Money stolen from 5Dimes account


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Apr 30, 2020
Hello, can't believe that happened with 5Dimes which is highly rated book but yes, they stole me 730usd.

I should say that i haven't really used my 5D account for a couple of years already, so wanted to withdraw all remaining funds already in November 2019 but they asked for additional verification and i didn't have time for that back then.
P.S. It is my own account on my own name and i have never shared it with anyone, nor created any duplicate accounts.

So, today i logged in and to my surprise found out that balance is 0. In transaction history found this: 623958853 4/12/20 8:58pm -$736.00 $0.75 Transfer to Grand Casino - ID: 6880134

Well, i have never played casino there for sure and i didn't even know how to log in there until today. I was using 5D just for some occasional sports bets already some time ago. It seems to me that somebody had noticed that i havent really used my account lately and just decided to steal my funds. Well, not directly steal, all balance was lost on slots during 47minutes and no auto-play was used (i got the history from support). Also the IP originates from my country (Latvia) but is not even from my provider. Support said they can't see if VPN or any software was used (well, really?).

Maybe somebody has dealt with similar situations or know where to complain about this? Thanks!


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Nov 20, 2012
5dimes were one of the last foreign outfits to ban UK-based punters [ following the notorious point-of-consumption tax]..I had money in an account with them,and I had to use the TOR browser to visit their website after I discovered the ban.They did pay me out,though.
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