Paddy power/betfair


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Hi I tried to log into my betfair account today which then told me I’m permanently excluded , after gathering information I self excluded myself from paddy power back in 2017 , paddy power and betfair became sister companies in 2016 ,, I read someone else’s post on here who had done this before 2016 and the terms and conditions had not been updated but I have also read they did get updated before 2017 so when you self excluded from one account it should be 24-48 hours before the other closes , I have continued to use this account until today where them as a company shouldn’t have let me , obviously I made that decision to keep on depositing but if the terms and conditions had changed maybe I shouldn’t of been allowed , now I am going to try taking it further to refund all deposits made since 2017 does anyone think this is pointless or have I got some strength in a case ?


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I doubt you will get them to agree to refunding 6 years worth of losses without a serious legal battle. The system is not designed to refund excluded bettors who find their way back in. It's to punish bookmakers who allow it.

But you would start the process by formally asking Betfair to properly exclude you and refund your losses since the PP request here:

If they say no, ask for a deadlock email that will allow you to take the dispute to IBAS. And submit that here: