MarathonBet possible scam



Dec 18, 2014
Hello,this happened ~10days ago. I placed 100$ bet on Esports, precisely Dota Starseries game. 1 team forfeitted, game obviously didn't start at any point so bet should have been voided/refunded, because that's what egamingbets and pinnacle did for same game. marathon bet didnt, they entered score as if game was played or started and other team won. I collected as much proofs as possible to confirm that game didnt start and sent it to marathonbet but they didnt wanna change, saying that they have sources that gave info that game did start at some point...i asked to give me that information/source but they said they wont do it...

and ever since then I cant do anything and need some help.

i tried to place bets against that team in next rounds as they forfeited these also, but this time they voided bet(altho winner was the other team again in matchresult).