Official Picks thread: BMR’s $250 MLB 31-day Spring Special-> FINISHED

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Oct 31, 2021
BMR’s $250 MLB 31-day Spring Special
Contest will start April 11th and end May 11th or sooner if all MLB teams are won with.

Step 1
Sign in to your free BMR Forum account.

Step 2
Select up to 2 MLB games each day straight up on the money line (action pitchers). You can only WIN ONCE with each team. Submissions each day must be made in ONE post. You may post your 2 teams you think will win and add ONE alternate in case of rain-out/canceled game only.

You will receive one-point for each successful team you have selected that win. You may use a team as many times as needed until they win.

Prizes for highest score:
1st. $150
2nd. $50
Last place consolation prize: $50 (lowest number of points with most selections attempted)

1. All prizes to be paid out the week after contest ends.
2. In order to claim your prize, you must signup for a new account with any of the sportsbooks on the best sportsbooks list: Heritage Sports, Bovada, BetOnline, Bookmaker, Everygame, BetAnySports, JustBet, or WagerWeb .. Accounts must be created through the tracking links from that page or in this post. Send the BMR Forum account account a private message with the account number and with any questions. Users who previously submitted an eligible account for a BMR contest may use that account.
3. Must actively participate in BMR’s forum during contest (“good-luck” posts are not considered being active). No set post amount is necessary. Just be active the full 31 days and not just because you are at the top or bottom of the leaderboard. In the event of ties, prizes will be split and combined equally.
4. Members are allowed 1 entry. 1 entry allowed per household. BMR Forum reserves the right to cancel an entry if it is determined the user is in violation of the spirit of the contest, or to roll up/roll down a prize as is necessary.

Please try to keep all chat and questions to the announcement thread. Remember, this is a straight up team only contest. Just pick the winner(action pitchers for everyone) and teams can only be used once. Everyone is grading their own plays so the teams you won with make sure you add them to your win count when entering your daily selections. If you can't take the extra minute to post properly so everyone knows where they stand than don't play. Should be another fun one. Thank-you BMR!! gL!!

**Plays may be entered the night before after 1st pitch of the latest game(10:30 PM or earlier if no late game). Any plays posted earlier or after BMR Odds page post-time will not count. Cleveland Indians or Cleveland Tribe may legally be substituted for the dumbass Guardian's new name**
Example Entry:
LA Dodgers
Atlanta Braves

In case of rain-out: NY Mets

Won with:



Jan 8, 2022
Damn messed that up