing odds at the point of placing bets.

Next when checking on my "Bet History" bets can seemingly disappear for periods of time before later reappearing - i use various makes and models of PC to gamble, most with the very latest software and so the issue is clearly with Dafabet and not the PC being used to place the bet.

With the above in mind i have had issues being paid out on bets previously and have had to fight via numerous phonecalls, emails with screen shots of bets placed attached ect to be paid out, though to be fair i have always been paid out in the end but this can be after a few days / a week later. The call center is staffed by a very friendly and polite bunch of Filipinos and i assume the call center is based in Manila or Cebu, whilst the girls speak excellent English and are trying there best to help they seem to mostly have a lack of knowledge of even the basics of betting EG: I have had to explain numerous times on the phone to customer service agents the difference between a Win and Each way bet !. I waited days to be paid out from an Each Way bet on a horse that placed 4th in a 25 runner big UK flat handicap, firstly the bet could not be found despite my giving them the bet ref number and a screenshot of my bet placed, then i was repeatedly told the bet was a loser as the horse did not win despite my bet clearly being an Each Way bet !.

There seems to be UK based customer service agents with a much better depth of knowledge however they appear to finish work around the 6pm / 7pm time, handing over to their Filipino colleagues, this also causes issues when expecting bets to be settled as often Multi bets with say the last selection in the 7pm race will not be paid out until the following day...not much help if you wanted to play up in the 8pm race!. (don't expect bets to always be settled promptly-if at all, you may need to "chase" them)

Whilst Dafabet have not given me quite as many headaches as Bet Butler used to do they nevertheless run a close second!