NBA Draft 2021

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Jun 16, 2016
Who are the best candicates?


Number one on the list: Cade Cunningham

Pre-Draft Analysis​

Has excellent size for a point guard. Listed at 6-foot-8, 220 pounds with a wingspan that exceeds 7 feet. Fluid athlete who plays at different speeds, passes and handles with both hands and plays a selfless style. Can bully smaller guards in the post. Difficult for bigger defenders to handle due to his shot-creation skill.
- Outstanding physical tools defensively that allow him to cover guards, wings and bigs. Has excellent timing, feel and intensity. Likes to crash the glass aggressively and ignite the break on his own. Competitive and attentive off the ball.
- Much improved shooter who confidently knocks down pull-up jumpers from midrange and 3. Excellent free throw shooter. Shows soft touch around the basket.

Improvement areas
Lacks a degree of explosiveness beating defenders from a standstill. Relies more on size and strength to get by opponents in the half court.
- Struggles to score over length in traffic at times. Can he be efficient creating offense as a No. 1 option?
- Plays for an Oklahoma State team that lacks much perimeter shooting and creation. Opponents are aggressive with double-teams intended to get the ball out of his hands. May not be able to show the full extent of his arsenal operating out of pick-and-roll.

Projected role: Big playmaker

--Jonathan Givony